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Cathartic Feeding, Custom Primordial Pathways And Supernatural Experiences

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  • Cathartic Feeding, Custom Primordial Pathways And Supernatural Experiences

    Cathartic Feeding

    Under these rules, Beasts have an alternate way of Feeding their Hungers. The canon Feeding mechanics are referred to here as Trauma, for reasons that go without saying. A Traumatic Feeding works as usual, while a Cathartic Feeding is focused on providing a means for someone to positively confront the fear represented by the Hunger in question. The Satiety Potential Chart for Catharsis is mostly the same, save that it cannot benefit from the +4 of killing the victim. Instead, the Beast receives +4 if their Feeding helps the intended target Resolve a Persistent Condition related to fear or equivalent emotion. Cathartic Feeding has a base Satiety Potential equal to the target's Successes on the Integrity Breaking Point, up to 5. If the Beast regained all Willpower from their Life or otherwise significantly reaffirmed their human side during the Cathartic Feeding, the mortal in question gains the Informed Condition for the Integrity Breaking Point. Any given mortal can only benefit from a Cathartic Feeding once per Story.

    Custom Primordial Pathways

    Beasts gain +1 Attribute dot according to their Families, like Changelings in 2ed. As a reminder, Power = [Strength/Intelligence/Presence], Finesse = [Dexterity/Wits/Manipulation] and Resistance = [Stamina/Resolve/Composure]. They gain +1 dot to ONE of the Attributes in a category, not all three.

    Power = Anakim and Talassii
    Finesse = Ugallu and Eshmaki
    Resistance = Makara and Namtaru
    Any = Inguma

    Furthermore, Beasts are not limited to only rolling Wits + Resolve to open Primordial Pathways. They can customize their dice pool based on their Family, Hunger and Horror/Lair. However, one of the 2 Attributes must be Resistance, and that is the one you use to determine how many turns the Primordial Pathway lasts on a Success. For instance: an Anakim Tyrant could roll Strength + Stamina, while an Eshmaki Predator could roll Dexterity + Composure.

    Primordial Beats

    Equivalent to the Supernatural Beats of other gamelines, but focused on the themes of Beast. They may be used to buy Beast-specific traits (e.g. Atavisms, Nightmares, Lair, Kinship Merits). The following are the main sources of such Beats, though more may exist at ST discretion. The ST can also decide to not make a distinction between 2 types of Experiences in order to simplify the tracking. If so, then just use regular Beats, with the following scenarios being additional sources.

    1) Heroes meaningfully oppose you or put your Kin in danger. Once per Chapter, if Heroes manage to decisively remove a significant portion of the Brood's Legend from the Astral by combating the fear the Beasts embody, the whole Brood gains a full Primordial Experience.

    2) You deliberately bring out the worst in your Kin at risk to your relationship with them. Once per Chapter, if such behavior convinces your Kin to abandon what remains of their humanity and embrace their monstrous nature in an extreme manner, gain a full Primordial Experience.

    3) Resolving Satiety Conditions can give either Mundane or Primordial Beats.

    4) Go through significant hardship to add a Chamber to your Lair or establish the Family Ties Condition.

    5) You directly observe and meaningfully interact with a new supernatural phenomenon. Alternatively, you discover important information about and make deeper connections with a previously encountered supernatural phenomenon.

    6) Brood Aspirations: These represent what the Beasts plan on doing to expand their mythic influence over the Astral and thus the waking world. It usually focuses on a single city and the associated Hive, but can become more general or specific as the ST and players deem fitting. It counts as a fourth Aspiration for the Brood which is Long Term, and gives an extra point of Satiety when it relates to a successful Feeding, which stacks with the +2 dice granted by fulfilling an Aspiration.

    7) Mythological Conditions.

    Nightmares Made Flesh

    Under this system, the Beast is not limited to only assuming the form of their Horror while inside the Lair or after reaching Incarnation. Their true nature as a creature from the depths of humanity's worst nightmares can never be completely hidden for long. This system is not meant to make the Beast more powerful. Instead, it is meant to make the experience of playing a Beast more suspenseful and visually satisfying.

    This system has two features. Firstly, it changes how Lair Resonance works. The Beast does not depend on the presence of his Lair Traits for spending Willpower instead of Satiety. Instead, he can do that by visibly revealing aspects of his Horror which are related to the Atavism he is using, even to those who lack any supernatural senses. The Beast is still limited to doing this a number of times per scene equal to his Lair. This sends disturbances through the Primordial Dream which Heroes can detect. Next time the Beast is targeted by Heroic Stalking, the Hero gains a bonus equal to the Beast's Lair.

    Secondly, the level of Satiety has an impact on how their monstrous nature manifests and how much attention it attracts. These mechanics are in addition to those presented in the Beast Core Book.
    • Ravenous: The Beast cannot possibly pretend to be a human, for his Horror becomes fully perceptible to everyone, even those who are not sensitive to the Primordial Dream.
    • Starving: The Beast can fool others into thinking he is human, but this facade is flimsy. Once per Chapter, the ST can ask for a roll of Resolve + Composure, with a penalty equal to his Lair if the Beast spent Satiety in the scene (or Willpower, in the case of Lair Resonance). On a Success, the Beast maintains the facade. On an Exceptional Success, he gains a positive Condition such as Inspired or Steadfast. On a Failure, his Horror becomes partially visible to everyone during this scene, which allows anyone who suspects his true nature to perceive the rest of his Horror for one turn by spending 1 Willpower. On a Dramatic Failure, the nearest Hero can roll for Heroic Stalking, with Informed Condition.
    • Sated: The Beast appears mostly normal, but remains slightly creepy or strange even if he tries not to be. His Impression for Social Maneuvering against mortals is decreased by one. If this brings him to a Hostile Impression, he cannot roll.
    • Gorged: The Beast radiates a subtle but pervasive aura of dread due to having feasted on so much fear. Mortals who interact with him too closely have an unnerving and subconscious feeling that there might be something deeply wrong with the Beast. The ST can roll the Beast's [Lair] in such circumstances, with +1 to +5 based on how unsettled the mortal is by the interaction. If the mortal's nightmares have ever been targeted by the Beast's Horror [Beast Core Book Page 99], then this roll achieves Exceptional Success with 3 Successes. On a Success, the mortal gains the Spooked Condition in regards to the Beast for the scene. On an Exceptional Success, the Condition becomes Persistent, and can only be Resolved when the mortal becomes fully aware of what the Beast truly is. If that happens, the mortal might become a Hunter or even a Hero, depending on their Integrity and the overall context of their investigations into the Beast.
    • Slumbering: The Beast achieves Exceptional Success with 3 Successes to convince others that he is a human, including Hunters and Heroes.
    Primordial Corruption [Inspired By Bloodborne]

    Under this system, the Beast accumulates points of the titular trait according to the following actions, with others being possible at the ST's discretion.
    • Regaining all Willpower from Legend Trait (Gain Resolve + Composure Points)
    • Influencing another type of monster toward embracing their inhuman nature (+1 to +5, depending on how deep they fall into monstrosity)
    • Confronting a Hero in a way that reaffirms how much of an abomination you have become (+1 to +5, depending on how vile and vicious the alienating display is)
    • Acquiring significant knowledge about the Dark Mother and using it to become a greater Beast (+1 to +5 depending on how eldritch or otherwise forbidden it is)
    This trait can be reduced in the following ways, with others being possible at the ST's discretion.
    • Regaining all Willpower from Life Trait (Lose Resolve + Composure Points)
    • Forfeiting a major opportunity to Feed Your Hunger (-1 to -5, depending on how much risk or hardship is involved)
    • Confronting a Hero in a way that reaffirms your vestigial humanity (-1 to -5, depending on how involved and dangerous the humanizing display is)
    • Acquiring significant knowledge about the Dark Mother and using it to prevent other Beasts from claiming victims (-1 to -5 depending on how numerous and fearsome the opposing Beasts are)
    At the end of each Story, the ST can make a roll with a dice pool equal to Primordial Corruption (maximum of 10 dice).

    Dramatic Failure: The Beast not only retains what is left of their human side, but receives a cryptic vision containing significant information on how he can further postpone his inevitable transformation into a completely inhuman abomination. The Beast loses one dot of Dark Apotheosis.

    Failure: The Beast is no better or worse than before. Certain relics, temples or avatars of the Bright Dream might allow Failures to be downgraded into Dramatic Failures.

    Success: The Beast gains a dot of Dark Apotheosis. Upon acquiring dots of said trait equal to [11 - Lair], the Beast is forever lost to the primordial chaos which he came from. This works akin to the Merger Inheritance in the sense that the Beast loses Life Trait and his Horror becomes permanently visible to everyone. However, they maintain all of their other traits, but only use them to Feed The Hunger. There is a chance that a Hero might be able to remind the Beast of the human they once were just long enough to discover something important about the Beast's past before slaying the pitiful creature.

    Exceptional Success: The Beast gains a dot of Dark Apotheosis, and a negative Persistent Condition which will make it all the harder for him to postpone his horrific degeneration and doom.
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    I really dig the Cathartic Feeding


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      Added another rules hack to the original post.

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        I REALLY like the Nightmares Made Flesh rules, and find Cathartic Feeding to be interesting.


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          Nightmares made flesh make me think that's what those big foot and Nessie pictures are lol. A hungry beast simply caught in the moment, but under cover as the aura just does not show up right on camera


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            Great stuff Gibbering - may use it myself when running Beasts. 😎

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              Added Primordial Corruption System Hack to the original post. I personally wouldn't use it, and I am not deeply familiar with the setting of Bloodborne. I simply wrote this for someone who is dissatisfied with the canon version of Beast, but maybe others will enjoy the system hack.

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