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The Seekers and Incarnate Cults

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  • The Seekers and Incarnate Cults

    Quick disclaimer, no, I am not advocating that these become a social splat in the vein of Covenants and Tribes and such

    What I made this post for is, I believe these groups have a place in Beast: The Primordial. The Seekers bring an interesting facet to the game, showing how different Beasts view their natures, and views on the Dark Mother (which admittedly, I think would be cool to explore with the Guardian Beasts and Dominae), and even their relatives. It also opens up the plot hooks (the Athenaeum Hive, The Empusaes tribal traditions, Guardian "warning signs" of the Mother, and Dominae looking for clout). My only worry is, again, making people think they are necessary social splats when they are really just small societies/like minded Beasts who simply seek to learn about the Dark Mother (Athenaeum and Guardians) and or establish their monstrous natures (Empusae and Dominae). Which, in my opinion, is enough to be relevant throughout future supplements, but narrow in scope enough to NOT seem like necessary social splats, since they dont put in restrictions to Beasts, dont seek to build any true order or society, nor have any societal conflicts to deal with (by themselves at least)

    As for the incarnates cults, well, I just think those are great. It's great for Plot Hooks, gives Beasts who have achieved the Myth that feeling of fame, and allows for us to see how society can further (and more importantly, the relationship between incarnate and kin) be intertwined with Myths)

    Again, I only wish to see how they can be expanded and relevant, but without being seen a necessary social splat. I have some thoughts on the Legendary Horror Merit, but that's more of a niche complaint.