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    Hello y'all
    So, I didn't like may of the rules for the Horrorspawn, specifically the ones that are too general (the horror spawn will cause a mess) and the ones about micromanaging the interaction of the character with the HS (basically asking to keep track that interaction daily)
    But my players loooooooooove her horrorspawn and want it to create more messes in the game, have more participation
    So I decided to try writing some mechanics for it, changing several things, modifying others, and making the interaction track weekly (as interacting once per week is the same as interacting every day of a week)
    If someone has enough free time and wants to take a look, feedback is very appreciated

    The player must first create a list of 3-5 NPC important for the Beast. They must be NPC that have some kind of mechanics to them (part of merit, characters is opening doors, family ties).

    1-If No interaction

    -During a week.
    The Horrorspawn will feed by himself, one time during such a week.
    Roll: power or finesse+potency
    DF: the Horrorspawn tries to feed but encounters a hero, Hunter, or anyone that can become a problem. Use D and D combat rules to determine damage, but assume the HS escaped and now the person is tracking the HS. Get a beat as usual.
    Fail: no feeding.
    Success: Feeding. Satiety potential 3(??). (Optional, the player can choose to have the victim killed for a +4 potential, but must accept a related Condition)
    ES: The Horrorspawn manage to find and feed on someone related to the Beast. This person will be chosen from the list based on logic related to the narrative, or at random. Satiety potential +2. Get a Beat. This will have a drawback in the form of a penalty of -2 next roll with the victim (cumulative per story) or something related (closing a door, lowering impression, etc). If the same person is attacked 3 times per story, the relation is broken. Sanctity of merits applies if a merit is lost.

    -More than a week but less than a month, once per week.
    Horrorspawn will try to fulfill a Beast aspiration, but make a mess in the process.
    Roll: power or finesse+potency
    DF: ?
    F: nothing happens
    S: the aspiration is fulfilled but in a messy way. the Beast will get a condition related to it.
    ES: ?

    -A month.
    The HS will retreat to the lair and merge with the Horror. No satiety is gained from this.

    2- With Interaction
    Interactions are calculated weekly, even if a character interact with the HS one day in a week, will have the same effect as interacting every day of a week.

    -Once per session, the player can command the HS to feed. Follow the same rules described above. If the player requests a feeding from a specific person, ignore the ES described, and just add a +3 to the satiety potential if an ES is achieved. If even the player commands the HS to feed specifically every day, once per week the HS will feed on its own following the rules as described above.

    -The HS will make the Beast hungrier. The Beast loses extra satiety during their time interval (BTP 111). The amount is half the current Potency of the HS rounded up.

    -Is easier to track a Beast with HS. +2 to the Hero’s roll for tracking or finding the Beast. (this applies even if there is no interaction that week)

    -If the Beast interacts with their HS for a consecutive month, the Beast loses one of their relationship with a chosen NPC (same reason as described in CLOSER TO THE HORROR BPG 119). Because this is not lost in a violent way, it can be recovered, spending EXP for merits, or with a Social Maneuvering (or similar) for the rest. Sanctity of merits applies if a merit dot is lost, as usual. Get a beat.