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    Legendary Heroes
    This homebrew is intended to provide options for more powerful Heroes that can challenge even experienced Beasts in direct combat. However, I want to allow for a Hero that can provide the feeling that Hercules himself is looking to add your pelt to his trophies while remembering that the vast majority of Heroes are -not- Hercules, nor close. I believe the most efficient means to that end is to keep the basic Hero mechanics as they are and introduce an advanced sub-category of Legendary Heroes.

    Creating a Legendary Hero

    When a Hero kills a Beast with Lair 6+ in addition to gaining a Gift they roll a dice pool equal to the Beast’s Lair -5. On a success they become a Legendary Hero. Legendary Heroes instead increase their lifespan by 50 years for every dot the Beast’s Lair exceeded 5.

    Enhanced Traits:

    Legendary Heroes may increase their attributes to a maximum of 6

    Even Harder To Kill

    Legendary Heroes recover from wounds at the following rates:

    Bashing: One point every minute

    Lethal: One point every hour

    Aggravated: One point every day

    Improved Anathema

    Legendary Heroes can attempt to place Anathema even when a Beast is Starving or Gorged. To do so they must succeed in a Clash of Wills, rolling Presence + Resolve vs Composure + Lair.

    While in the presence of a Legendary Hero a Beast’s Anathema treats her Satiety as one category higher, to a maximum of Gorged.

    Advanced Gifts

    Upon becoming Legendary a Hero’s Gifts increase in power. These enhancements apply to any Gifts a Hero has and any new ones he may acquire

    Champion’s Endurance

    The Hero’s armor increases to 4/0. Additionally, the first time in a scene her last health box would be filled she may spend a point of willpower to negate the final point of damage


    The Hero may treat any supernatural creature as a Beast for the purposes of Gifts. Mages, psychics, and other individuals who are supernaturally touched but still fundamentally human require Family Ties with a Beast to be a valid target

    Chosen Blade

    The weapon increases its damage rating by 2 instead of 1, removes its initiative penalty and strength requirements entirely and increases its armor piercing by 2

    Real World

    The Hero may shut off one Lair Trait for every success in excess of the Beast’s total

    Vanquisher’s Strength

    The Hero’s strength is enhanced by 2 even when not in combat with a Beast and they may lift, carry, and throw objects with size up to twice their strength. While in combat any successful strength based attack deals an extra point of damage, or two if this gift is purchased twice. Additionally, while grappling a Beast the Hero may spend a point of willpower to add three successes to their total, instead of three dice.

    Warrior’s Speed

    The Hero may apply her defense against firearms and does not suffer penalties to defense for multiple attackers. Additionally, while participating in a Chase with a Beast on foot she may spend a point of willpower to add three successes to her total instead of three dice

    New Gifts:

    Unquenchable Fury

    Heroes never give up. When things seem bleak, when others turn back, they dig deep and find the will to press on, past fatigue, past injury, past any sane human’s limits. Smart Beasts do not underestimate the ferocity of a wounded Hero. When a Hero with this Gift is subject to damage that would inflict Beaten Down on a mortal they gain a point of willpower in addition to ignoring the tilt as usual. Furthermore, when in conflict with a Beast, taking damage in one of their three rightmost health boxes always counts as taking a great risk in pursuit of their legend


    The first time in a chapter the Hero expends their final point of willpower in conflict with a Beast they refresh their entire willpower track

    Unerring Accuracy

    Many Heroes have been famed for their precision with bow and rifle. Always able to hit their target, no matter how small, fast, far, or well guarded, these Heroes generally prefer to terrorize their targets from a safe range. Heroes with this gift reduce the penalty for called shots by one and ignore one point of armor. They also gain double the normal benefit from turns spent aiming.


    The Hero reduces called shot penalties by half and ignores an additional point of armor for each turn spent aiming
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    Interesting. I once wrote something similar. Perhaps you can take inspiration from it? In my version, they are also capable of learning Advanced and Epic Gifts, but even the regular versions are more potent.

    Let Him Speak.


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      I agree with GibberingEloquence; their attempt at making B:tP's Heroes into a playable Hurt Locker-Style Splat could easily provide inspiration for you to further increase the capabilities Legendary Heroes, should you so desire to do so.