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A sober reminder...

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  • A sober reminder...

    If there can be a common theme in lessons from the Begotten, it is that fear has a place so in the end we need to make peace with the function of fear.

    The problem? To fully do that, we need to trust that fear itself is not out to get you. That fear of the danger is not the danger itself. That you have the time and space to contemplate and learn from it. That it won't force you to cower on some arbitrary schedule, but comes and goes as appropriate to the circumstances.

    Ironically, in answering the call of Devouring, the Beasts who try to balance the Dream find that they cannot complete the job. Their lessons are fundamentally compromised and broken because of this. Before this job can be finished Beasts must somehow be able to feed from afar, in the Dream, passively and as memory, without having to worry about Satiety. To return to Legend and have the Primordial Dream work properly without special effort or conditions. To not have to fight and die with Heroes in a perverse and self-cannibalizing Monomyth. I call this the Homecoming.

    Yes, I am repurposing a term from an earlier version of the game. I am using it to name an end of an era. You do not have to respond, just be reminded.

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    And the wheel continues to spin exactly as it has before.

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      Dont even know what I'm supposed to be reminded of. That you hate the game?


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        And it is not your place to remind or comment on this in the game forum. Also, personal attack.

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