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What happens to a Beast's Horrorspawn post-inheritance?

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  • What happens to a Beast's Horrorspawn post-inheritance?

    As the name should make obvious, I'd like to know what you lot think would happen to a Beast's Horrorspawn after they achieve Inheritance, be it one of the official ones, such as the Retreat or the Inversion, or one of the fan-made/homebrew ones that I know are lurking on these forums somewhere. As in, do they simply dissipate, or do they stay behind for some reason? And if the latter, then what happens to them? I'd really like to know what sort of headcanons you lot have concerning this subject, if you have any.

    Please note, though, that I've never run a Chronicles of Darkness, or World of Darkness (be it old/classic or new) before. And that the main things I know about Horrorspawn, besides what can be read in the BPH, is that they're fragments of a Beast's Horror that the Begotten in question has cultivated into its own creature, and that each one looks like that Child's Horror in miniature.

  • Scriptorian
    Retreat: I imagine this is tantamount to the Beast dying in the physical world, as described on page 119 of the players guide, save for the fact that the Lair no longer exists. I think this would mean that the spawn can’t use primordial pathways anymore, but can still cause havoc wherever it got stuck until it’s lifespan expires. Also, I’d bet the newly Unfettered Horror will likely go after any lingering horror spawn and attempt to consume them.

    Merger: much the same as above. The Lair collapses, but I don’t see a reason to think that the spawn wouldn’t persist like normal.

    Incarnate: this is where things potentially get really interesting, but the players guide doesn’t touch on it. Personally, I have a homebrew that an Incarnate’s Horrorspawn are capable of devouring new Beasts, in the same manner that a spawn is capable of replacing a Beast’s original horror. You could end up with fun side effects like any Satiety gained by the new Beast being split between the Incarnate and themselves, like normal for a horror spawn.

    Divergence: I think the Beast would lose control of the spawn, but otherwise nothing particularly interesting would happen post-inheritance. (Again, the Horror is probably going to try and eat them.) However, I imagine that a spawn could cause a number of complications trying to initiate the inheritance (three-way mutual canabalism?) The Beast is probably advised to get rid of any spawn beforehand.

    Erasure: so things could get a bit silly here. If the Beast is in the Lair when the Horror is killed, presumably the Horrorspawn would immediately try to take its place. Which would kinda defeat the purpose of killing the Horror in the first place. Again, just let the spawn die off beforehand. Otherwise, I imagine any spawn that survive the Lair collapsing will be able to runaround independently as above.

    Inversion: since the Lair remains intact, and the Horror is technically not dead, this might not disrupt the relationship between the Beast and the spawn, though presumably the spawn’s Satiety pool would become independent. Or it might just cut the spawn free to do whatever it wants (probably eat the Beast).

    All of this has made me wonder exactly what happens to a Horrorspawn when a Beast falls into Slumber. Because if the spawn is still active, does the Beast retain the ability to “pilot” it? (That would open some fun options for those looking to initiate Erasure). Though the likely (and boring) answer is that the Beast just loses control of the spawn until the Horror wakes up.

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  • Excess
    I doubt it would last. Would the Incarnate, master of his own horror, be that still if he had missing pieces? Then again, I have wondered if maybe this is what it means for Horrors to be the offspring of the Dark Mother. Perhaps Incarnation is fusing or being eligible for fusing back into the Dark Mother. Idle thoughts aside I have zero evidence, only questions. So you could just dismiss them.

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  • Heavy Arms
    It would probably vary highly based on which Inheritance happens. At a bare minimum, any Inheritance that permanently removes the Horror from the Lair, or destroys the Lair, would mean the Horrorspawn would be unable to maintain themselves for very long. If the Horror still exists in the Lair, than it would largely depend on the Horror and if it wants to keep having little parts of itself around or would rather just absorb them back up without their human sides reasons for wanting to make them.

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