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Feeding Preference Suggestions for a Whisper?

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  • Feeding Preference Suggestions for a Whisper?

    As the title says, I need help picking out the feeding preference for my new Beast character. The Horror for him is an Ugallu who looks like a sort of humanoid raven/crow, very much in the style of the corvian enemies from Dark Souls 3. Originally he was a Collector who liked shiny things, but there is an NPC Changeling with very similar themes so I decided to lean on the idea of Huginn Muninn instead. I kinda like the idea of hunting for secrets that could damage or ruin someone's reputation, mostly because I like the idea of being called a "Reaper of Reputation".

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    It's a bit hard to come up with too many suggestions on preferences without a bit more about the character besides animal themes and Family.

    As the BPG points out, Whisper is a very easy fit for the Ugallu. The question is how do they lean into the feat of exposure. Is your character the kind of person to just troll people by letting them know their secrets could be exposed at any time? A blackmail artist? A whistleblower that's going to expose the secrets to the world regardless? Figuring out that side of things is probably going to make their specific preferences easier to nail down.

    If you're going to hew closely to Odin's ravens though, they're not a bad guide post. They don't blab their knowledge to the world, but they don't keep their secrets to themselves either. You can lean into this by having a character skilled at getting into positions where they can be "a source." Someone else gets the big credit, but you're the bird that whispered the important knowledge in the right ear to make something happen. This would move towards places rife with secrets and people that can overhear them. Staff and staffers in city hall that leak things to the press for example is far more stable than constantly trying to get work at companies that happen to have massive scandals after you've been there for a few weeks.


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      Well the reasons I didn't put too much detail about the character, is because A) I wanted the identity of the horror to be divorced from the identity of the man, they're two entities that work together to survive and B) the man's personality and whatnot can be changed from the original idea. But I'll post the details anyways if it will help.

      The main concept is someone who was Devoured in early middle school. He was bullied a lot in the years leading up to this because of his short stature, thus didn't really have friends until afterwards, finding them in his first brood. Initially he worked in tandem with the Nemesis of the group, he would find out the dirty secrets of his victims and she would punish them. But after high school the brood slowly drifted apart, mostly just in the physical sense, as they started working on college and their careers. Thus my character started to mainly use his feeding sessions to also make some cash with some blackmail. Sometime later, one of his broodmates undergoes Inversion and begins to hunt down his former brood, killing the strongest of them first to ensure easy picking of the rest. In response, what was left of the brood scattered, but not before my character was attacked next. Thanks to some help from a changeling from the Ipswich courts, he managed to escape via the Hedge and made is way to New Orleans, where the campaign takes place.

      As for other details, his Life/Legend is Cerebral and Watchful, has the Mimir's Wisdom, Wings of the Raptor, and Eye of Heaven Atavisms, has a degree in architecture (mainly a holdover from the collector idea), and was looking to start a cult (a hacker group) before the Inversion incident and will continue on with that plan to have them serve as a way to avoid drawing attention to himself to forestall his former broodmate from finding him long enough to get powerful enough to get revenge.

      I ccan provide more info if needed, and thank you for your help.


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        You could play into the idea of ravens as scavengers and carrion eaters and have a preference for secrets that are metaphorically “dead”, buried, or otherwise forgotten about. On the low Satiety end this could mean something like dumspter diving for someone’s receipts. On the high end, digging up a scandal from a politicians past that they had though long-since blown over and covered up. And if you really want to play into this idea, I’d lean into the imagery of secrets as these shameful things, hidden away only to begin rotting and festering with a stench that attracts the Horror, which consumes and then regurgitates the putrefied secrets.

        The longer I study science the more I am convinced that it is functionally indistinguishable from what our ancestors would refer to as sorcery. And I would know, being both scientist and sorcerer.


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          Originally posted by Solnavi View Post
          A) I wanted the identity of the horror to be divorced from the identity of the man, they're two entities that work together to survive...
          I understand, though when thinking about the idea of feeding preference, its largely going to stem from how the Horror and man interact. Their main feeding strategy is something that satisfies the Horror's desires and the man's self image if it's going to function as their mutually best option.

          But I'll post the details anyways if it will help.
          Thank you, though a bit more than I was looking for.

          Something I was say to consider: A lot of people (rightfully) approach feeding preference as a sub-category. A Nemesis might particularly like targeting bullies. A Tyrant might flaunt political power over other expressions of dominance. Collectors are notorious for having a thing they like to focus on. Etc. But there's nothing wrong with coming at this from a different direction. Your character's preference could be something like "opportunistic." While Cerebral/Watchful means you don't want to go all, "oh shiny!" birdbrained, your character's preference might just be the juiciest target that they happen to be aware of at any moment. If you want to play up how this can be a disadvantage sometimes, consider him getting fixated on a meal that's not actually sufficient for their current Satiety level because it was there, or him skipping good/safer/more rewarding feeding chances that would take some planning and effort because an easier option presented itself.


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            Both of those ideas are really good! Definitely gonna go with the dead secrets one, so far as to change one of my Lair traits to Stench. Thanks a lot guys! ^.^