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Incarnates vs. Idigam

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    Again, power is not some number on a scouter, and is instead a) very much a matter of the "tools" any given entity has, a1) which also includes each individual "tool's" function, which includes it's scale and raw performance power, and b)the creativity behind application of those tools.

    So.....yes, trying to divorce a idigam's "power" from their unique nature and sideways position to spiritual metaphysics is a flawed way to think of it, it is very much how an idigam is and how that doesn't fit into the animist-spiritual ecosystem and how that has huge ripple effects that makes them powerful.

    Of course, that problem doesn't persist for just the spirits or the werewolves that readily persist in that sphere-mages, mummies, and Beasts (and Claimant Beasts) are gonna find that breadth of scale and being-off-kilter-of-expectation being problematic as well, and their main increased advantage is that they're used to juggling existential media , which for an idigam isn't always going to be enough-if for any reason this argument has a leaning of "idigam are particularly werewolves problems, not neccesarily a beast's problems."

    But you know, at this point, I'm rambling and am not sure of the thread-what are we doing here?

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