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Horrors and their Weapons

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  • Horrors and their Weapons

    Hi everyone. As a big fan of Beast, I absolutely love styling the Horrors, however, I did come up against a theoretical theory that I was looking for input for.

    To put into context, I had joined a game and made my Beast, but as the game went on, and as I wanted my Beast to grow, I wanted the Horror to grow with him as he explored it's Legend and grew it's Lair, allowing it to evolve. The concept was rather solid: it started as a Monster that Stalked, but as it developed it's Lair, it would grow to be more of a Hunter, and when it's Lair was high enough, it would of become a Huntsman type of concept, using Horrorspawn and ranged weapons to hunt down it's prey, and the second part is where I was stumped.

    Mythological monsters, mostly humanoid ones, are occasionally depicted using weapons, think along the lines of a Dullahan, for instance, or even some of the Giants of old, using greatswords, clubs and so on, but I could never find a satisfying way to include this to a Horror's design and mechanics. The big factor is a ton of Horror's atavisms focus on it's fist/claws/tendrils etc, whatever appendage it has, but very little on tools a Horror would use, and I also feel that such a depiction of using tools would neatly fit in with the image of fear. After all, there's very little more terrifying than realising a Monster that uses a tool is intelligent.

    And it's the implementation of this is where I'm stumped, I've come up with a few fluff methods of "Creation" so to speak, but actual usage and stuff is beyond me. To give some examples, all the below methods I've stated would use Obcascus Rites to tie the Weapon to the Horror itself, as I feel just a created item is not sufficiently tied enough to the Dream, the Lair or the Horror to become suitable in it's Legend:

    1. Creation from outside help. This would likely require the help of the likes of Mages, Werewolves or other supernatural Kin that the Horror is more closely associated with. I'd reckon with this, the people involved would need to be Tied to the Beast via Family Ties, afterwards, rituals would need to happen afterwards to turn it into an Astral Item, then further would need to happen in order to bond it to the Horror itself and make it part of the Legend.

    2. Craft it from a Horrorspawn. This is a bit of a different take on it, but I feel it would thematically work. You'd create a Horrorspawn as per the norm, however, through outside help and assistance, you'd find a way to bond it to an item, the origin of this item again varying on the Horrors theme. This could then be forged into an object by the Beast or associated Beasts in the Brood, and then through a Rite, it could be bonded to the Horror.

    3. Another take on the Horrorspawn creation. Instead of finding an item to bond it to, you could go down the Inversion route: Finding, or Creating an anathemic weapon/item you could seal the Horrorspawn inside, then bless it via a Rite.

    Granted, what I've said may sound simple, but the idea is to use the time to create the weapon by thoroughly exploring the legend behind it. Using the Horrorspawn or associated Tied Kin could help explore or even direct the Legend in a certain direction.

    Any feedback, suggestions or ideas different from these I'm completely open to.

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    For weapons with a Legend separate from the Horror, Kinship and Bright Dream scavenging sound best fitting.

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      Originally posted by 21C Hermit View Post
      For weapons with a Legend separate from the Horror, Kinship and Bright Dream scavenging sound best fitting.

      I had not thought on the lines of adapting weapons not actually related to the Legend of the Horror, but it's a fun idea I'll think upon, having some Legendary weapons throughout history can't just relate to Heroes, right? Thank you for the suggestion!