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  • You Died
    Manipulation+Satiety Vs. Composure+Supernatural Tolerance
    Normal: The victim believes they have suffered an amount of damage equal to the Beast's Satiety. They do not mark off any actual health boxes, but they may suffer wound penalties and may have to roll to remain conscious if the phantom damage would be enough to fill their unmarked health boxes.
    High Satiety: The victim "bleeds" for a point of phantom damage each turn until they pass out or the Nightmare ends.
    Satiety Expenditure: In addition to the phantom damage the Nightmare also deals two points of true lethal damage per point of Satiety spent.
    Exceptional Success: The psychological trauma is so great that the victim suffers bashing damage equal to the Beast's Satiety.

    It's sort of similar to Behold My True Form, but I wanted an effect that was more psychological and less directly face melting.


    • Human interaction is partly based on our ability to coat statements in nice words to take the sting out - the occasional 'white lie'. What happens if you take this away, however?
      You Cannot Lie
      Manipulation + Satiety vs. Composure + Supernatural Tolerance

      Normal: The victim finds themselves unable to lie - to tell someone something that they themselves believe to be wrong takes a lot of effort. Rolling Subterfuge requires spending a WP.
      High Satiety: Not only is the victim completely unable to tell a lie, they also constantly blurt out what they think. The victim is treated as one impression level lower for the sake of social interaction, and failed social rolls are considered dramatic failures.
      Satiety Expenditure: All social rolls are penalized by the victim's dots in Subterfuge - the better they were at lying and thus the more they relied on it, the worse it hits them.
      Exceptional Success: Composure rolls are penalized by the Beast's Lair.


      • Nothing Has Meaning [Scelestus Kinship]
        Give up and let the Void in.
        Dice Pool: Manipulation + Satiety vs Resolve + Supernatural Tolerance

        Normal Satiety: The victim suffers a -2 penalty on all rolls to convince others that something is meaningful or otherwise true. The victim himself has trouble believing it as the feeling of emptiness gnaws at his soul. He must spend 1 Willpower point just to make the first such roll in the scene, which does not add dice to it. As a side effect, rolls to convince others to actively reject meaning and truth receive a +2. If the victim has fulfilled their Virtue or equivalent trait within the scene, they gain a +2 to contest the Nightmare for the rest of it. And if they get an Exceptional Success, they receive the Inspired or Steadfast Condition on their next roll to pursue an Aspiration. The victim embraces the absence of meaning but is driven to create his own.

        High Satiety: The Nightmare's penalty/bonus is 4, respectively. When suffering from the penalty, he must spend 1 Willpower point on each such roll and his Failures become Dramatic Failures. When receiving the bonus, he may spend 1 Willpower point to gain Rote Quality instead of +3. If the character has Integrity and runs out of Willpower as a result of this Nightmare, he can still roll but suffers a Breaking Point at -2. Other characters gain the Delusional Condition instead, with the particulars being chosen by the Beast. The Abyss is ruination in all its forms, even for those who think they are benefiting from it.

        Satiety Expenditure: The victim experiences a harrowing and unfathomable vision of being devoured by the Abyss. He gains the Fugue Condition, chosen by the Beast. He also gains an additional Vice of Despair, even if he normally does not have Vices.

        Exceptional Success: The victim suffers from the Open Condition for Abyssal phenomena for the scene. This can Feed your Hunger with an initial Satiety Potential of 3 at ST discretion.

        Note: Upon establishing Family Ties with a Scelestus, the Beast is considered to have the Resonant Condition for the Abyss as long as the Family Ties last. He may suppress this Condition for the scene by spending 1 Willpower and rolling Resolve + Composure - his own Lair. An Exceptional Success extends the suppression for the chapter.
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        Let Him Speak.


        • You Don't Understand The Contract [Changeling Kinship]
          What do all of these words even mean? None of it makes any sense, and you can feel your freedom shrinking with each passing second. Chances are you might as well be selling your soul to the Devil.
          Dice Pool: Manipulation + Satiety vs Wits + Supernatural Tolerance

          Normal Satiety: The victim suffers a -2 penalty on all rolls to understand the fine print or implications of any contract, oath or bargain, whether it has legal weight or not. The words don't resemble actual ideas so much as they look like vaguely ominous gibberish. He must spend 1 Willpower point just to make the first such roll in the scene, which does not add dice to it.

          High Satiety: The Nightmare's penalty is -4. Furthermore, Failures become Dramatic Failures.

          Satiety Expenditure: The victim's lack of understanding becomes so severe that they suffer the Misinformed Condition (see below).

          Exceptional Success: Forcing the victim to sign the contract counts for Feeding the Beast's Hunger, with a base Satiety Potential of 3.

          Effect: You've gathered or been given extensive but misleading information. When making a roll for the relevant topic, you may Resolve this Condition to gain a Beat. Roll twice and keep the worst result, and do not apply dice tricks, not even 10 Again. Combat rolls are not affected by this Condition.

          Let Him Speak.