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  • You have to find it (Bogcat the Autumn Changeling Scholar)
    It's so old, secrets laid low for millennia, if only you could find it and take it's terrifying power for yourself

    dice pool Manipulation+Satiety Vs Resolve+Supernatural tolerance

    Normal effect The victim become obsessed with what they believe to be a glimmer of an eons old secret, they gain the obsessed condition on a object of piece of information dictated and are under the delusion that the subject of their obsession is an old arcane secret.

    High satiety The siren call of lost knowledge consume the victims every thought, the victim needs to spend a point of willpower to undertake any action unrelated to their obsession.

    Satiety expenditure Nothing and no one will stop you from your goal, the victim will not even stop to consider the well being of any who stands in their way, theft, destruction, harm or even murder are on the table and don't cause a breaking point for the duration of the nightmare as the victim will do everything in their power to get and protect this piece of arcane knowledge, the victim must immediately roll for any breaking point that should have occur after the nightmare duration expire.

    Exceptional success The victim obtaining the object of their obsession counts as fulfilling the Beast hunger.
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