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  • You have to find it (Bogcat the Autumn Changeling Scholar)
    It's so old, secrets laid low for millennia, if only you could find it and take it's terrifying power for yourself

    dice pool Manipulation+Satiety Vs Resolve+Supernatural tolerance

    Normal effect The victim become obsessed with what they believe to be a glimmer of an eons old secret, they gain the obsessed condition on a object of piece of information dictated and are under the delusion that the subject of their obsession is an old arcane secret.

    High satiety The siren call of lost knowledge consume the victims every thought, the victim needs to spend a point of willpower to undertake any action unrelated to their obsession.

    Satiety expenditure Nothing and no one will stop you from your goal, the victim will not even stop to consider the well being of any who stands in their way, theft, destruction, harm or even murder are on the table and don't cause a breaking point for the duration of the nightmare as the victim will do everything in their power to get and protect this piece of arcane knowledge, the victim must immediately roll for any breaking point that should have occur after the nightmare duration expire.

    Exceptional success The victim obtaining the object of their obsession counts as fulfilling the Beast hunger.
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    • Not Exactly a new nightmare but I really don't know where else to put this.
      Chiron and Camp Pelion: Many heroes often leave family behind and with family comes children, those that don’t abandon them or leave them with relatives, or worse yet try to drag them along on their “heroic” adventures or maybe they try to only be a part time parent. However Chesterfield Aldrich is something of an oddity amongst heroes in the fact that he often seeks out other heroes or children who survive the aftermath of a beast’s predations. He makes them an offer, he takes care of their children, in exchange he gets info on beasts and other supernatural beasties from heroes. He also offers training for a price. The children at the camp/ boarding school are given an education and are given mandatory tests for a registered homeschool or independent private school and are trained to fight the begotten and all their works.. However if any inspectors came around, they would have to make an appointment. Before the inspection the firing range would be dismantled and some animals would be allowed to run in the paddock that it is in. The fighting arena in the stock pavilion would be cleaned up. The assault weapons, ammo, and melee weapons would be boxed up and stored in the cellar behind boxes of canned produce. It’s a very efficient system. Chesterfield probably has one to four helpers, handlers, or teachers. Depending on the class size for the students they have a ratio somewhere between 1 per 5 to 1 per 10 students. They are either heroes or they have very specific skills that the camp needs and are loyal to Chiron except if they are not (plot hook). The students/campers usually spend all their time at the camp with no contact with the outside world and only infrequent calls to their parents, if the parents call at all. If the campers make a milestone or some number of years at the camp, or are trained up enough. They and several of their classmates under the guidance of a counselor/ handler or two. And are sent on a controlled hunt. Where they stalk, strike and kill a beast or other supernatural monster. When they graduate, sometime in the last summer of their 18th year of age. They and their graduating class are sent on a hunt without a handler to bring back the head of a beast or die trying. If they survive and succeed they are considered ready for the modern world. The lucky ones join up with the military or a cell of hunters the rest often don’t know how to function as a former child soldier in modern society. They often become gang members, serial killers, or drug addicts. If any try to escape, punishment is rather severe, as it is for any infraction, if a student acts out enough. He is expelled and is never seen again, by anyone. Possible milestones or important events in curriculum is taking care of a puppy then, when it is old enough they are forced to kill it with their bare hands. Other tactics like cult style brainwashing or semi starvation are also common. If one of the students becomes a hero then chiron takes them under his wing. If any of the students experiences a devouring then they become practice for the rest of the school usually with fatal consequences.

      The camp itself is in an unknown location due to the fact that it needs to be for the security of the camp, the parents usually have his cheiron’s phone number. The camp itself is a fully functioning farm and usually is self sustaining plus some profit. The location for the story isn’t important. However the isolation is, this is a place that would be very hard to escape to civilization from or to infiltrate for the player’s brood. It also has training facilities and classrooms. Cheiron and his associates who help find vulnerable kids or heroes who need a safe place for their children and or training. Probably have good mental, physical, and social merits. Usually can handle themselves in a fight. Beyond that they have a speciality in some area of teaching or training and know how to work a farm. The students probably have good mental and physical attributes, skills, and merits. Social merits are lacking due to their environment except animal ken and intimidation. Skills like computer, and drive are lacking to prevent contacting the outside world or escaping rapidly. They also have farmhand skills and attributes.
      Story Hooks: A hero comes to your group, begging for your help. When she was just starting out, she was almost killed by a beast who had killed her husband but this guy saved her who called himself Mr. C he offered training and a safe place for her children, but now he’s holding them hostage and if she doesn’t give him info or money to “pay for their tuition” then she will never see her children again. Can you trust her and will you help her?
      Your group is attacked by a hero, however he has backup in the form of a small squad of teenagers. These kids are not from around here, they all wear the same t-shirt, and the attack seems to come out of nowhere if the brood pushes deeper they learn where they come from and the fact that they are going to try again.
      A rival brood comes through town chasing tales of a sort of camp for heroes, and they aim to destroy it and kill all the heroes there. However you uncover the fact that most of the trainees are the children of heroes, but the brood doesn’t care, more importantly do you?


      • you could have made your own thread for a plot hook, also, I can't read that wall of text


        • You Cannot Hide This (Common Nightmare)
          Dice Pool: Manipulation + Satiety vs. Composure + Supernatural Tolerance
          Normal: The victim is convinced that the Beast can see into his very heart and read his intentions, and this terror undermines any attempt the victim might make to mislead. The victim suffers a -2 penalty to any roll he makes to deceive or misdirect the Beast. This does not prevent him from simply shutting up and refusing to say anything.
          High Satiety: The Horror more subtly undermines the victim’s attempts to mislead, and through a combination of Freudian slips and not noticing the implications of his words the victim gives away the very secrets he strives to protect. If the normal effect causes the victim to fail a roll (roll the penalized dice separately to determine whether the roll would otherwise have been a success), the victim believes that he has successfully lied to or mislead the Beast.
          Satiety Expenditure: The victim is convinced that the Beast knows everything, that attempting to hide or mislead is pointless and that his only hope is to make a full confession and hope that this satisfies the Beast. For the rest of the scene, if the victim hears the Beast ask a question (whether or not the question appears to be addressed to him) the victim must answer it, making no attempt to deceive or hold anything back and providing any additional information that the victim thinks might be relevant. The victim may spend a point of Willpower to suppress this effect for the next Composure questions the Beast asks, allowing him to either refuse to answer or attempt to mislead or deceive (though any such attempts still suffer from the normal and High Satiety effects as applicable)
          Exceptional Success: Increase the penalty on deception attempts to -4.


          • I'm open to suggestions if anyone has a more elegant way of expressing this concept. I'm not competently sold onaping the modifications mechanic from the Skin Deep atavism.

            Flesh Isn’t Supposed to Do That
            Your skin is literally crawling. Shifting, changing. The scream that escapes your mouth does not sound human.
            Dice Pool: Intelligence + Satiety vs. Stamina + Supernatural Tolerance
            Normal: The victim’s body shivers and warps under the Beast’s command. The Beast may make one anatomical modification to the victim. A modification generally provides up to -2 dice to a single Skill or situation, or a smaller penalty to multiple situations. At the Beast’s option, a modification may also provide a bonus to appropriate Skills or situations, but only when accompanied by a commensurate penalty. See the Skin Deep Modifications sidebar on page 87 of the Beast’s Players Guide for examples of possible modifications, keeping in mind that those examples are entirely beneficial.
            For example, this Nightmare might transform the victim’s hands into twisted claws, inflicting a -1 penalty to all rolls requiring manual dexterity, but causing unarmed attacks to inflict 2L damage.
            These modifications are the result of the Primordial Nightmare pressing into the world through the victim's body, in much the same manner as Atavisms, and thus ordinarily humans (other than the victim) are unable to directly perceive the changes.
            Modifications retreat from the victim’s flesh when the Nightmare expires, as normal
            High Satiety: As the Normal effect, except the Beast may make a number of modifications equal to half their Satiety, rounded up.
            Satiety Expenditure: As the Normal or High Satiety effects, but any modifications made become permanent, persisting beyond the duration of the Nightmare. A victim can only be subject to a maximum number of permanent modifications equal to their Size. Additional uses of this Nightmare can be used to overwrite previous modifications.
            Exceptional Success: Any modifications tear fully into the waking world, such that they become perceptible even to ordinary humans.

            The longer I study science the more I am convinced that it is functionally indistinguishable from what our ancestors would refer to as sorcery. And I would know, being both scientist and sorcerer.


            • Originally posted by Scriptorian View Post
              I'm open to suggestions if anyone has a more elegant way of expressing this concept. I'm not competently sold onaping the modifications mechanic from the Skin Deep atavism.
              You could try it with an Obcasus Rite instead, would need some prepwork but you could basically use it to fleshwarp your target on the operating table to greater effect and it would make a lot more sense than a nightmare effect doing it. just my two cents


              • Has anyone been entertaining ideas for Beast-Deviant Kinship Nightmares?


                • Something cooked in the spur of the moment.

                  Everything Hurts (Deviant Kinship)
                  Please make the pain stop, I can't stand it!
                  Dice Pool: Wits+Satiety Vs Stamina+Supernatural Tolerance
                  Normal: The target is affected by either Arm Wrack or Leg Wrack as the limb, while not damaged, lights up in agonizing pain.
                  High Satiety: The nightmare affects a second limb.
                  Satiety Expenditure: The Beast can spike the pain momentarily reducing the target to a chance roll due to the intense pain for a turn.


                  • Now THAT'S what I'm talking about!


                    • You Cannot See It
                      There's something here. You know it. You just can't find it.
                      Dice Pool: Manipulation + Satiety vs Composure + Supernatural Tolerance
                      Normal: Choose an object or creature in the scene; the target is incapable of directly perceiving it - they can't see it, hear its speech directed at someone else or event consciously register it if they bump into it. They can still make out signs of its presence, however, such as footprints. The effects of this Nightmare end immediately if the hidden thing deliberately initiates contact with the target (e.g. if a hidden creature attacked the target or spoke to them directly). Attempts to contest surprise by characters in this state suffer a -3 penalty. This Nightmare does not alter or erase memories of the hidden thing from before the Nightmare was placed.
                      High Satiety: You may target multiple characters within this Nightmare simultaneously, or hide multiple things from victims' perception. You have a number of 'points' to assign to additional targets or hidden things equal to Manipulation. You can hide more, but each further target or hidden thing beyond the Manipulation limit imposes a stacking -1 penalty to your activation roll.
                      Satiety Expenditure: This Nightmare's effects become a Persistent Condition, as follows:
                      You Cannot See It (Persistent)
                      You are incapable of perceiving a specific object or creature, defined when this Condition is placed, though you can notice secondary signs of its presence, such as footprints.

                      Possible Sources: The Nightmare You Cannot See It.
                      Beat: Your incapability causes you significant problems, or causes others to doubt your sanity or perceptions.
                      Resolution: The target directly interacts with you, the Beast who placed this Nightmare ends its effects as an Instant action.


                      • What You're Really Afraid Of

                        What's that? Don't like to swim? It's just a pool, you can see the bottom and everything! Come on, are you sure your fear of water isn't covering up for something else? Maybe you just have to dig deeper. . .

                        A given victim may only be affected by one effect of this Nightmare at a time.

                        Dice Pool: Manipulation + Satiety vs Resolve + Supernatural Tolerance

                        Normal Effect: The Beast can alter the source of a victim's active fear, such as one triggered by the Frightened or Delusional Condition, so long as the new source is present in the scene. For example, if the subject is terrified of an aggressive dog in the scene, he could redirect that terror toward the dog's owner, or the Beast himself, or a passing cloud. The victim must currently be experiencing fear for this effect to function, and if an attached Condition resolves, the Nightmare ends early. Fears caused by supernatural sources trigger a Clash of Wills.

                        High Satiety: The Beast can manipulate more ingrained or long-standing fears. He could change a lifelong phobia of spiders into one of guns, or deep-seated anxieties about death into a similar aversion to taxes. The fear does not need to be active in the scene for this effect to work, though the Begotten must be aware of its existence somehow. At Storyteller discretion, this power can be used to alter certain Breaking Points for the subject.

                        Satiety Expenditure: The Beast breaks open the victim's fear to release Primordial terror. Choose another one of the user's Nightmares; the victim is immediately afflicted with this Nightmare with the same number of successes as the Beast rolled to evoke What You're Really Afraid Of, and at the same Satiety level. If the fear is based in a Condition, the Condition immediately resolves (though the Beast must have high Satiety to resolve a Persistent Condition this way). This can even be used to overwrite the effects of another Nightmare, but if originating from another Beast, this must first overcome a Clash of Wills.

                        Exceptional Success: The new fear is so ingrained in the subject's psyche that for the duration of the Nightmare, the Beast increases the Satiety Potential from feeding on the victim by one.


                        • Artifact of Doom
                          There’s something very wrong with that book. Every night after you read more than a page, you wake up screaming. Yet you keep turning pages. There’s some secret hidden within, if you can just read to the end without losing your sanity…
                          Dice Pool: None, see below.
                          Action: Reflexive
                          Normal: The Beast takes a –2 penalty on her roll to invoke another Nightmare, and in return she can infuse a manmade object with her Nightmare. The first person to use the object for its intended purpose (e.g. examining a painting, reading a pamphlet, attacking someone with a sword) becomes the target of the infused Nightmare.
                          High Satiety: As normal, but anyone affected by the infused Nightmare also becomes darkly fascinated with the object, convinced either that it’s effect on them is beneficial, or that they can somehow use its effect to their advantage. They gain the Obsessed Condition related to obtaining and retaining possession of the object.
                          Satiety Expenditure: As normal, except the object becomes permanently infused with the Nightmare. Only one victim can be subject to the infused Nightmare at a time, but once the Nightmare ends on a given victim, it will affect the next person who uses the object, with a maximum of one activation per scene, or once per Chapter for an object infused with a Satiety Expenditure effect.
                          The die pool and Satiety effects of the infused Nightmare's are set at the time it is infused; it is no longer tied to the Beast’s current Satiety level or Attributes.
                          Exceptional Success: As per the invoked Nightmare.

                          The longer I study science the more I am convinced that it is functionally indistinguishable from what our ancestors would refer to as sorcery. And I would know, being both scientist and sorcerer.