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  • This Will Never Work (Common)
    Fear: Nothing you ever do will ever work out for the best.
    Roll: Manipulation +Satiety versus Resolve + Tolerance
    Action: Target subtracts the higher of either his opponent's Resolve, or his own, to any Contested Rolls. Add 1 to this penalty for Social Rolls.
    High Satiety: The target is convinced not only of his personal failures, but in the failure of his connections and institutions. The target cannot use Social Merits that originated from his own efforts; only Social Merits representing help from outside his personal control, such as inherited Resources, a tutor-Mentor paid for by parents and colleagues, or an Artifact temporarily given him by a PC, can aid him. True Friend is explicitly excluded from Socail Merits temporarily blocked out, but the target is at a -2 to contact such persons or ask for help, fearing their 'stench of failure' will spread to them.
    SatExpend: The target cannot gain exceptional successes to any action whose primary benefactor is himself. Any aid he might lend to another character is reduced by 1 die (2 die if the person he is attempting to aid is, themselves, undergoing a Nightmare).

    Do the heavens yet hate thee, that thou can'st not go mad?


    • Because I've been reading princess, and I like the contrast

      There Is No Hope (Dethroned Kinship)
      Even the incarnations of the light cannot stay the course in this world. Even angels and superheroes fall. What hope do you have? Give up while you still can. Everyone else has, even the Light itself.

      Action- Satiety+Manipulation vs Resolve + Supernatural Tolerance
      Normal Effect- the victim finds it hard to care. Who cares if you succeed or fail? When spending willpower, the victim only gains half the benefit (that is, a +2 bonus usually)
      High Satiety- Sleep becomes fitful, virtues shallow- even vice loses any allure in this world. The victim cannot regain willpower while under the effect of this nightmare
      Satiety Expenditure- Do you see how futile it all is, now? The victim is overwhelmed with the horror of the world. They may curl up and weep, collapse into hysterics or just stand staring into space. During this period, they don't respond to any stimuli except that which is directly harmful to them or their motivation, and even that requires either a resolve+composure roll or the spending of a willpower point. While it's beyond mechanics, after this power has worn off being exposed to cosmic despair may have a variety of lingering effects.
      Exceptional Success- The victim loses a point of willpower

      There Is Still Hope (Radiant Princess Kinship)
      Why haven't you changed the world? I know- it's too hard, you're too small, they're too powerful. But here she is, a shining hero, fighting the good fight and destroying evil. Maybe the world isn't doomed. Maybe evil hasn't won. Maybe it really is that you're just too weak to step in.

      Action- Satiety+Composure vs Resolve + Supernatural Tolerance
      Normal Effect- "You have killed 2.338 people" The victim finds justifying their actions harder and harder; the consequences of everything they do spring vividly to mind. The victim cannot regain willpower from their vice(s) while under this power's effect (for mask/dirge, legend/life, blood/bone etc the nightmare may have varying effects- determine based on whether the character sees one, both or neither as their "vice")
      High Satiety- the guilt at the victim's indulgence and apathy is overwhelming in the face of ultimate compassion. When they indulge their vice, they lose a point of willpower instead of gaining it.
      Satiety Expenditure- Perhaps there is one last chance to be redeemed, to be approved in her blazing eyes. The beast chooses a cause- anything from "gay rights" to "tidy this room". It must be something the victim is at least nominally in favour of- if not, the satiety is wasted. The victim goes to extreme lengths to promote this cause. They will stop short at anything that would cause a breaking point or serious harm to themselves, but will otherwise focus on this until the nightmare wears off. Social rolls that fit in with this new dedication start with two less doors.
      Exceptional Success- the victim also suffers -1 to breaking point rolls.
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      • Love the Terry Pratchett reference

        A god is just a monster you kneel to. - ArcaneArts, Quoting "Fall of Gods"


        • Turns out I got the quote wrong but hey, the wonders of editing!


          • You've Changed (Common)
            Fear: People used to like you more in the past/You've lost your edge/You Used To Be Cool
            Roll: Intelligence + Satiety vs Compusure + Tolerance
            Action: The target feels like those he loves are just going through the motions. Take the Depressed condition for a scene, and reduce the number of Doors needed to convince him of the merits of a 'cool' action by 1.
            High Satiety: Increase the duration to a full week.
            SatExpend: Make that the Leveraged condition, as the target sees the judging eyes of those he loves as coming from disdain or anger rather than the apathy and progress of time.
            Exceptional: The number of Doors is reduced by 2 for the scene. High Satiety still only provides 1 Door for the week.

            Do the heavens yet hate thee, that thou can'st not go mad?


            • You Can't Trust Your Senses [Common]

              So much of our worldview is shaped by what we can perceive. The slightest disturbance can set us on edge and make us doubt our sanity. How can we function if there is no way to tell the real from the illusory?

              Dicepool: Manipulation + Satiety vs Composure + Supernatural Tolerance

              Normal Satiety: The Beast mimics the Hallucination Numen (see Beast: The Primordial, page 194). The illusion lasts for a number of turns equal to Lair.

              High Satiety: The Beast may create a complex illusion that affects all senses, and obeys a number of simple commands equal to Lair. Examples of acceptable commands include "scream when you see that person", "hide this object" and "leave a trail of blood leading in that direction". The illusion now lasts for the scene, but cannot affect material reality. The Beast may affect multiple people with these complex illusions, but each one after the first imposes a cumulative -1 penalty.

              Satiety Expenditure: The illusion becomes extremely convincing and striking. The player may spend multiple points of Satiety on this effect. For every point of Satiety spent, the Beast may reflexively cause the victim to fail a single Perception roll. If the Satiety is High, the player may specify which command(s) of the illusion will cause the automatic failure of the Perception roll.

              Exceptional Success: The victim gains the Delusional Condition, which makes them believe the illusion was completely real. Alternatively, it makes them believe nothing they perceive can be taken at face value.

              "Fate is a cruel jester with a finely developed sense of irony." - Sir Night as portrayed by Leliel, The Horror Recognition Guide


              • Walking on Eggshells: (mechanics unplanned)

                "Don't touch that, you'll break it." or maybe "You're on thin ice." Whatever quote you wish to use, the point is the same; this nightmare instills the paranoid sensation that something in the environment is more fragile than it appears; shattering when exposed to pressure from the careless individual. Collectors swear by this Nightmare, claiming that it has been a useful tool in keeping greedy hands off their priceless treasures!


                • Originally posted by GibberingEloquence View Post
                  You Can't Trust Your Senses [Common]

                  So much of our worldview is shaped by what we can perceive. The slightest disturbance can set us on edge and make us doubt our sanity. How can we function if there is no way to tell the real from the illusory?
                  Huh. Seeing as I'm watching the Framework eps of Agents of SHIELD, this was an interesting writeup for me to see. Nice work on the mechanics, man. So far, I don't see anything out of place with them.

                  "My Homebrew Hub"
                  Age of Azar
                  The Kingdom of Yamatai


                  • Some slasher nightmares! Because why not.

                    The Stories Are Real (Avenger/Legend kinship)

                    It was never meant to be real. It was just old wives tales and children's stories. But now it's here, just like the story said. Now it's real. How many other terrible things you think are just stories are real, too?

                    Dice Pool: Presence + Satiety vs Resolve + Supernatural Resistance

                    Normal Effect: The boundaries between reality, fiction, dreams and fears start to break down for the victim. The victim suffers a -2 penalty to all intelligence skill rolls, as things they learnt, things they heard on the grapevine and outright fiction all spring to mind. In addition, if the victim has Eidetic Memory, they lose its benefits for the duration of the effect.

                    High Satiety Effect: The victims grip on reality slips even further, as memories and dreams start to blur together. The victim loses a door in social manoeuvring- even the most empty threats, absurd promises or blatant lies start to seem downright plausible in their dreamlike state.

                    Satiety Expenditure- Slipping into legends and myths, they fall to the most obvious one. The victim sees the images of the beast's legend everywhere- a Makara Siren makes the victim hear the seuctive music from every lake and river, the Anakim Troll makes them see looming figures under every bridge. The precise effects of this are not mechanical- how the victim responds is up to them, but is likely to be profound. After the effect ends, the victim only remembers a terrifying dream.

                    Exceptional Success- The penalty is -3

                    You Can't Talk Your Way Out Of This (Brute/Mask kinship)

                    You think you're powerful? Charming, wealthy, connected? But here, your words fall on deaf ears. Here, your money is just paper and scrap metal. Here, your laws have no power. You can't run, can't fight. Do you still think you're powerful?

                    Dice Pool: Presence + Satiety vs Composure + Supernatural Resistance

                    Normal Effect: In the face of silent brutality, the so-called "power" of society seems useless. The victim must roll resolve+composure to use social merits that rely on connections or social standing (E.g. Status, Resources, Allies, Contacts). Social merits that rely on inherent nature (e.g.Pusher, Striking Looks, Closed Book) can be used normally.

                    High Satiety Effect: The petty to-and-fros of humanity mean nothing before brute force. The victim cannot use soft leverage for the duration of the nightmare- they must either use brutality or rely on luck.

                    Satiety Expenditure- Words words words. They will do nothing. The victim can no longer speak or write, and even hand gestures beyond flailing become impossible. Mechanics wise, they suffer from a Mask's "No Mind But For Murder" frailty for the remainder of the scene.

                    Exceptional Success: Even inherent social merits need the roll- what use is beauty or calmness against an axe to the face?

                    It Could Be Anyone (Charmer/Psycho kinship)

                    The kindly old man running the store. The pretty lady at the bar. The charming new face in town. That couple, that kid. Your best friend. How many of them are hiding knifes behind their smiles...and how can you ever know?

                    Dice Poll: Manipulation + Satiety vs Resolve + Supernatural Resistance

                    Normal Effect- Anyone could be a monster- why focus on the Beast? The Beast blurs into the crowd- if there are at least a dozen people around, all attempts by the victim to notice, recognise or remember the beast's appearance suffer a -2 penalty.

                    High Satiety Effect- The people who help you, who control you, who hold your life in their hand- can you trust them? The Beast appears to the victim as a person of authority- maybe they seem to be a learned professor, a agent of the law or a medical professional. This gives them a +2 bonus to any checks that perception could help, and also makes them hard to remember- the victim just remembers "a cop" or "a doctor" with no other details.
                    (note, this can have penalties too- if the victim is a gangster, say, appearing as a "police officer" may well backfire)

                    Satiety Expenditure- No-one is safe. No-one. The Beast appears as someone the victim knows. If they are aware of a specific person, they can choose to appear as them. If not, they can guess a type of person- "your best friend", "your boss", "your child"- although if no-one fits that category the satiety is wasted.

                    Under this power, the beast's appears as the person to all senses automatically copies mannerisms. They do not need to act "in character" to preserve the effect, although if they act wildly different the victim may get an intelligence check (and likely a breaking point) to figure out the truth

                    Exceptional Success- the beast is very vague. Even if the victim notices them, they are unable to give any further details.

                    You Could Have Stopped This (Freak/Mutant kinship)

                    It didn't have to be this way. If you'd shown an ounce of kindness or acceptance. If you'd treated them like a human being, just once. But you didn't. You shunned the freak and cast them into the dark. You created a monster. And now it's here for you.

                    Dice Poll- Wits + Satiety vs Resolve + Supernatural Resistance

                    Normal Effect- after all you've done, you at least owe it the truth. The victim cannot lie to the beast, nor can they resort to clever wordplay or half-truths. At best, they can refuse to answer a question or make genuine mistakes

                    High Satiety Effect- You have already hurt it enough. The victim suffers a -2 penalty to any attempts to attack or directly hurt the beast.

                    Satiety Expenditure- Atone for your crime, one way or another. The beast can make a single request of the victim- this request can be anything possible to do. Upon doing this, the victim has two choices. They can grant the request. If they refuse (or agree with no intention of actually going through with it, or otherwise try and get around it), they immediately suffer a number of points of lethal damage equal to the Beasts Satiety, as their flesh is ripped apart by invisible claws. Either way, they are now free from the effects of the nightmare.

                    Exceptional Success- the victim must make a resolve+composure roll to avoid answering a direct question from the beast.

                    Nothing Is Safe (Genius/Maniac kinship)

                    That food could be poisoned. That door sabotaged. That friend compromised, that machine hacked, that house rigged to blow. Anything. It's so much smarter then you, after all. How could you ever see its traps coming?

                    Dice Pool- Manipulation + Satiety vs Composure + Supernatural Resistance.

                    Normal Effect- It's all trapped, all wired. The victim must make a resolve+Composure roll to go to any place they haven't been before for the duration of the nightmare

                    High Satiety Effect- Bribery. Blackmail. Intimidation. There's so many ways it can turn your friends against you. The victim suffers the Paranoia condition for the rest of the scene (the sign should be something related to the slasher the kinship was gained from)

                    Satiety Expenditure- you think you've cracked the code. You think you know how to be safe. Choose an activity- for the remainder of the scene, the victim will refuse to do that thing under any circumstances. This choice can't be deadly ("breathing") or totally debilitating ("moving") but otherwise anything will work. If the victim is forced to perform that activity, they immediately suffer a breaking point and will take any efforts necessary to stop until they do or the power wears off.

                    Exceptional Success- the victim must make the roll to leave their current area at all- who knows what might have happened while they weren't looking?
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                    • I don't know how well this would actually work, or if it fits thematically. But it could be kinda cool to have a sort of nightmare that forces a "mental duel" with another, to get to invoke a "bossfight" even if you can't do all your lair opening tricks. "battle in the center of the mind" style. I don't have good mechanical idea how to do it, outside of literally making it into a duel of some kind (with maybe high satiety beast being able to project his beasts dream form instead of himself to another because he can visualise it easier with clear head.).

                      This is between you and me
                      You thought you could muster your strength, prepare, gather up your allies. You had assets, backup plans, friends. Those cannot help you now, you are on your own. Stand with your own two feet, or perish like all those before you.


                      • You've Already Lost (Princess Kinship)
                        You can fight and fight and fight to change things, but the world won't bend for one person, and the war was won long ago by the other side. To persist is pointless.

                        Dice Pool: Presence + Satiety vs. Resolve + Supernatural Resistance; Nobles can substitute Belief for Inner Light

                        Normal Effect: The war is lost and fighting is pointless. Your victim cannot spend Willpower for the rest of the scene.

                        High Satiety: The weight of inevitable failure crushes the life out of your victim, inflicting the Beaten Down tilt.

                        Satiety Expenditure: Your victim has been so thoroughly crushed, they suffer the Insensate tilt.

                        Hell is Other People (Paragon Genius Kinship)
                        People are chained by the eyes of others, the morality placed upon them by their society, and the taboo of society. Even if you're alone, you feel the eyes of others judging you.

                        Dice Pool: Manipulation + Satiety vs. Resolve + Supernatural Resistance

                        Normal Effect: The victim feels the eyes of society on them. They must spend a point of Willpower the first time they take an action that breaks taboo or social custom, even if it would normally be morally justifiable.

                        High Satiety: The victim is found wanting by even themselves. In addition to spending Willpower, the victim suffers the Guilty tilt after breaking taboo.

                        Satiety Expenditure: For the rest of the scene, the victim has "Breaking social custom" as a Breaking Point.

                        My Beloved (Leviathan's Beloved Kinship)
                        She didn't understand why she felt that way, but she needed the creature. She needed to belong to it, and knew it would need her in return.

                        Dice Pool: Presence + Satiety vs. Composure + Supernatural Resistance

                        Normal Effect: You become an island of solace for your victim. Your victim receives one extra DOT of Willpower while in your presence. they must spend a point of Willpower to leave.

                        High Satiety: Your victim needs you and only you. They acquire the Addicted condition to your presence.

                        Satiety Expenditure: Your victim has been given a permanent place in your soul, literally. For the rest of the story, the victim is immune to the hazards of your Lair, and must return to your Lair once per chapter or suffer a Breaking Point.

                        Genius: the Transgression 2E is a thing that's being worked on.


                        • Originally posted by malonkey1 View Post

                          My Beloved (Leviathan's Beloved Kinship)
                          She didn't understand why she felt that way, but she needed the creature. She needed to belong to it, and knew it would need her in return.

                          Dice Pool: Presence + Satiety vs. Composure + Supernatural Resistance

                          Normal Effect: You become an island of solace for your victim. Your victim receives one extra DOT of Willpower while in your presence. they must spend a point of Willpower to leave.

                          High Satiety: Your victim needs you and only you. They acquire the Addicted condition to your presence.

                          Satiety Expenditure: Your victim has been given a permanent place in your soul, literally. For the rest of the story, the victim is immune to the hazards of your Lair, and must return to your Lair once per chapter or suffer a Breaking Point.
                          I like this one. Both for the creepiness and for the way that it actually plays into the Heroes' narrative: the Beast actually did lay an enchantment on the 'fair maiden'.

                          Is it presumptuous of me to ask for alternating male/female pronouns?


                          • In a Striking Coincidence I made a Duchagne Kinship Nightmare which is similar in concept to You Can't Trust Your Senses but it worked differently:

                            Your Senses Cannot be Trusted
                            What was that? Did that really just happen or is it inside the confines of your own mind. Your friends didn’t flinch but you know you felt the brush of fire across your cheek. The smell of ashes, the taste of your own blood.
                            Dice Pool: Satiety + Intelligence vs Resolve + Supernatural Tolerance
                            Normal: The Beast nominates one of the victim’s senses when invoking the Nightmare. The victim is plagued by persistent false inputs that conform to the Beast’s nature. All of a victims food might taste like it is slightly spoiled or they may hear ringing sounds after loud noises. They begin to lose trust in the particular sense affected, second guessing whether or not what they have experienced is real. The Victim takes a -2 penalty to any roll that relies on the affected sense.
                            High Satiety: A content Beast can linger upon the suffering of the victim, directing the hallucinations to influence the characters behaviour. The Beast can choose to associate the unpleasant hallucinations with certain people, places or behaviours or to exempt a specific stimulus from them. Over time this leads the victim to develop a Condition pertaining to the stimulus. The character either gains the Spooked Condition toward the source of the hallucinations or the Swooned Condition in regards to the one thing that is exempt from them.
                            Satiety Expenditure: There are few fears as deeply engrained or as often forgotten as losing one’s senses. It’s almost a joke to parents to say; “don’t touch yourself or you will go blind.” But losing your sight is terrifying to those who have gone through it and is often the beginning of a life of being ignored by the world at large. Instead of suffering from confused input the Victim of the nightmare loses the chosen sense entirely.

                            Blindness, Deafness – The character takes a -5 Penalty to all actions that rely upon the missing sense. If another sense can be reasonably used instead, such as a blind person navigating by sound or a deaf person reading lips, this is reduced to a -3 instead.

                            Analgesia – The character cannot feel their skin or extremities. They have no tactile sensation and if cut or burned they do not realise so until they see the wound. They do not suffer wound penalties but also take a -3 penalty to any actions that would be impeded by this drawback – such as touch typing or chopping vegetables.

                            Insensate – The character cannot smell or taste anything at all; rendering the act of eating a joyless thing. They take no penalties from environmental effects that rely on smell, such as a noxious odour, but at the cost of general unhappiness. In a scene where the character has eaten or drunk in company with others they take a -3 penalty to all Social dice rolls.

                            Exceptional Success: When invoking the Nightmare the Beast can choose to affect two senses instead of one. For the purpose of the High Satiety affect the two senses are still treated as linked to the same stimulus.

                            "The ego is not king of its own castle."


                            • Originally posted by Strictura View Post
                              Very nice, especially for a newcomer to the forums. I liked your merit as well. It's good to see someone new.

                              P.S. I love your signature. Very insightful.

                              Is it presumptuous of me to ask for alternating male/female pronouns?


                              • Hey guys,

                                New to the forum and Beast. This is my first attempt at a homebrew nightmare. I workshopped it with Strictura XD. This is a kinship nightmare based on a demon in my chronicle that I am running.

                                I See You [Analyst, Demon Kinship]

                                Dice Pool: None, see below.
                                Action: Reflexive

                                Normal: The Beast takes a -2 penalty on her roll to invoke another Nightmare. He does not need to lock eyes or touch the target as long as her intended victim can be remotely viewed using a camera or similar device. All that is needed to invoke the nightmare is that the victim look into the lens (or similar apparatus) while the Beast can see them.

                                High Satiety: As Normal, but the victim does not need to look into the camera and does not even have to consciously know they are being observed.

                                Satiety Expenditure: Once the Nightmare is successfully invoked the Beast may choose to spend a point of Satiety to make a recording of the victim as they suffer its effects. This can be visual, audio or a combination of the two. If the victim sees or hears the recording they must make a Resolve + Composure roll or fall victim to the same nightmare again. Furthermore, if someone other than the original victim experiences the recording in the Beasts presence the Beast may spend Satiety again to force them to make the same roll and suffer the Nightmare.

                                If any victim scores an Exceptional Success on this resistance roll the Nightmare is rendered inert and can no longer be used to affect further targets.

                                Exceptional Success: Anyone experiencing the recording is subject to the Exceptional Success result of the original nightmare.
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