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Beast : What's your nightmare ?

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    As a Child I had a recurring nightmare more like a sequential nightmare about a Jack O lantern headed scarecrow full of straw and everything with clawed hands and a Scythe...The first dream He chased me through a corn field, slashing at me as I woke up. The second he came in my bedroom window and attacked me and my older brother who shared a room..till my father burst in and hit it with some blunt object, I can't really remember( I was 4) and it escaped out the window...the third I was in the same corn field and came upon a cracked and rotting jack o lantern lying beside a crumpled pair of black pants and red and black flannel shirt the same the monster wore...Strange that my nightmare resolved itself...but by that...IDK Eshmaki?

    My most recent Horror, or at least strange dream Ive had I was in my Apartment(A fictionalized one) trying to sleep it was dark, and cold, and I kept hearing strange bumping noises coming from through the wall. For some reason at first I think ghost, then I Assume it is my neighbors making loud noises, so I go to ask them to keep it down, leave my apartment and go to the door beside mine. Now for some reason, instead of the normal little peep hole common to apartment doors that allow you to see outside the apartment, these doors had large round porthole windows like on the side of a ship, the doors were also made of metal. Anyway, I go to my neighbor's door and knock on it. When I look up into the porthole The entire apartment is filled with red liquid, which I knew to be blood but honestly it wasn't opaque enough to be blood. So i am looking into this apartment that is like a fish aquarium of blood, and floating there right in front of the porthole is a figure staring back at me, and my last thought before waking up was...I Think that is me in the blood staring back at me....Now I have no idea what family that is Esmaki for the noises, Namtaru for the blood?
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      Based on the recurring episodes of sleep paralysis I've been experiencing for as long as I can remember that always involve me being completely paralyzed and helpless and awake while a demon (its forms vary, but it's always the same demon) either sits on my chest or watches me from the ceiling of my room, I'm going to say I'd probably be an Anakim.

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        Across my entire life, only two dreams that I could feasibly classify as ‘nightmares’ have really stuck with me.

        The first occurred when I was somewhere around 3-5 years old (and considering my memory, it’s both dumbfounding, and a testament to it’s impact on me, that I’ve been able to remember it so well for this long, considering how shoddy my memory is (I’m 21 FYI)), I only experienced it once or twice (I think(?)) and it was actually rather basic; I, and a crowd of other people I was near the back of, were running like mad across a vast, seemingly infinite, ‘plains’/‘field’ of grassy hills (Knolls? Hummocks? Whatever, they were most definitely some sort of small-ish hill) while a great, dragon-like monster/beast, like what you see in the crest of Whales, was chasing us. The dragon-monster was burning and eating people behind me in the crowd, getting ever closer with each kill. That’s about as far as I got before I fell out of bed, though. I think I somehow managed to roll onto my side and started crudely mimicking my movements in my dream.

        I’d probably peg it as that of an Anakim with a hunger for either Ruin (unlikely), or Prey (much more plausible).

        The second occurs more consistently, for a given value of such, but is much, much ‘tamer’ in comparison. Basically, it consists of me floating deep within the depths of an ocean that is simultaneously both warm and comforting, yet cold and disturbing. My dream-self instinctively recognizes as the Cosmic Ocean, that unreal, but true, yet sidereal Ur-Place from which all things originated, and to which all shall eventually return. Though floating at a 'depth' (for the ocean is both sea and sky) that would make the deepest parts of our seas look like nigh-completely dried out puddles in comparison, I can still see the night sky. All throughout, I'm get the consistent emotional impression of lamentation, sadness, melancholy and acceptance, alongside the mental thought-impression of these following Lines;

        "A bottomless curse, a bottomless sea,
        source of all greatness, all things that be."

        "A bottomless curse, a bottomless sea.
        Accepting of all that there is and can be."

        For this one, I think that the Makara Family fits best, though I have little clue as to the Hunger. Collector, perhaps? Deities know that I'm a minor kleptomaniac when it comes to loose cash.
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