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Beasts and Family Matters

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  • Beasts and Family Matters

    Beast: The Primordial is based highly on metaphors of great Family for themselves and other supernaturals. So in this topic I propose to make them into story seeds - just take families analogy, and make an game setting idea. Mine own obsrvation:

    Beasts are like a Family's Black Sheep Uncle to rest of supernaturals - you know, he listen to hard rock or even metal, is a bit New Age, and smoke cigarates, riding on his bike. He tells you totally diffrent moral stance to "mainstream" Family, and you want to be like him. You want to belive him. Until you understand he has lousy job, he has no girlfriend, has problem to get up somedays from the bed and is totally unraliable to help you when you need it. But, hey, he is ssssoooo great to hang out, yes?
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    To quote myself from yesteryear:

    Originally posted by ArcaneArts
    "Ohana means -"

    "No, stop, absolutely not. You don't get to quote Disney after playing enabler to a recovering cannibal"

    But that said, yeah, I'm quite fond of it too.

    "Listen up, dipshit. I don't care what you think you deserve. We'll beat the shit out of you for the bullshit you did later. But you're still our blood and bone, we still share the same Mother. When I said no one gets left behind or forgotten, I fucking meant it, and you don't get to decide that you aren't worthy of that. So go get yourself safe-we'll clear out your problems."
    I've always wanted to return to those as character/story seeds

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      I suppose now would be a good time to mention some of the other World of Darkness crazy family stuff I've done in my games. I know one of my players (mortal game) is seriously considering accepting an offer from a Son of Phobos to be given a fresh human heart extracted from a living person so he can use the vitae they get from it to recover from a potentially lethal infection. Aside from the morality concerns involved, the problem is that this Son of Phobos (really Daughter of Phobos, but nobody would know what I was talking about then) comes from a family of heart-eating immortal sorcerers.

      Giving him the heart is essentially an engagement for eventual marriage in their eyes.

      If we had a Beast in the group they would totally be preparing the celebratory feast like some moneyed uncle. I'm sure you can guess what the main course would be.

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      Yes, hollowing out your humanity to become an utterly utilitarian asura is the exact suggestion I would expect from you, Aiden.


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        You haven't seen him in years... You remember his face when you were a kid, but for some reason he was never around. You never asked why, noone really talked about him and whilst you knew he existed, they never interacted with you directly. You go to visit the old family one day to see he's returned. You don't get much of a story why and you're supposed to welcome him back, he's your uncle after all, except he could be any guy off the street to you in particular. You'll give him a shot, he could be a nice guy or he could be an ass, it's a coin-flip and hell, it's not like there are too many of you around in the current family you had a connection to anyway...


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          He owns the island. He gave his assets on the mainland to his children so they could establish themselves, but the island? That's all his. Sure, he'll lend a couch to his distant relatives when they come asking - he'll even give them one of his personal apartments if they prove they really need it - but they all know that they'll get kicked out of the house if they ever break his rules. For the most part though, he just helps his cousins find a hotel room for a few weeks when they need to get away from it all. Sure, he'll help out just about anyone who asks - he loves to support startups and he's a common friend to everybody who's anybody in the corporate world, which makes him an excellent middle-man - but he always expects just a little bit more in return from his friends than he does from his family. He could do it all for free and it wouldn't put a dent in his assets, but he likes to collect favours.

          He was really pleased when he found out his granddaughter was just like him. He invited her to come live with him and he spoils her every way he can. He wants to set her up with a reliable boyfriend - maybe even let them take over the island so he can semi-retire - but it's just so hard to find a suitable match.
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            The only problem is when he comes with their problems or his friends come in and treat his relatives like their relatives. He also gets into debts and asks you to help him deal with the legbreakers that come after him


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