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  • Originally posted by Nyrufa View Post

    I thought he had a hunger for ketchup.
    You mean pasta. :3

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    • Originally posted by MrParaduo View Post
      You mean pasta. :3

      Nope, that's Papyrus. Sans drinks ketchup straight from the bottle.


      • Originally posted by Nyrufa View Post

        I thought he had a hunger for ketchup.
        Well. Yes.
        Also in the Underworld of the Game he Never has too feed.... he gets Plenty from Family Dinner. That's why he Wants Ketchup... gives him the feeling of Blood.
        (Probably not to be honest but i'm Sticking with the Flimsy Excuse)

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        • Lovecraft Time! This time: At the Mountains of Madness!
          (Yes, the Terrible Old Man and Erich Zann are still not done)

          William Dyer: The esteemed geologist with many academic accomplishments and hobbies has a dark secret: he is a monster. And not just one that is looking to harm people, he is only satisfied if he manages to tear down the sense of significance of people. Ironically, being a prominent scientist helps in that regard: few things are as galling and lead people to question themselves as one of their role models shooting down their every idea and project as being crude, immature, inexpert and dilettantish, exposing them as (or making them out to be) insufficiently founded in facts, drowning them in his knowledge and reputation. More than one upstart has been lost to his influence. And if that is not enough.... As a sophisticated man, Dyer doesn't spread the fear of something simple like pain or darkness or death, and it shows in his choice of nightmares that he prefers far more cerebral matters. More than once, he made sure people's life work went down in flames because they failed to live up to the expectations, suffered a bout of amnesia, had an identity crisis, were suddenly superarrogant and condescending or became paranoid.
          His lesson is „You are insignificant in the grand scheme of things“.

          Family: Makara

          Hunger: Tyrant

          Horror: His Horror is the personification of superiority, advanced civilisation, art and science of the highest degree: an Old One.

          Life: Loyal– For all his faults, Dyer would never abandon someone he considers important, even if that person is trying to kill him.

          Legend: Judgemental – Dyer doesn't hold back with his opinion, and he'll make sure it's the only one that counts.

          Lair: A mountainside city of strange architecture and tunnels deep into the mountains.
          Extreme Cold, Maze, Poor Light, Crosswinds

          Nightmares: Everything you do is Worthless, You do not matter, Tabula Rasa, You are an impostor, We know all your secrets, They are all around you, Fear is contagious, You are better than them.

          Atavisms: Mimir's Wisdom, Alien Allure, Heart of the Ocean, Unbreakable, Storm-Lashed, Sons of Wayland, Endless Depths
          Most notable Merits: Advanced Eidetic Memory, Encyclopedic Knowledge, Fist of Nightmares, Indomitable, Killer Instinct (advanced, 3)

          John Danforth: Danforth used to be just a promising student, until the day Dyer took an interest in the boy, seeing in him a sort of progeny – which he might well be, as Danforth never met his father. Dyer raised the boy, nurtured in him first a thirst for knowledge, then the skills to sate that thirst, and the boy soon became his right-hand man. At some point, Dyer decided he wanted to share his Blessing with Danforth, and the Devouring drove the boy insane. Despite everything, John couldn't bring himself to hate Dyer, and recently started to revel in his newfound powers. Now, the young man's works are considered terrorism by some. Dyer, feeling responsible, makes sure to cover the boys tracks as best he can, and offers him sanctuary in their shared Lair. They formed a Brood withFrancis Thurston, after some initial enmity, and Robert Blake.
          John is looking to create ever bigger destruction, and will jump at any possibility, no matter if it is a gang's hideout, a Wallstreet skyscraper or the Pentagon: he will tear it down until nothing but rubble is left. Once he's latched on to a site, he will make sure it cannot be rebuild. His lesson is „Not everything can be repaired“.

          Family: Namtaru

          Hunger: Ruin

          Horror: Against Dyer's hopes, Danforth didn't become a fellow Makara : Danforth's Horror was the personification of slave uprisings, advanced civilisations' demise, crude imitation – in short, the opposite of Dyer. His Horror is a Shoggoth.

          Life: Cautious– Danforth is skittish, and unlikely to tell someone more than they need to know, but more than anything else, he is careful. Better you than me.

          Legend: Vicious– When Danforth lets loose, things are guaranteed to take a brutal turn.

          Lair: Caves deep under the mountains, with access to the sea, and a mockery stone city covered in corrosive slime.
          Darkness, Extreme Cold, Maze, Slick, Corrosive, Viscous

          Nightmares: They are all aroud you, Run away, Behold my True Form, You can't wake up, You cannot kill it

          Atavisms: Looming Presence, Relentless Hunter, Cyclopean Strength, Titanic Blow, Monster From the Deep, Limb from Limb, Infestation, Heart of the Ocean
          Most notable Merits: Encyclopedic Knowledge, Demolisher 3, Hunger Management, Relentless Assault 5
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          • What happens when I read Arthurian legends and add Artorias from Dark Souls:

            If you ask her, the stories about King Arthur and his knights are truth, not legends. She can prove it, as she inherited the Horror that once was part of Mordred's soul, or at least that's what she says.

            The Crown-Breaker, that's the name she gave it, is a Horror resembling a knight wearing an ornate but worn out armor. Its visage cannot be seen and an aura of darkness and doom emanates from it. The knight does not speak except when it runs to battle, when it draws its blackened sword and relentlessly attacks, roaring and screaming.

            The Lair is deserted medieval castle surrounded by a deep forest. The buildings are in ruin and have been takes over from the vegetation. The inhabitants are long gone, their remains litter the area and haunt the visitors. If you manage to reach the depths under the castle you'll find the Heart of the Lair

            She destroys kingdoms. Travelling from town to town, she learns about local supernatural societies and wages war against those who fall under some unknown criteria. If asked, she will say she does what she does not because she has a true choice but because it was fate. It's a dangerous game, the be the Doom of so many kingdoms, but as an Anakim Ravager, that's her calling. The fact she's both cunning and charismatic definitely do help. There's always people willing to subvert the status quo or that have a grudge against their ruler and it's to them that she appeals to. When things get serious, both her followers and her enemies discover she is a fearsome fighter as well.

            She is well aware that every conflict might be her last one and that many Heroes will rise, but if she has to go down she will be sure to bring another king with her.

            Kinship with Vampires and Changelings. Totally embraced her mythical role, but her mortal identity is still there to be discovered or exploited. Stuff might happen if she ever meets the supernatural beings tied to the myth of Mordred, like the Aeon of Fate or the Ruinous Prince (Dancers in the Dusk, page 46)

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            I write about Beast: The Primordial a lot


            • Shelly Bender: a string of bad life choices resulted in Shelly developing a reputation as the town slut. She had barely entered puberty when she began to form inappropriate relationships with older boys and eventually moving onto men as she matured through her teenage years. Her parents finally discovered the truth when she got pregnant at the age of 16 and couldn't identify who the father was. After selling the child to a barren couple in order to pay for the medical bills she had accumulated, Shelly received her devouring. Within her dreams, she saw a creature that bore a striking resemblance to her, but was meshed together with the body of a colossal insect. As she gazed upon the bloated creature who wore her face, she watched it rear back and scream before a swarm of insects burst out of it and swarmed upon Shelly, eating her alive. She awoke from the nightmare to find she had been thrashing about in her sleep, but now understood the situation. The swarm needed to grow, needed to spread its hive wider, needed fresh sources of meat to sustain itself. So Shelly continued to do what she had been doing since getting her first training bra, she went around town in search of lovers!

              Shelly's Lair is a teeming dirt mound filled with thousands upon thousands of centipedes. They crawl along the walls and ceiling, dropping off in clumps to bite and scratch at any meat detected in the area. Their cries and movements reverberate all around the hive, muffling any other sounds that might try to move through the area. The chambers of their lair are designated to serving the hive in different capacities. She has the breeding chamber, which holds her captive lovers, the feeding chambers where she disposes of them afterward, and the birthing chamber where she spawns more additions to the ever growing swarm. But the biggest threat is that Shelly is still growing as a Beast. She feels that her powers are not fully developed yet, and is confident that with further experience, she will discover new ways to improve both herself and her Lair. One day, she will realize the full scope of her power and unleash her spawn upon the town like a great plague, devouring everyone inside. Should such a day ever come, it will take more than a few pesticides to get rid of her!

              Family: Namtaru

              Hunger: Prey

              Horror: Like some kind of nightmarish centaur, she appears to be a mixture of human and insect physiology. She has the torso of a human girl attached to the body of a gigantic centipede. Her cherry blond hair is nearly five feet long and hangs about her form in silky strands. She doesn't have hands, instead her forearms mark where her limbs change into chitinous scythes, ready to cleave anything that comes within reach. Her mouth does not function like a normal human's, but instead the jaw splits open down the middle to reveal a set of mandibles lined with poisonous fangs and a thin, prehensile tongue that longs to slurp up the bodily fluids of her victims. Every so often, she pauses and begins to scream as if in pain, then a swarm of insects erupts from her nether regions as she gives birth to a mass of centipedes.

              Life: Parental - Shelly is very good with kids, considering she has a few million of her own crawling around her lair. She often finds work as a babysitter, or a nanny helping to take care of children for over stressed parents who need a few extra (hundred) hands to take care of their kids.

              Legend: Seductive - Like any insect queen, Shelly is compelled to breed as much as possible. This results in her otherwise revolting horror developing nymphomania, drawing in her prey with promises of sex, only to feed upon them after their copulation is complete.

              Lair: Thunderous (scratching, chattering insects), Swarms, Stinging, Toxic

              Nightmares: Bugs Everywhere, Fear is Contagious, They are all Around You

              Atavisms: Basilisk's Touch, Limb from Limb, Relentless Hunter


              • You sure do make a lot of sex-driven female characters.

                Call me Regina or Lex.

                Female pronouns for me, please.


                • I'm writing a Fury-like social service worker with a Hunger for punishment (hurting kin) and a predilection for people who drive their gay children from the house. He would be an Ugallu and the only thing I'm hesitating is the Lair

                  someone has ideas?


                  • Originally posted by ganonso View Post
                    I'm writing a Fury-like social service worker with a Hunger for punishment (hurting kin) and a predilection for people who drive their gay children from the house. He would be an Ugallu and the only thing I'm hesitating is the Lair

                    someone has ideas?
                    Exposed, maze, blizzard

                    Make them suffer like homeless kids on the street

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                    • Castratos: that is the self appointed name of the flesh hunter that has been terrorizing the local Hive as of late. He is a collector of body parts, harvesting the flesh, organs and bones of his victims and displaying them like trophies. His most prized possession is his testicle collection, which are fastened to the walls of his Lair in the remains of their former owner's scrotum. Nobody knows why he loves collecting testicles but the popular theory is that while his victims can still live without their testicles, losing them causes a great deal of trauma to the victim's original personality and behavior. Or perhaps that is just wishful thinking and Castratos is one of our more 'special' family members who needs close supervision when he goes out in public.

                      Castratos' lair is a grotesque mockery of a big game hunter's trophy room. The walls, floors and ceilings are cluttered with display cases and trophy plaques that show off the various body parts he has collected over the years. The rooms are mostly dark, save for a series of spotlights that focus directly upon the trophy displays, as if to draw attention to them. Tooth necklaces, skinned rugs, severed heads, jarred organs, bleached skulls, mounted carcasses, reassembled skeletons. But at the heart of his lair is the most precious of all, the preserved testicles of his favorite male victims. Their scrotums dried and leathery as they are attached to the wall plaques with iron nails. Beneath each one of his trophies is a steel name plate, denoting who the former victim was.

                      Family: Eshmaki

                      Hunger: Hoard

                      Horror: A chimerical monstrosity who appears to have been vivisected together from numerous different creatures. He has the head of a bull, the eyes of a falcon, the torso of a man, the legs of a lion, the hooves of a mountain goat, the talons of an eagle, the tail of a crocodile and the skin of an elephant. In his talons, he carries a meat cleaver and a butcher's knife which are perpetually smeared in fresh blood and its only article of clothing is a butcher's apron that is likewise painted in fresh blood splatters.

                      Life: Cautious - A true hunter stalks his prey, learning their movements, their defenses and the most efficient way to catch them. Castratos is a true hunter, and he's got the remains to prove it!

                      Legend: Vicious - Castratos doesn't hoard petty cash or shiny baubles, he collects body parts; which are almost always taken from unwilling victims. They don't always die in the process, but they probably wish they had.

                      Lair: Sealed Exits, Maze, Poor Light, Stench

                      Atavisms: Limb from Limb, Shadowed Soul, Unbreakable, Needs Must,

                      Nightmares: You can't run, All your teeth are Falling out, You will never rest


                      • Raphael Alkire
                        It would surprise at least some Heroes Raphael’s life is at the polar opposite of the Begotten’s predilection. He is a social service worker, devoted to his job and to the protection of the children he meets. Strangely enough he feels no great affection for the little brats but he considers they are weak and shouldn’t be harmed. Especially by those who should be protecting and supporting them. And of course, people tend to forget but social services are charged with teenagers as often as with young children so it tends to even out.

                        Raphael’s Begotten nature express itself when he comes in cases of mistreatment or abuse. There he shows no pity for the responsible and while he can care about extenuating circumstances, he recognizes very few of them. Harming kin is the most ancient and terrible of crimes and it’s one he intends to punish with all severity. Unfortunately for his targets he considers dereliction of duty as worthy of punishment in itself. Be so emotionally distant your son becomes a school shooter? Force your gay daughter to run away? Actually forbid your gay son to come back home and not care if he whores himself to survive? All of these count as kin-harming and kin-slaying in his eyes and unlike law enforcement his punishments can be both cruel and unusual.

                        Perhaps surprisingly considering other Beasts, Raphael is mostly invested in Nightmares when he punishes someone. Atavisms such as Mimir’s Wisdom or Eye of Heaven are of course used to determine action but like the Horror that is his soul he prefers to drive his prey to suicide rather than kill them himself. That tactic enables him to say he gives them a chance of redemption before feeding on their deaths.

                        Family: Ugallu
                        Hunger: Punishment (Crimes against the Family)

                        Horror: Raphael’s Horror is the Fury of Greek Myth an iron-taloned, serpent-haired winged woman with a scourge of scorpions and an eye for bloody vengeance. He wonders sometimes if the fact his Horror is female means something about possible gender troubles but as he had no problems with his identification as a man he doesn’t know the answer.

                        If starved, something Raphael takes great pains to avoid, the Fury would hunt down any transgression about the natural order of duty in family. In that case, the abuse victim speaking out against his father would be as tempting a target as the abuser himself. Unlike its host/other self, the Fury doesn’t care for extenuating circumstances or even the gravity of the transgression.

                        Legend/Life: Judgemental/Parental

                        Lair: A vast labyrinth with the Fury standing atop a column. The cold is mind numbing and there are nothing secret. Sometimes a most hateful victim will be left alive. The Fury seemingly has no problems with feeding by watching its prey slowly die of starvation and exposure.


                        Atavisms: Mimir’s Wisdom; Eye Of Heaven
                        Nightmares: No Mask for You (from the homebrew nightmares thread); You Deserve This; You’re Impure (coming from the homebrew nightmares thread); You Will Never Rest;

                        Kinships: Vampires of the Lancea et Sanctum; Changelings (I would have said Ogres in 1e due to their focus on punishing Oathbreakers but in 2e it seems to have become a non-specific things)


                        • People, can you tell me what you think of this? It's a Hero for the Dark Era I'm writing. Basically I took the protagonist of a Victorian adventure novel and played with it with Beast's setting and rules. Not the final draft, since I'd rather hear your opinion of her first. Not sure about a couple of things, like I do feel she might a bit over the top

                          Lady Arabella Kane

                          End of the line, monster. Game's up. Start running”

                          Background: Born and raised as the scion of an ancient family of the British aristocracy, Arabella received all the benefits her status granted her. A well-rounded education, the admission to the upper echelons of society and enough wealth to obtain everything she could ever want. She soon grew into a proper lady: gentle, cultured and charismatic, welcomed guest to any social event. Still, Arabella always showed a vein of inquietude that her parents could not erase. She herself could never explain this disturbance and tried her best to suppress it, focusing completely on activities more fitting to the role society expected a young noble woman to have.

                          The encounter with Sir Jonathan Kane changed things. A young and dashing gentlemen, Jonathan had the reputation of a womaniser with a certain disdain for social conventions. Despite this, he was struck by Arabella’s charm and genuinely fell in love with her. While initially not interested, Arabella discovered there was more to Jonathan that it appeared. The two completed each other, serving both as source of inspiration and stability for their partner. Marriage soon followed and, while many expected the passion would not last, Arabella and Jonathan truly loved each other. Away from her household Arabella was now to do as she desired, encouraged by Jonathan to practice many unlady-like activities. This was the cause for much gossip, but none of them cared. Jonathan himself was a skilled swordsman and he practiced with his wife constantly. Arabella learned fast but, to Jonathan’s gleeful surprise, her true talent lied in the firearms: she soon became a better shooter than her husband, trained both in rifles and guns. The couple became a famous, if scandalous, presence in many hunting parties across the country.

                          After a while, Jonathan became convinced that their talents deserved a fitting challenge, something that could give them a thrill. He started to make plans and talk to people. At first, they were other hunters and explorers, people coming back from the “savage” corners of the Earth, bringing back stories and trophies. It was only when he became more reserved and secretive, meeting with people of unsavory reputation and sometimes disappearing for days only to return wounded and scarred, that Arabella questioned him. Jonathan avoided the questions. He organized a hunting trip to Africa, saying he needed to leave London for a while, and promised his wife that he would give her all the answers once the trip was over. This was how the couple arrived in Congo.

                          Accompanied by a large entourage of servants and friends, Arabella and Jonathan started from Boma and ventured in the interior. They killed leopards and gorillas in the jungle, hunted lions in the east and even took down a couple of elephants. They were together, away from whatever was haunting Jonathan back in England. Still, Arabella could not rest: there was something fundamentally wrong going on. She could not sleep well at night no matter how hard she tried and she felt that her perceptions were somehow distorted by something. Everything culminated one fateful day when a hunting trip ended in a disaster. While venturing in the depths of the jungle, the expedition was attacked by monsters half-man, half-beast and massacred. A creature of fangs and darkness lifted Jonathan in the air and ripped him in two. It was in that moment that Arabella felt something unlocking within her. She took up her rifle, shoot at the thing and killed it in one single hit. The other monsters struck Arabella but, evidently shocked by the turn of events, left her for dead. She proved more hard to kill than they thought.

                          Arabella emerged from the jungle covered in blood and carrying Jonathan’s mauled corpse, but with a purpose. Now a full-fledged Hero, Arabella discovered the dreams she had guided her towards the many monsters that infested Congo. She learned how to use the tales and the nightmares of people to track the worst ones and take them down. Arabella rebuilt a hunting group with a combination of trusted servants and new followers. As the legal owner of her family’s fortune as well as Jonathan’s, Arabella used her considerable wealth to find equipment, weapons and informations. This was two years ago. She has not left Congo since then.
                          Arabella experiences slaying Beasts and other monsters as hunting a savage animal She has no qualms about killing supernaturals of all sorts, especially the most bestial ones, but a combination of her role of Hero and what she personally experienced make her perceive Beasts as the most dangerous, and rewarding, hunt. It’s only with the Begotten that she feels the sense of excitement and fulfillment that keep her going. Arabella is glad to kill monsters, as they clearly are a menace to innocent men and women, but she does what she does not only because she feels it’s the right thing to do. Now distant from her home and any obligation she might have towards her family, Arabella is free to do as she pleases and, if asked, will eventually admit that the constant seek for the thrill of the hunt guides her probably more than any other factor.

                          Description: Arabella is in her mid-twenties. In an aristocratic context, she is a graceful figure. She moves, speaks and act with measured attitude. The death of her husband and years of hunting monsters have not deprived her of the aura of elegant femininity. This, combined by her rather remarkable looks and gentle tone, give an impression of a lady that could never do what a Hero’s call requires. This changes completely once she’s on the field. When alone or with her trusted followers, Arabella focuses completely on the hunt. She maintains an impeccable behavior as much as possible, but it’s something Arabella is able to abandon without thinking twice if the circumstances require it. Stalking her quarry through the most impervious territories, using a combination of hunter and dirty tactics without caring a single bit about her well-being is something Arabella does easily.

                          Storytelling Hints: Arabella is a fearsome foe. She’s ruthless, trained and driven. Her social status and wealth give her the freedom to move as she pleases around the country, a privilege many of her preys don’t have. Additionally, she has a reputation for opposing the vilest actions of the colonial regime and helping people. It probably won’t happen if she’s close to a Beast, but if Arabella sees a person abusing another or some horrible actions going on and she has the chance to help, she will. This, combined with the fact the authorities can’t do much to stop her without risking a huge diplomatic incident, made it so that she became a sort of popular figure among the population, trusted and admired. Whenever she goes, she asks people to tell her any story of monsters and other supernatural creature they know. Arabella has, under all aspects, a network of informants that keep her updated about Beast and that are eager to join her hunting party.

                          Arabella does not see Beasts and their kin as human. She sees them as supernatural animals that she has all the right to hunt down. Vampires, werewolves, prometheans, changeling and other inhuman beings are fair game. More fundamentally human supernaturals are granted the benefit of the doubt: if they indeed are harmful to regular people Arabella will kill them not because they’re a good hunting target but rather because they’re vile. Not satisfying perhaps, but still the right thing to do.

                          When hunting a Beast, Arabella does her best to force the Begotten in a narrative of hunt. She destroys their mortal connections, forces them to run and fight like the animals she thinks they are. She realized long ago that Beasts are not only creature that hide in the wilderness, so she is prepared to hunt in all environments. She always have a gun with her at the very least, but when she hunts on her terms, Arabella can deploy a true arsenal. Her most favorite weapons are her customized Sharps Rifle (her Chosen Blade) and a cavalry saber. She prefers to snipe Beasts from afar, complimenting herself for good shots, but she can handle close quarters combat as well.

                          Arabella is a tireless enemy, but she can be stopped. For a Hero, she cares about her followers quite a bit (even if she rationalizes their death easily. Putting them into danger might not make her abandon the hunt, but she’s more likely to make mistakes when that happens. She’s also utterly convinced that all Beasts must be slaughtered but this belief is not unbreakable. A great deal of Arabella’s hatred is due to the circumstances of her husband’s death and, if a Beast demonstrates her there’s more to the Begotten than it initially appears (for example, by sparing her life multiple times), the exact nature of her Heroic call might change. It would take a lot of effort both on her part and on that of any Beast that crosses her path. but Arabella might learn to see Beasts and other supernaturals as individuals. She’s more likely to channel her hunger for the hunt towards the true monsters among the Begotten, striving to spare those who try to not hurt others as best as they can, rather than abandon her tendencies completely, but she has the potential to stop being an enemy, if not truly an ally. At her core, Arabella is broken, misguided and addicted to the thrill of the hunt, but she can redeem herself with some help.

                          It’s worth mentioning that there are elements of Arabella’s past that can be used against her. First of all, her family is convinced she’s insane and that she must be brought back to England and sent to a sanatorium before she can waste the whole family’s fortune, They actually dispatched some agents to do the job, but so far they all returned back with only broken bones and a response: “Don’t try this again”. Additionally, during the months before coming to Congo, Jonathan actually became part of a Hunter group. The exact identity of this is left to the Storyteller, but tales of Arabella’s…”eccentric” life have reached this group and they might have interest speaking with her. Jonathan also fled from England because of something that happened with them. Her husband’s unfinished business is one of the few things that can distract Arabella from her hunt

                          Legend: Huntress.
                          Life: Impeccable.
                          Mental Attributes: Intelligence 3, Wits 3, Resolve 4
                          Physical Attributes: Strength 2, Dexterity 4, Stamina 3
                          Social Attributes: Presence 4, Manipulation 2, Composure 4
                          Mental Skills: Academics 2, Enigmas 1, Craft 2 (Firearms), Investigation 2, Medicine 1, Occult 2 (Beasts), Politics 3,
                          Physical Skills: Athletics 3, Brawl 1, Ride 2, Firearms 5 (Hunting Rifles), Stealth 2, Survival 3, Weaponry 4 (Saber)
                          Social Skills: Animal Ken 4, Empathy 2, Expression 3, Intimidation 2, Persuasion 3, Socialize 4 (Aristocracy), Subterfuge 2
                          Merits: Contacts (Local Population), Danger Sense, Fame 2, Fast Reflexes 1, Fleet of Foot 2, Iron Skin 1, Language (French, German), Multi-Lingual (Lingala, Swahili), Patient, Quick Draw (Hunting Rifles), Resources 5, Status 4 (British Aristocracy), Striking Looks 1, Taste
                          Gifts: Champion’s Endurance, Kinslayer, Chosen Blade, Legendary Hunter, Warrior’s Speed
                          Willpower: 8
                          Integrity: 3
                          Size: 5
                          Initiative: 1
                          Defense: 6
                          Speed: 10
                          Health: 8
                          Armor: 0 (2/0 when fighting Beasts)
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                          I write about Beast: The Primordial a lot


                          • You know what? Because I mentioned it as an idea in the past, one of the famous Beasts active today

                            Santa Claus

                            "Ho ho ho!"

                            Background- The man who would become Santa Claus wasn't anyone important. A toymaker in the mid-19th century, he had spent his life trying to fight the dreams and urges he got from his connection to the primal dream. He made toys and candy, and the children of the area loved him, even if their parents still pulled them away from him. He could have been content, at least.

                            Then the Krampus started appearing in his dreams.

                            It hunted him through the icy wastes night after night until, eventually, it caught him. He sat down and talked with it, and when he woke up they were no longer two separate beings.
                            The Krampus was a recent incarnation of an ancient fear, of children's fears of being punished by the adults who ruled their lives. And the children told the toymaker everything. With the power of a Beast and the trust of the local children, he was effortlessly able to find the naughty and judge them- anything from toys replaced by coal to vicious attacks in their dreams by the goatlike horror. But unlike most nemeses, he began to judge in a different direction. To those not guilty of the petty crimes of childhood, he left behind toys and sweets. The Krampus grumbled, but as long as its hunger was sated it didn't do anything more

                            As these actions mixed with the increasing popularity of stories of Father Christmas, a legend was born. Santa Claus rose in power rapidly, and slowly retreated into his lair more and more, often getting close to abandoning the material world entirely. Now only a few chambers remain to connect him to earth

                            It is nearly 150 years later, and while barely acknowledged, the Fear of Santa still runs strong in the world. As long as children still fear being put on the naughty list, the Krampus remains powerful. But even a beast's life is not eternal, and Santa starts to wonder what to do before time runs out.

                            Description- He's Santa. A jolly old man, long beard and red coat. Always smiling and surprisingly agile for his bulk and age. He speaks with a vague Turkish accent and is always ready with a comforting word. To the nice. To the naughty, he is every stern parent and teacher rolled into one, giving harsh reprimands and ruthless punishments to those who disrespect their elders.
                            To those who can see it, the Krampus is a giant, humanoid, demon-goat-man. It clutches a thick stick and glares with barely-concealed disgust at everyone it sees. Despite the brutish appearance, it talks eloquently, listing every crime of its victims at it deals out their punishment.

                            Storytelling- Santa is an unusual character. Firstly, he's Santa. The implications of his existence can be interesting, and may result in him being laughed off, but he is powerful and draws on a lot of legendary power. Those who underestimate him will regret it.

                            If the PCs are children, or deal with them regularly, Santa can appear as an enemy, tracking down the players for some minor crime. His wide variety of hunting methods in the stories allow for tone to easily be vaired by player preference, from a fairly harmless creature leaving coal and nightmares to a terrifying monster who drags naughty children to god-knows-where. Alternately, he can be a supernatural mentor, friend or (for those with the merit) guardian angel- at least until his true nature is revealed.

                            To those who are not children, Santa still has options. As his elves reveal, he has strong kinship with changelings, and can appear to back them up, and if they're used his connection to hope gives him a complex relation with Princess. His habit of feeding from children may also lead some characters to oppose him by default.

                            Most importantly, though, he's dying, reaching the end of even a beasts life. A few things may happen here. He's a perfect candidate for becoming Incarnate, with all the mythic power behind him, if a hero ruthless enough to try and kill Santa can be found. His slow regression into his lair may ultimately involve him becoming unfettered. And more mundanely, he may be on the look for a protegee to take up his mantle after he's gone. The planning or aftermath of these can easily catch the players up in the mechanisations of what is still a powerful Beast- even if he does dress like a jolly bowl of jelly.

                            Family- Eshmaki
                            Hunger- Nemesis (those who disrespect/disobey their elders)

                            Life- Kindly
                            Legend- Ruthless
                            Lair- 6- Mirage, Extreme Cold, Exposed, Poor Light, Slick (the heart is the Workshop, an icy underground factory. Other areas include the arctic wastes, the snow-covered rooftops, the sled in an endless black sky and the caverns of hell the Krampus drags children too. The mirages give most of them a pleasant appearance, with hints of more sinister traits seen just the corner of one's eye)

                            Attributes- Intelligence 4, Wits 3, Resolve 3, Strength- 2, Dexterity- 5, Stamina- 3, Presence- 2, Manipulation 5, Composure 6

                            Skills- Craft 5 (toys), Occult 3, Athletics 3 (jumping, fitting in small places), Brawl 1, Investigation 3, Larceny 3, Empathy 2, Stealth 5, Expression 2 (Christmas carols), Intimidation 3 (children) , Persuasion 3 (children)

                            Merits- Anonymity 5, Contacts (changelings, of whatever area is best suited), Direction Sense, Direction sense (advanced), Direction Sense (epic), Double Jointed, Double Jointed (advanced), Patient, Striking looks Advanced (is literally Santa), Sympathetic.

                            Avatisms- Alien Allure, Eyes of Heaven, From the Shadows, Infestation (how do you think he gets down chimneys?), Mimir's wisdom, Shadowed Soul
                            Nightmares- Behold My True Form, You Are Not Alone, You Cannot Run, You Deserve This, You Must Obey, We Know All Your Secrets (Darkling Kinship)

                            Willpower- 9
                            Satiety- 4
                            Defence- 6
                            Size- 5
                            Health- 8
                            Speed- 12
                            Initiative- 11

                            (I hope I didn't make Santa too OP, I was going with him being a quite power entity)
                            (also "I hope I didn't make Santa too OP" is not a sentence I expected to type today)


                            • Anybody watched Moana here? Listening to Tamatoa's theme song "Shiny" right now, and I feel he could be a Beast. Hunger is obviously for Hoard. Family could be Makara, but he's more about being a giant monster than a sea monster, so maybe Anakim instead. The later part of the song is him using Atavisms and Nightmares.

                              MtAw Homebrew: Even more Legacies, updated to 2E


                              • Originally posted by 21C Hermit View Post
                                Anybody watched Moana here? Listening to Tamatoa's theme song "Shiny" right now, and I feel he could be a Beast. Hunger is obviously for Hoard. Family could be Makara, but he's more about being a giant monster than a sea monster, so maybe Anakim instead. The later part of the song is him using Atavisms and Nightmares.
                                His Human Form......

                                Only play the Video if you want the Song Spoiled.

                                Light and Dark are two Sides of a Coin... Humanity is What Happens when it Lands on it's Edge.