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  • Originally posted by Wormwood View Post
    Heh. I can see that.

    And now for my contribution:

    Ugallu Collector: He runs an orphanage, and runs it well. The kids grow up clever and well-socialized, most go on to careers of wealth and success, or success regardless of wealth, seeming to breeze through life with a combination of wisdom, daring and fortune rarely seen. The successes of the children that have passed his doors over the long years are nearly a miracle, especially considering that many of his children come from what the euphemistically-inclined would term 'unstable backgrounds'. Feral children, abused sons and daughters, victims of human trafficking and more have come to the orphanage and been welcomed with open arms. Not all recover entirely, but none leave worse than they arrived. And if he's a vicious, uncompromising bastard whose will belies his years to those who seek to interfere with his good works, well, how's that a bad thing?

    Of course, all of this assumes that you haven't looked at other statistics in his city - how many child abusers are found out, compared to other places. How many trafficking rings are busted. And how many of the perpetrators don't make it to prison, or if they do make it, are found dead from 'retribution' by other criminals. Because the man whose Horror is the Simurgh is a Collector whose Hunger drives him to collect children - a terrible Hunger in any other situation, he has made it the mission of his long life to turn it to better ends, and he's seen enough of the darker side of the world that, for all the love, wisdom and affection he showers his big family with, and for all the wonders of the sunlit pinnacles of his Lair where he teaches them his most secret lessons, those of Primordial Sorcery and of the mastery of the supernatural, the monster in him is as terrible as any other.


    Atavisms: Wings of the Raptor, Eye of the Heavens, Limb from Limb, Alien Allure, Mimir's Wisdom, Needs Must
    Nightmares: You Deserve This, Run Away, You Will Never Rest, Flying and Falling, They Are All Around You, You Cannot Wake Up
    Lair Traits: Maze, Blazing Light, Thin Air, Undergrowth, Exposed, Mirages


    • Anakim Tyrant: The Nemean doesn't know how old they are. They don't really care. To them, the time between fights is immaterial, a drop in an ocean. Only the moments edged by the sharp ecstasy of battle are really worth it, pleasurable as good company, good drink or good sex can be. The Nemean is pretty sure that they were male to begin with, but they learned the trick of shapeshifting at some point and have taken both male and female shapes over the years. They don't really care about the difference, save where it pertains to the fight. Muscle mass versus flexibility and dexterity. They've been a part of various Broods through out the years, but always on the periphery. They just don't care enough about their human side to really connect. They've had companions, friends and lovers who've stuck with them, revelling in the joy of conflict right next to them, and they've been of all kinds - vampire, Beast, werewolf, geist, even a human or two - but they only ever lasted so long. They achieved Incarnation a long time ago, but takes pleasure in not managing his Myth and even deliberately abandoning it on occasion so that they can prove their power by doing it all over again in another place and time.

      Most often, the first signs of the Nemean's arrival in a city is an uptick in streetfighting and fighting rings, particularly the no-holds-barred kind. Soon, stories about a blond-haired fighter will begin to circulate, a newcomer who beat all comers into the ground and walks away from every fight bruised at worst. Finally, there'll be a name attached to the fighter, and it's always - always - the Nemean. They make little effort to conceal their presence, but neither do they really try to announce it either. They've always got time for family - except before a fight - but they don't take any shit either. If someone comes to try and recruit them for a battle, they'll decide based on how good the fight looks to be, and on how much they like the asker. Appeals to morality, kindness or humanity will be met with a chuckle and a 'try again' at best.

      Horror: The Nemean's Horror is a lion the size of a pickup truck, its fur shimmering golden in the burning light of its Lair. Its teeth glint like steel in its maw and its limbs are corded with bunched muscle. Its eyes burn like the sun, their gaze heavy and piercing. When it roars, the air itself seems to shiver.

      Atavisms: Relentless Hunter, Unbreakable, Limb from Limb, Long of Limb, Ten Thousand Faces, Looming Presence, What Walks Between.


      • Long, long ago, when the best a human could hope for was a hut made with skins and wood to keep them safe from the elements, when survival largely depended on a successful hunt or finding a spot rich with berries, nuts or fish, when staying too long in one place was impossible, when spirits and stranger things still roamed the earth, people knew how to fear monsters.
        In the midst of fighting to survive this chaos, humans still found time for tribe wars - depleting their numbers was like culling themselves and ensured the survival of the tribes in times of lacking resources. And should a tribe actually win, the spoils were all the greater.
        It was in the aftermath of one such loss that a man became monster: Takar was hunter, and warrior. And more than anything else, he could not forgive what happened to his people.
        Thus he felt more than blessed when his soul became the Lord of the Woods, filled with a lush and dangerous forest and gave him strength to punish his enemies.
        Takar is an Eshmaki Nemesis- by subjugating those that nearly wiped out his people, he raised in status, and is worshipped as semi-divine by his followers, but what really matters is that in his woods, his rules are absolute - don't you dare break them, for you will never see him coming.
        Thanks to his skills as a life-long hunter and warrior, this Beast has survived for a very long time, and managed to gain a lot of power, so much so that it's territory is respected even by the People and the Wise. Nothing less to be expected of a Beast that is about to reach Incarnation through sheer power.
        Horror: The Lord of the Woods

        Lair: 10
        Atavisms: Manyskin, From the Shadows, Limb From Limb, Monster from the Deep, Relentless Hunter, Looming Presence, Needs Must
        Nightmares: Run Away, Fear is Contagious, Behold my True Form, All your Teeth are Falling Out, Bugs Everywhere, You are not alone, You deserve this, You cannot Run, You will never rest.
        Lair Traits: Undergrowth, Jagged, Swarm, Stinging, Darkness, Toxic, Slick
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        • Originally posted by Wormwood View Post
          Nice. Is he meant to have survived to the modern day or is he meant to have stayed in Sundered World?


          • Originally posted by ajf115 View Post
            Nice. Is he meant to have survived to the modern day or is he meant to have stayed in Sundered World?
            Both work, and I really like the idea of that Incarnate still being around in some large Eastern European forest, e.g. the Virgin Komi Forests. Definitly an absolute end-tier kind of guy back then, would be more plot device than anything by now.

            On the other hand, such a being getting swept up and locked away with the Border Marches despite all its might sounds somehow saddingly appropriate. So I'd go with stayed in Sundered World.


            • sorry for doublepost, but due to the difference in time, I felt justified in bumping this thread up a bit again.

              Being a Hunter is tough even in the best of times. To keep up with this lifestyle, one needs determination, devotion, and support. Damian Veidt had it all: the day a Vampire killed his mom before his eyes changed everything, and he swore to find that ugly beast and have it pay. All leads turned up nothing, however. So he went to serve in the army, and although he failed becoming a Seal (close call, though), he acquired the skills he was looking for. Once he was back, he started working with a private detective, and started looking out for signs of the supernatural. He learned that, once you really started looking, you could find hints everywhere. The hunt was on, and soon, he wasn't alone: his cell was top-notch, made up from good friends from the Days Before he convinced with evidence, people he's saved, and other Hunters that figured there was safety in numbers. All of them specialists with connections: a former Seal and currently Bodyguard, a cop, a journalist, a hunter, a lawyer and a pharmacist with an eye for the occult. They did good work. Sure, people left, and there were victims, but they all knew what they were doing it for: kill monsters, keep people save.

              Thus it was a nightmare on several levels when Damian was devoured. He'd become that which he hated most. His world came crushing down. What was he supposed to do, now that his soul was some sort of birds?
              He tried to hide it for a while. Ignored it, hoping that like a bad cold, it'd go away.
              It didn't.
              A Hero soon came after him, and was killed by his team in the subsequent firefight. Once he realized how much his Cell suffered under the Nightmares he inflicted upon them, and what dangers he invited upon them, he broke down, and told them the truth.
              He asked them to do what they always do: "put the monster down". Surprisingly, they couldn't just do that.
              So they looked for another way. A remedy, an alternative, anything.
              And they found something. Becoming a monster was a blessing in duisguise, for it turns out, if you feed on fear, the fear of a Vampire is just as good as that of a human being. And being able to spot the creatures hiding in our midst is quite handy when you try to flush them out.
              Instead of going after them one by one, Damian identified several vampires, they set up surveillance, then he infiltrated their society in the lower ranks, and after gaining some more intel, they attacked once, hard, killing large groups of them at once. In another town, they went exclusively after high-profile targets.
              Their masterpiece: even a prince has trouble surviving a collapsing building while under attack by both prepared hunters and a Beast during the day, while a police taskforce handled the ghouls and blood dolls.
              Now, the Cell has proven a substantial danger to the supernatural society in their area, and while looking to exterminate all that is supernatural in their home town, decided they needed to move locations for a while. And once they are done here? Move on to the next area!
              The only trouble? Damian feels the pull of Family towards these creatures, and infiltrating them and getting to know them better doesn't make things easier, especially when he gets to know their plights and the parallels to his situation and theirs. His team constantly needs to make sure he doesn't "fall off the deep end". On the other hand, the Cell has problems cooperating with other Cells due to having to keep Damian's abilities or his existence a secret, or be considered a Cancer Cell. This is mostly due to their willingness to be inflicted with a Nightmare like Flying and Falling or You are not Alone to increase their performance at crucial moments (e.g. research, a quick hit'n'run, preparing a site, eradicating clues etc.) despite the costs.
              How long will this last before it goes up in flames, because it will go up in flames for sure?

              Name: Damian Veidt
              Family: Ugallu
              Hunger: Prey
              Horror: Flock of nightmarish Shadow-Crows
              Lair: A dense, surreal seeming forest with gigantically tall trees, whose tops are filled with yellow-greenish eyes with blackish shapes for bodies watching from above, occassionally swooping down to attack.
              Atavisms: Storm-Lashed, Infestation, Needs Must, Eye of Heaven, From the Shadows, Limb from Limb, Terror's Friend
              Nightmares: You Cannot Run, Fear is Contagious, Bugs Everyhwere (refluffed to Bird Attack!), Flying and Falling, You are not Alone
              Lair Traits: Exposed, Mirages, Razored, Poor Light (Next up would be Undergrowth, Stench and Thunderous)
              Merits: Anonymity 4, Danger Sense (Advanced), Good Time Management, Patient, Hunger Management 3, Killer Instinct 3, Trained Observer 3
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              • Originally posted by Nyrufa View Post

                What the fuck was I thinking!?


                • Originally posted by Nyrufa View Post

                  What the fuck was I thinking!?
                  I assume Freudian Theory for a typical male nightmare, a dislike for Big Game Hunters, a need for a horrible antagonist and some amounts of alcohol may have played a role.


                  • Originally posted by Wormwood View Post
                    ...a dislike for Big Game Hunters...
                    This might be off-topic slightly, and I'm sure someone else has come up with it before, but does anyone else think a "Great White Hunter" would make a fantastic character concept for a Hero?


                    • Originally posted by Gellydog View Post

                      This might be off-topic slightly, and I'm sure someone else has come up with it before, but does anyone else think a "Great White Hunter" would make a fantastic character concept for a Hero?

                      Check out Cinder's Belgian Congo Dark Era. She's a bit more sympathetic, but one of the Heroes is kinda like that.

                      A god is just a monster you kneel to. - ArcaneArts, Quoting "Fall of Gods"


                      • He's a Biker - one of those who just Drive place to place. He is genuinly nice, and helpful. People often say he is a Kind soul.
                        However, what many dont realize is that he also maims people - criminals, Child abductors, drug dealers. Only those who break the rules of society for their own gain and pleasure - he would never touch a murderer who was out for vengeance, or a bankrobber who was ruined by said bank.
                        Only the Guilty blood pleases the hellhound.
                        Eshmaki Predator, with limb from limb, relentless hunter, shadowed soul, and death of light.
                        Lair is a freezing hell, with extreme cold, poor light, jagged and unstable - a perfect hunting ground.
                        Nightmares are you deserve this, all your teeth are falling out and there is not enough water (or something like that).
                        (Will come back to flesh this out some.more)


                        • A cold ‘ice queen’’ survivalist from a cold place with Amarok as there horror and storm lord kin
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                          • Does anyone think that various mutants from the X-Men franchise would make for good Inguma Horrors? I mean, Mystique is the obvious one, but Magneto's 'rise up against you' schtick could work, as could an interpretation of Wolverine. Limb From Limb and Relentless Hunter, anyone?


                            • Wrote something for a character I'm making. Whaddya think?

                              Typhos has lived many lives. Literally. The Eshmaki claims to be a reincarnated Beast from bygone eras. Always of Greco-Roman descent. Always an orphan. And always, he awakens from his Devouring atop a stone altar, surrounded by butchered cultists. Some say he’s lying. Others think he’s mad. Of the two, the latter is beyond certain. A sado-masochist, he makes a game of hunting others, especially Vampires. Even when they bash his skull in, he laughs with giddy delight and exaggerated panache, eyes wild as he screams maniacally and with raw abandon. He never cries. He never snarls. He smiles, grins, cackles, or on rare occasions falls silent, his face like a cipher. But he never gets angry, no, he only gets excited.

                              Of kinship, it is said he has called at least one Strix ‘uncle’, and if so, he is no friend of the Ventrue. Among fellow Begotten, some call him a heretic, the name ‘Typhos’ a reference to the Father of Monsters from Greek mythology. That anyone should claim to be the Dark Mother’s mate—reincarnated or otherwise—is in poor taste at best. Other Beasts, meanwhile, see him as an eccentric black sheep (re: lunatic), and await the inevitable news of his being slain by Heroes.

                              Wherever he goes, whenever he goes, chaos is sure to follow behind the scenes. Yet little does he know of the Hunter watching him from afar, an agent of the Lucifuge named Rebecca Adams.

                              "Behold, the rhapsody of OBLIVION!!
                              "The innocent are boring. Why hunt them when the nightmares of the damned are so much more rewarding?"
                              "Hopes... dreams... where do they come from... where do they go?"

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                              nWoD Warhammer Fantasy RPG,
                              WoD Wraith: The Oblivion
                              and Infernum-style Demon: The Descent, Shadows of Abaddon -->,26.0.html


                              • I love him, great character!