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  • Originally posted by Konradleijon View Post
    I love him, great character!
    Thanks! He's based off a short story I wrote for a friend a long time ago. ^^

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    • I was doing some spring cleaning of my PC and found a write-up of a NPC I mentioned here. It's been a while since I wrote her and I'm not so sure if she's good after all this time, but I might as well share it by now.

      She plays with the "genetic horror" tropes, half Parasite Eve, half AC's genetic memory, via Beast setting. Her Nightmare is a riff on Lovecraftian paranoia, hopefully removed enough from unfortunate implications and more focused on "there's something wrong with your family heritage and its suddenly showing". But yes, it's pretty much meant to cause the target to go all "Rats in the Walls" on those around them and the Nightmare's description is styled along those lines (with a bit of purple prose for that very reason). She's not a nice character, but can be used as NPC of dubious allegiance with ease.

      - Anita Rizzo

      Anita Rizzo, a Makara Collector, works as biologist in a renowned laboratory. She prefers to work alone and it's not the sort of person that socializes with the colleagues, but no one can deny that the few results she decides to share are often ground-breaking. What they don’t know is that Anita hoards vials of blood of people she find interesting or peculiar, no regards of their consent. Sometimes she obtains it by inviting people to her lab and even paying for a donation, but she has assaulted people before, taking them by surprise and running away after obtaining a vial of blood. She is especially fond of the blood of other monster and people exposed to the supernatural, but Anita's reasons go beyond her Hunger. By analyzing their blood, the one of those touched by the Primordial Dream more than the others, the brilliant Begotten scientist is trying to discover a trace of the Dark Mother hidden inside it, hoping to find some sort of revelation that will lead her to the Mitochondrial Eve of Fear. While nobody has succeeded in a similar feat before, that does not stop Anita from trying.

      Anita is a young woman in her thirties, tall and slim to the point of being gaunt. While working, Anita is attentive and precise, methodically following her own strict rules and writing down everything. Her dedication to order and efficiency is reflected by her appearance, which is always sterilely impeccable. Other scientist are somewhat intimidated by Anita, which on her part avoids to talk with them unless necessary. When that happens, Anita actually is calm and well-mannered, but one can tell she’d rather be elsewhere. Even with the several vampires she has a Kinship with, Anita is cold and detached, fearing that any distraction or not professional involvement might become a setback for her research.

      Anita's Lair is an ocean made of blood, eerily clear enough to see perfectly through the “water”. There's no surface in sight and whatever hidden sun shines its light in the ocean, it cannot be seen. The blood distorts everything, covering all in a reddish ting. Once deep enough, the skeletons of titanical beasts begin to appear. Floating inside the gore the deeper ones, the more numerous and bigger they become. Those attentive enough might even manage hear a distant beat, like a heart calling from the abyss. By following it, it eventually leads to a seafloor made of bone. Inside its chasms, the Heart of the Lair, both literally and figuratively, is waiting.

      Her Horror is to classical sirens what fish living close to the surface are to the creatures from the lightless abyss. Slender, vicious, the hairless monstrosity is covered in cartilage protrusions and its visage has nothing in common with a human face. No mouth, no nose, no humanity: just a pair of wide, soulless milky eyes. It usually feed with the lamprey mouths located on her four clawed hands or by piercing the body of her victims with the retractable bone proboscis she can grow from her arm, draining the blood avidly.

      Legend: Ravenous. Anita hides it well, but when she wants something she’ll do everything to obtain it no matter what. At first she might try to find a peaceful and reasonable compromise but, if that does not work, Anita will lie, deceive and even harm those who won’t let her have her way
      Life: Meticulous. All aspects of Anita’s wife are perfectly organized and she prepares every move accurately. She can’t stand elements of disturbance and she quickly sets straight all that does not fit her plans.
      Family: Makara
      Hunger: Hoard
      Horror: Vampiric Siren
      Mental Attributes: Intelligence 6, Wits 3, Resolve 4
      Physical Attributes: Strength 2, Dexterity 3, Stamina 3
      Social Attributes: Presence 2, Manipulation 2, Composure 4
      Mental Skills: Academics 4 (Genealogy), Computer 3, Craft 2, Investigation 4 (Lab Work), Medicine 5, Occult 3 (Supernatural Lineages), Science 5 (Hematology)
      Physical Skills:Athletics 1, Brawl 2, Larceny 3 (Breaking In), Stealth 3 (Assault), Weaponry 2
      Social Skills: Animal Ken 1, Expression 1, Intimidation 2, Persuasion 1, Streetwise 1, Subterfuge 3
      Merits: Area of Expertise (Hematology), Common Sense, Contacts (Local Vampires), Double Jointed, Double Jointed (Advanced), Eidetic Memory, Encyclopedic Knowledge (Science), Epic Potential (Intelligence), Fast Reflexes 1, Good Time Management, Killer Instinct 2, Library 3 (Science), Resources 3, Status 3 (Scientific Community), Trained Observer
      Atavisms:From The Shadows, Heart Of The Ocean, Limb From Limb, Relentless Hunter, Siren’s Treacherous Song
      Nightmares: All Your Teeth Are Falling Out, Fear Is Contagious, You Are Alone, You Cannot Run, You Are Infected, It’s In Your Blood (see below) Willpower:7
      Lair: 4 (Currents, Poor Light, Suffocating, Rotting)
      Speed: 10
      Health: 9

      New Nightmare: It's In Your Blood

      There's nothing you can do to fight it. The abominable seeds planted generations ago are about to bloom. All the weaknesses and deviances of your ancestors are hiding in your own blood and calling for you. You're doomed to suffer their same fate as your own body and mind betray you. Soon everyone will be able see it”

      Dice Pool: Intelligence + Satiety vs. Resolve + Supernatural Tolerance

      Normal: the victim gain the Paranoid Condition. She becomes convinced that there's some horrible secret or perversion that plagues her family which has tainted her very own genes. All those who can expose it or that are in the process of learning more about the past of her family and its members are seen as a threat.

      High Satiety: the victim gains the Broken Condition.

      Satiety Expenditure: the victims enter a state of fugue. She attempts to flee the area and will violently attack anybody that tries to stop her even in the slightest. If that happens, she won't stop until her target is dead, at which point she regains her sense of self and won't remember much of the events, aside from a nightmarish recollection that has nothing to do with what really happened

      Exceptional Success: For the duration of the Nightmare, the victim suffers a -2 penalty on breaking point rolls
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      • I see Lovecraftian Beasts, I upvote!
        Very nicely done, plus I like the Nightmare a lot - be sure to share it in the Homebrew Nightmares thread!


        • Originally posted by Wormwood View Post
          I see Lovecraftian Beasts, I upvote!
          Very nicely done, plus I like the Nightmare a lot - be sure to share it in the Homebrew Nightmares thread!
          I remember seeing it there before sometime, but that might have just been the concept.


          • Originally posted by ajf115 View Post

            I remember seeing it there before sometime, but that might have just been the concept.
            No, you're right, I did post the Nightmare there some time ago. Reposted it here since it was thanks to her that I made it in the first place and the two are pretty much pieces that come in the same package, at least in my mind

            Cinder's Comprehensive Collection of Creations - Homebrew Hub

            I write about Beast: The Primordial a lot