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  • The Seven Deadly Sins (Brood) (no relation to the anime)

    A rather large Brood whose members involve the seven deadly sins in some way, shape or form when feeding.

    David Nguyen (Inguma Tempter) - Wrath
    Due to being of mixed heritage, David had trouble fitting in - he was always the 'Vietnamese Friend' with his African-American friends and family, and faced a similar exclusion on the other side. When meeting Caucasians, they usually all asked the same question: "You're mixed, right?" The message he received was always the same: you're odd, you're not like us, you're not really one of us.
    They didn't mean anything by it other than maybe assigning a simple descriptor to him, but in effect, he was always the odd one out. Still, David felt blessed most of the time, because he got to take part in three different cultures and pick the things he liked from them (which may have added to his standing out). He couldn't change it, so he owned it, and the downsides were practically not worth mentioning. In fact, he started to take pride in it.
    At first.
    Then it got worse when they moved due to his dad's work, and ended up in a neighboorhood with tons of racial tension. The reasons were the same you'd find in almost any other place: lack of jobs due to influx of new immigrants with a single culture, friendships gone awry, gang friction etc. etc.
    And for David, it was the worst, because he couldn't fit in. He was always and outsider, and that meant, he was easy pickings for any group that needed to vent their frustrations on someone. He was always 'the other' to someone. Soon, he came to believe that everyone was racist, up to a certain degree.
    Those three years were hell, but his nightmares got even worse, to the point that at the end he'd rather be awake and suffer through the days than go to bed.
    Later, he said he didn't remember all that much, but a focus was the loss of himself - he started to look differently, to feel differently, then starting losing all his traits altogether, until nothing but a human of vague descent was left.
    Then, he was Devoured.
    As a Begotten, David quickly found his niche: enticing people to act violently against someone else (might even be himself), and have them face the fallout.
    He never uses his Nightmares directly on his Victim, but rather uses it on people around them to give them hell, bring them slowly to a boil, then give them the final incentive to explode.
    He might just take on a specific group of people's appearances instead and repeatedly use them to cause the Victim trouble (e.g. the Polish workers in the appartments one floor above the target's appartment; repeatedly scratch his car, bump into him, curse him out, outright threaten him etc. to get him to behave racist against his likely surprised neighbours who're certainly going to be shocked at this rampant racism and not going to take what look like unprovoked attacks for long.
    The racist spin is just for his personal satisfaction and has nothing to do with a lesson (he deliberately doesn't teach one).

    Life: Cautious
    Legend: Judgemental
    Atavisms: Enemy Within, Shadow Stalker, Basilisk's Touch.
    Nightmares: Your Rage Consumes You, Everyone Hates You, Fear is Contagious, They Don't Love You
    Horror: The Other - a humanoid that appears just slightly off but is hard to qualify: is that skin reddish, bronze, green, dark or pale? Are those Asian/Caucasian/African features? Is that hair straight or curled? Red, blond, brunette, black? Depends on the light and angle. The only thing that never changes is his lack of a shadow.
    Lair: A bus stop late at night, with a single light and a sitting bench.
    Lair Traits: Exposed, Poor Light, Slick.


    • The Seven Deadly Sins (Brood)
      Jean Fehrwright ([Ugallue] Collector) - Greed

      The man known to his friends as Jean Fehrwright is a compulsive liar, thief and impostor, and he is very, very good at it, quite possibly the best grifter around, in fact.
      Good enough to have robbed smart, rich people blind to enable a modest (read: utterly ridiculously luxurious) life long before his Devouring.
      Having been an extremely talented and actually already accomplished thief at an age where other people struggled with tying shoe laces or getting away with not doing their homework, it was only to be expected that he would lead a less than honest life.
      The Devouring introduced new dangers to his life - a Hunger for capers in absolutely unreasonable timespans, the danger of Heroes, a whole new world of dangerous beings capable of squashing him as easily as a fly- yet none of those came even close to his greatest shortcoming: he was brilliant, and he knew it. Instead of doing the smart and prudent thing and pulling of reliable heists and cons, he needs to show off: letting his target know about him robbing them without actually putting them off, going for the richest and most powerful, targeting the most secured treasures or any combination thereof - the only reason he didn't make the seat of Pride is the fact that Sarah's pride exceeds even his.

      Jean is pretty vague about his past, more due to nonchalance than any concept of guarding secrets.
      Despite a rather extensive education which allows him to slip into any number roles of any sort at the drop of a hat, even he cannot do everything on his lonesome, which is part of the reason he joined the Seven Deadly Sins. The other, much more pressing reason is the fact that a rather powerful Cabal has it out for him after a humiliating battle which cost most of Jean's friends their lives.

      Jean prefers to do things in a 'cultivated manner', which leaves him about as good a fighter as the next best street rat with a nimble body and a knife. He can stealth, charm locks, perform card tricks and make things dis- or reappear with the best of them. However, he really shines when he can make use of his silver tongue to talk people into actions that are quite against their best interest.

      Having said all that, it might come as a surprise that Jean is his Brood's Obcasus Initiate, and a surprisingly devout follower of the Dark Mother's will.
      Never judge a book by it's many covers.

      RP: Jean Feeds often and heavily enough to try to stay in High Satiety. At some level, only really powerful opponents and valuable goods qualify - ideally, he punches way above his actual weight class and comes out (mostly) unscathed. Tricking a coterie of Lancea Kindred into handing him the valuable relic for 'safeguarding' from the 'devious Ordo' (which he riled up into actually looking for it), making Changelings swear an Oath for getting them out of trouble (which he actually got them into in the first place), or just plain try and rob a Cabal of Mammon Seers blind.
      He is stubborn and believes himself to be quite capable of taking on almost anything, definitly being the smartest guy in the room.

      Life: Arrogance
      Legend: Relentless
      Core Atavisms: Alien Allure, Relentless Hunter, Weakness Exposed
      Other possible Atavisms:
      • Needs Must (helps with finding insane Caper targets),
      • Mimir's Wisdom (gives more wriggle room to focus on social skills, helps feigning knowledge when taking on fake identities),
      • Illusion of Safety (makes scouting out a place and getting in - and out!- a lot easier),
      • Alien Mindset (constantly shifting mind and identity? such a nice fit!)
      • Wings of the Raptor (increases mobility options, helps getting into and out of places)
      Core Nightmares: The Walls have Eyes, This is due tomorrow, You were never right, Family is forever, You should fade away .
      Other possible Nightmares:
      • They put something in your food
      • They walk among us
      • You will be first against the wall
      • Everything you do is worthless & Fear is Contagious (highly effective in reducing combat efficiency of a whole group of enemies at High Satiety)
      Horror: [Work in Progress]
      Lair: an underground cave filled with gold - and traps
      Lair Traits: Hoard, Bottomless, Slick

      Did I take a lot of inspiration from The Lies of Locke Lamorra? Yes, yes I did.


      • The Beast of a Billion Songs
        It is one of the oldest Incarnate Anakim alive, of similar age to the Congo's Mokole-mbembe. It is at least 200 years old, and during that immense stretch of time it has become a thing of transcendent terror.

        It's Horror is a towering, beautiful androgynous winged figure, with feathers that are patterned as swirling colors and eyes that shine with bewitching light. When it takes to the skies the Hive of [Fill-in-the-Blank] shakes, and Horrorspawn are sent scuttling for cover.

        It's strength is vast, and it teaches its lesson well: Prepare for the storm, or be swept away. It finds communities that have suffered little, and it's brings its enormous power to bear. Natural disasters, earthquakes, tornados---it all comes out of nowhere, and wreckage and lost lives litter it's wake.

        Family: Anakim.
        Hunger: Ruin.
        Inheritance: Incarnate.
        Horror: A gigantic bird that caries storms on its back.
        Lair: 10.
        Laor Descriptoon: A hellish ruined cities, on fire with ashes falling from the sky and the ground perpetually ready to give way to a calamitous fall.


        • The Toxic Avenger

          Jody had always been fascinated by poisons, pollution and contamination, even before she found her Horror. Humans and the things that feed off them are part of the same ecosystem as the birds and the bees, after all, and she enjoys teaching that Lesson with object demonstrations: her Lair is full of noxious fumes and caustic sludge that demonstrate the consequences of unchecked environmental degradation. Her day job with the state DNR provides her with ample opportunities to feed, as she uncovers one corporate polluter after another who need the fear of Mother Nature put into them. She's also forged good relations with several Uratha, who have taught her about the spiritual consequences of ecological damage and vice-versa.

          Recently, however, she's started exploring a very different kind of Kinship. While doing a survey of a landfill tainted with radioactive barium, she stumbled upon a miserable young Zeka who was rapidly festering a Wasteland. They had been abandoned by their genitor and had no idea how to manage their nuclear Azoth; while Jody knew nothing of the Created, she was fascinated by the way the Zeka's presence twisted the landscape. She helped this toxic stranger get to safety, and her curiosity and lack of Disquiet immediately endeared her to them.

          These days, the Zeka - now going by the name Westlake - has their own Chamber in Jody's Lair, a safe place to retreat from a hostile and fragile world. Jody has added a new Lair Trait, Irradiated, and is working on a special nuclear Nightmare. It's not exactly a match made in heaven, though; Westlake's volatile humor and shifting Roles are hard for Jody to handle, and she's openly and increasingly skeptical of this whole "Pilgrimage" idea. It seems like only a matter of time before the two of them come to an impasse - either Jody will finally tire of her friend's incomprehensible quest, or Westlake's explosive Torment will finally go off at the worst possible time.

          But for now, they're faced with a more immediate problem: the Irradiated Trait has started spreading through the local Hive, and the Apex is very interested in hunting down the source before it attracts too much mortal attention - or starts to sicken unprotected Begotten in their own Lairs.

          Jody, the Toxic Avenger
          Family: Namtaru
          Hunger: Punishment
          Legend: Righteous
          Life: Curious
          Horror: A walking corpse covered in lesions, tumors, and burns.
          Lair: 6
          Lair Traits: Slick, Stinging, Noxious Gases, Toxic, Irradiated
          Atavisms: Basilisk's Touch, Vengeful Earth, Relentless Hunter, Shadowed Soul, Skin Deep
          Nightmares: All Your Teeth Are Falling Out, You Deserve This, Your Rage Consumes You (Werewolf kinship), You Are Tainted (Zeka kinship)

          Irradiated (Major Lair Trait): The Lair is a radiological hazard with Intensity 2, and has a chance to apply the Contaminated Tilt (Night Horrors: The Tormented, p. 137-138). The sky may be hazy with fallout, or vivid blue flashes of Cherenkov radiation may flicker in the distance. Dead or dying animals, strangely stunted plants, or mutated insects may also be visible. Characters with no special resistance to radiation will start taking 1B per day after [Stamina] days, which they cannot heal without leaving the Irradiated area or resolving the Contaminated Tilt.

          Imposing the Irradiated Lair Trait, or opening a Primordial Pathway to an Irradiated Lair, leaves behind radiological residue at Intensity 1 for [Lair] weeks, due to induced radioactivity. This residue causes 1B every week after [Stamina] weeks, which cannot heal until the victim leaves the area or the residue finally decays.

          You Are Tainted: The victim is seized by the unshakable conviction that they are somehow tainted, toxic or corrupted, and everything they do only spreads the taint further. Everything they touch will be marred, and everyone around them is in danger due to their presence. For the duration of the Nightmare, the victim suffers the Agoraphobic Condition.

          High Satiety: The victim also gains a -2 penalty to Social rolls due to their feelings of self-loathing.

          Satiety Expenditure: the victim feels compelled to purge themselves of the imagined taint. They drop everything to bathe, clean their immediate surroundings or rid themselves of "contaminated" objects (food, clothing, furniture, etc). They must spend a Willpower to do anything other than clean for the duration of the Nightmare. On an exceptional success, Jody can suggest the taint originates from a particular place or object, which will make it the focus of the victim's cleaning efforts - or possibly motivate them to destroy it.

          Westlake, codependent Created
          Lineage: Zeka
          Refinement: Mercurius
          Elpis: Love
          Torment: Paranoia
          Azoth: 3
          Pilgrimage: 4
          Bestowment: Victim Shadow
          Transmutations: The Tsar's Gift, Sanctus Aspiratus (Vulcanus), Stone, Elixer (Alchemicus), Externalize (Disquietism - Fixed), Anonymity (Deception - Fixed)

          Westlake knows they've gotten farther on the Pilgrimage than most of their kind thanks for Jody's help, and it's not that they're ungrateful. They were happy to help her feed while they mastered roles like Vigilante, Follower, and Daredevil. But Jody just doesn't understand why Westlake keeps changing Refinements, much less why they want to become human, and her criticism and impatience is getting hard to bear. Westlake knows it's time to go, for both their sakes, but they're worried about how long they'll be able to stay on the Pilgrimage without the safety of Jody's Lair to fall back on - and that Jody might turn her Lesson on them when they inevitably spawn another Wasteland.


          • Not sure how to go about it, outside of two powers. However, Kirby has terrifying potential as one of the Beghotten.