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    And, of course, for those very raw Predators/Ravagers: Fever Ray - The Wolf
    Kinda makes me think of a Forsaken pack-friendly Anakim Predator with a huge loup garou for a Horror.

    Also, this.
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      To Mega Therion - Therion

      2 Hours of Dark Music - Adrian Von Zielger

      1 Hour Dark Piano for Dark Thoughts


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        Raven in the Storm is good for almost any monster, but an especially nice fit for Beast, I think.


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          Animal - Definitely a Predator or Tyrant in their lair toying with a victim.

          Novocaine - Mostly for the lines "In the truly gruesome do we trust," and "I am your worst nightmare." A Beast's rallying cry for his Brood.


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            I tend to listen to Andrew Stein's "Witch Hunt" and "Purple" whenever I'm in a Beast Mood. The former could easily be of a Hero whipping up a crowd into a frenzy, while the latter brings to mind a villainous Beast, feeling guilt over the fear he's striking into people, but has accepted his fate and played along.

            Also, Beauty and the Beast songs are probably beating a dead horse at this point, but I found this cover of the Mob Song to be fitting for a Beast game. >__>


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              SO EDGY, and yet I can't deny it works damn well as a case sound for the sheer force of entropy that Beasts can be.

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