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  • A New Lair Trait

    Wondrous (Major Trait)

    Despite the danger and horror (and Horror), a Beast's Lair might contain breathtaking vistas, dazzling coral reefs, endless banquets of fine food and drink, or any other wonder only available in the realm of dreams. Define what exactly is Wondrous about your Lair; anyone who experiences the wonder must make a Resolve + Composure roll (with a cumulative -1 penalty for every time the wonder is experienced, or per hour spent indulging, depending on the exact form the wonder takes; those with an appropriate Vice, Aspiration, Obsession, Guilty Pleasure, or the like take an additional -2) or gain the Addicted Condition. Those afflicted can't take their minds off the Lair, they dream of its pleasures every night, the mundane world seems pale and thin in comparison. The Beast can always use the promise of returning the Addicted individual to his Lair as leverage in Social Maneuvering.

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    I like it. It fits the Siren theme.

    I stand with the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe against the North Dakota Access Pipeline
    Please sign the petition:


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      Or the dragon's hoard of glittering gold and gems.


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        Or the witch from Hanzel and Grettle who's home is literally made of food.

        Keep in mind they were starving and lost in the woods.


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          Thumbs up!