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  • Know no Fear oo or ooo

    Either through instinct, training or experience, this Hero knows how to fight Beasts while avoiding to fall prey to their Nightmare abilities. By taking a -2 to fighting actions, they manage to reflexively avoid eye contact, while being still able to predict attacks and strike on their own. Beasts who are not aware of this, e.g. because the Hero wears sunglasses inside like a douche, will simply waste their time and energy while the Hero has the suprise advantage. With three dots, there is no penalty to fighting actions.
    There are rumours of a scattering of Hunters learning this, too, though the skill is much rarer among them.

    Drawback: This instinct cannot be turned off - their behaviour comes off as strange to others, which is why they often develop a cover story for why they do not hold eye contact. All social actions are penalized by -2 (-1 with a good enough cover story).