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    Is it bad that the first thing I thought of was Garth Marenghi?

    What would his Horror be, space broccoli? A giant wasp? A the neck? An angry Scotsman?
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      @ajf115 milo v3 thanks^^ Mouth of Madness was actually one of the inspirations for coming up with the character (was meant to be a PC first, but I like it better as a plot hook)!
      Geckopirateship I have to admit I hadn't heard of Garth Marenghi up till now, but that would be another way to go, of course xD

      There were many construction sites in the City recently, the whole landscape changed. Nobody really paid too much attention to it. However, ever since the new mall And museum Were opened, Something Disturbing has happened: Unchained Register as kin! The Demons feel the god machine's chokehold tightening, while the city ' s Beasts contemplate what family means if it can be toyed with like that. Neither is happy with the new Status quo, and both keep distrusting each other while trying to undo what happened - or do they?

      A beast has fine missing. Since your brood had friendly ties, they Start searching, only to be shocked when finding him. That he is completely catatonic isn't even the worst: he doesnt Register as a beast anymore. There is no familiar Horror, just emptiness. Then, another beast on the same state appears. Feeling more threatened by this than simple death, you Wade through the up-starting rumours to find the culprit, and deal with them Accordingly. Your Main leads: some willworkers are good with souls. Maybe one of them has managed to apply their craft to the Horror, too? Why would he Hunt down Beasts like that?
      Alternatively, word has it that there is a new beast in town. They call him Kin-slayer, Devourer. Supposedly, he was a hero who got devoured, or simply really insane. Some say his Horror is different, from so deep that it does not belong to any one family with a very special hunger. Whatever the reason, he Hunt Beasts to devour their horror, leaving an empty Sack of meat behind.
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        Idea for Fiction Material: A homecoming story involving two best friends who are tragically placed on opposite sides of a war when one of them turns out to be a Beast and the other is a Hero. Just as the young Hero is realizing the truth about monsters, he gets injured in a car accident and his hospitalized. While he's in a coma, his friend begins to realize his own nature and is approaching the time of his transformation. He even comes into contact with a Brood who seem happy to accept him into their fold. While he's coming to grips with the situation, his friend awakens to find they've spontaneously manifested psychic abilities and have begun to heal from their wounds in record time. Perceiving themselves as a super hero, they set out to bring down the monsters of the city, starting with the son of a bitch who hit him with a car!

        Unfortunately, the driver of said car is none other than a member of his friend's potential new Brood, and during the initial attack, the two friends reunite on bad terms. The young Hero is shocked to find their friend in the company of monsters and even more shocked to hear them trying to stop him from delivering justice! He realizes that his friend is one of them and turns his powers on him in outraged.

        The fight concludes with the accidental death (or perceived death?) of the Hero, despite the young Beast's attempt to save his life. Despondent over being unable to save their childhood companion, the Beast confronts their Horror later that night and accepts their offer to take away their pain. That night, they become a true Beast, joining the very Brood responsible for their friend's descent into madness.

        Side Note: Although they're pretty sure they watched him fall onto a piece of rebar and get impaled, the Hero's body mysteriously vanishes. They would go on to become a recurring threat in future stories, as their powers continue to refine themselves over the years.
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