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    Originally posted by Taidragon View Post
    57: There are rumors among the Children that there is someone wandering the local dreamscape, poking their nose into where it shouldn't be. Problem is, while she's not a Beast, she's using any Nightmares and Atavisms used against her alongside her own substantial bag of tricks, and actually catching her is proving difficult as a result.

    When she's finally pinned down, she explains she's intrigued by what Beasts have at their disposal, and offers her services in exchange for a partnership. Whether she gets declined or not, she terrifies the terrors by unveiling her true form and gives them her name: Miss Universe.
    Is this a reference to something?

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      Originally posted by Master Aquatosic View Post

      Is this a reference to something?
      Not particularly; the idea originates from a character idea of mine, a Demon Integrator who wants to become a new God-Machine effectively, and she believes that doing so requires her to catelogue all supernatural powers...and use them via Show Of Power. Her name Miss Universe is...decidedly literal. Demons also tend to freak Beasts out due to not being a normal supernatural entity, hence the "terrifying the terrors" being.

      However, I didn't explicitely name her as an Unchained because I feel the idea has enough wiggle room for any number of other beings to be used.


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        58) Ahh, Real Monsters: The local Apex has decided to open an academy that caters exclusively to the Begotten somewhere within the Hive. Most of the students are fresh from their devouring and have little experience with what it means to be a literal monster. The academy is here to help provide them with a formal education on such matters and grades them based on their scare tactics, as well as the difficulty of the prey they choose to go after.

        As new Beasts themselves, the players have found themselves inducted into the academy. Unfortunately, they quickly find out that no matter where you go, school is still school...


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          (inspired by the CtL 2nd KS)

          59) The local freehold contacts the brood with a request. One (or more) of their members disappeared through the Gate of Horn, and can't be found anywhere in the Hedge. They suspect the missing changeling may have stumbled into a nightmare thus crossed into the Primordial Dream. They're willing to reward you handsomely if you can find their missing person--perhaps they're a high-ranking member of the Court that's due to come into power soon. But you'll need to find an expert oneiromancer who doesn't want to be found, and persuade them that, out of all the Horrors that roam the Dream, you are the ones they trust.


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            60) ‚ÄčA Demon somehow becomes the Apex. Normally, this wouldn't be a problem, but this time its wrecking havoc with the entire Hive. Gears smash their way through chambers, Horrors feel on edge, and angels try to invade every single Lair. The Brood needs to either dethrone the Apex, who may not even realize what is happening or find a way to but these extreme effects to an end. Good luck finding the Demon though.
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              61. The most senior Initiate of your Hive calls for a Night of Revels, and your brood takes part in the rite. But the person you see in your vision -- the one who has gravely wronged the Dark Mother and must be ruined utterly -- is a person you know, perhaps a mortal relative or your Kin, who doesn't seem capable of such an offense. Did something go wrong with the rite, or does your loved one have a double life you aren't privy to? Can they possible atone for their crimes against your Mother in a less ruinous way? Should you go along with the demands of the rite -- which is, after all, your Mother's will -- or try to protect your person? Can you protect them, when the entire Hive (and no small number of their Kin) are coming for you?

              62. When conflict between two broods started to escalate, an elder Beast intervened with a suggestion: instead of fighting each other directly, the broods should each create some Horrorspawn and have them fight each other as proxies, in a contained/controlled environment (such as an unclaimed Chamber). The result is something like a much bloodier version of Pokemon, and long after the original dispute was settled, it's become traditional in the Hive to have these Horrorspawn battles, as much for the entertainment value as to resolve conflict.

              The player brood has just been challenged to such a battle. Horrorspawn, I choose you!