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  • 104) Ancient stories of a truly Mighty Incarnate Beast*, their powerful Hero Arch-Nemesis* the enmity between them and the final duel that resulted in the both of them seemingly dying, have circulated throughout the region for close on a millennium. Now, however, signs have started to crop up, hinting that the Incarnate isn't quite dead (and maybe never has been). Eventually, Members of the Incarnate's Begotten following approach the Brood, asking for aid in ensuring their 'Master's' return. Do the players give their aid to the effort, decline the request or even attempt to sabotage the whole thing?

    *Both of whom are essentially 'Maxed Out' in terms of their character sheets; having every possible 'boon' (including powers and merits both 'Canon', Fan-Made and Homebrew) and maximized their Attributes and Skills.

    Admittedly not my best, but its twenty past midnight here, so I think that'll justify the lack of quality enough.
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    • This was inspired by an image on post #321 on the 22 page of the Inspirational Images For Beast thread.

      105) They did it. The PC/Player Brood has walked the paths of Family, Hunger, Nightmare and Legend, and have successfully either subverted their respective heroes, spawned their own legends, dominated the region's Hive, or some combination thereof, and has finally achieved the Inheritance most commonly known as the Incarnation. They've also, most likely, created a number of Horrorspawn, and had at least a couple take on physical form. Well, here's the thing; not long after ascending, (one of) the PC(s) heads back into their lair and finds, much to their surprise, that there's still a single Horrorspawn left. But what's even more dumbfounding, is that the little one, upon seeing the Beast, waddles over and croaks out an unmistakable word, if somewhat garbled due to their non-human anatomy; "Mama"