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Begotten and Hopeful: What do Beasts think of Princesses?

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    Originally posted by Werescythe View Post
    On the other hand a beast whose hunger is hoarding could capture princess in order to feed its hunger.

    Genius: the Transgression 2E is a thing that's being worked on.


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      Honestly, I can't see many Princess/Beast pairings that make sense. I see Princesses more likely to engage in a tug of war with a Beast rather than get along. Beasts encourage vampires to hunt outside the safety and consent of a willing herd, they encourage werewolves to eat more people and spirits, they encourage mages to slip closer to low Wisdom and so on. In general, Beasts are naturally inclined towards enabling destructive influences. Meanwhile, a Princess would want that vampire, mage, werewolf etc to push towards high / balanced Integrity equivalents. Its like watching a friend fall under the bad habits of a destructive relationship.

      Granted, this is just a gross over-generalization, and individuals matter. But I honestly think that, in this case, the similarities that Princesses and Beasts have would push them more towards conflict than friendship. They both want the same resource (friendship with other supernaturals), but the nature of that friendship really can't be shared. They want to go in two mutually exclusive directions.

      And then, lets look at the case of Princess and Beast without any Kin. Just the two of them alone in Detroit and no other supernaturals around for some reason or another. The Beast and Princess become Kin. Now, the Beast is either going to need to go out and hurt people somehow in order to feed him/her/zeself or rely on Family Dinner. Given the natural sadistic nature of the Begotten, and the fact that harming others is a breaking point for a Princess, we've already got issues. I don't think that Call of Duty or Circle qualifies as a "genuine" hunt, so I'm going to argue that Family Dinner doesn't apply*. Beasts instinctually want to grow their Lair, which is done through Integrity (and equivalent) losses; causing others to lose Integirty means our Princess suffers breaking points again. Meanwhile, the Princess's friends are important to her; that said, Circle only applies to mortal friends, and specifically excludes supernatural friends.

      All in all, the Princess and Beast are supernaturally incompatable. I don't see anything that would really suggest they'd get along like a Princess or Beast would naturally want to get along with other supernaturals. Now, individuals can be friends, and likely have fun with any number of things unrelated to supernatural nature. You don't need to have supernatural backing to call someone a friend or family member. But the lack of affirmation from dealing with a Beast as a friend, or a Princess as a family member, can undermine a lot of the assumed relationship.