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  • Killer Instincts Question

    So I like the look of the Killer Instinct Merits, but I'm not entirely sure how it's intended to work. It says I get a number of dots to play around with to distribute between three different effects: Reducing Armor by 1, Defense by 1, or converting a point of Bashing Damage into Lethal.

    What I'm confused by is, can I only put one dot into each option per attack? Or can I, say, convert 3 bashing into 3 Lethal, or ignore 3 points of Armor or Defense? Basically, can I stack these together? It doesn't feel very useful if I can't with how high the requirements for it are to max this thing out. (6 xp to max out the basic and advanced merits, 3 dots of Composure, a dot of Medicine, and 3 dots of Wits).

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    As I understand the merit you can divide the three points as you choose, including putting them all in armor piercing or whatever.