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[Hack] Beasts stealing others mojo - and faces

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  • [Hack] Beasts stealing others mojo - and faces

    Listening to Dresden Files 'Grave Peril' I got that there is Beast-like being. And that being can suck up other supernaturals powers. As Beast is very crossover friendly game, maybe having antagonists relations with other monsters would be also cool to explore. I think about general Begotten ability that they could 'eat' powers of supernatural beings if they Feast on them - Maybe how for each point of Satiety taken by Beast other monster cannot activate his lowest powers? And Beast can with her Liar or Resolve+Liar roll. Something like that. Need help with details of mechanics.

    Bonus: I have also idea from book on cool Atavism - Begotten can become doppelganger of target, mimicking it perfectly. Would also to get help on this one.

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    Your Soul Is Mine [Nightmare]
    Mechanics: Sticks a penalty on the creature, after they fail to activate it, the Beast can copy it like Show Of Power Exploit - it mimics an ability at the 1 Success (or 3 on an Exceptional Success)?

    There isn't already a face-stealing Atavism? I'm surprised, it seems like a core power idea.

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      Originally posted by Vent0 View Post
      There isn't already a face-stealing Atavism? I'm surprised, it seems like a core power idea.
      Not in the corebook but there's two different versions on the Other Atavism Ideas thread, one by me (Ten Thousand Faces) and one by someone else.

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