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The Mechanics of Hunger

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  • The Mechanics of Hunger

    I am in the process of working out a chronicle for Beast, and one issue came to mind that I could not find any clear answer to in the Corebook.

    Basically, can a Beast switch Hungers? Or, can they have Multiple Hungers? I can understand the latter making Satiety far too easy to satisfy, but I am not entirely clear on how a Beast determines their Hunger and so, if they have a choice in changing it.

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    There are no rules for having multiple Hungers. There are no rules for switching Hungers, but the book implies somewhere in... chapter 2 I think? That it can be done in particularly drastic circumstances. They have no choice in what their Hunger is.

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    Yes, hollowing out your humanity to become an utterly utilitarian asura is the exact suggestion I would expect from you, Aiden.


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      I would personally go for a variant to how Changelings in 2nd Edition change their Seemings. Basically they need to reset their narrative and start again. For Changeling it means going to the very boarders of Arcadia and your Keepers realm with your Icon and blowing raspberries at them until they try to chace you down personally. If you escape them this second time, how you escape becomes your new Seeming and what you have to give up to escape becomes your new Icon.

      For Beast, I postulate a similar but considerably less risky process (compared to purposefully getting run down by the True Fae that is.) The Beast must do two things: 1) They must crumble all Chambers in their Lair related to their current Hunger besides the Heart Chamber (IE. Any Chambers they themselves created trough feeding), and 2) They must drop to Satiety 0. Once the Horror is frenzying and there are no longer any Chambers associated with your previous Legend then the means by which you bring the Horror out of it's Frenzy becomes your new Hunger.

      Nothing cannon supporting this, just though it would be cool since there is precidence for this in another gameline revolving around narrative and dreams.
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        Matt said, when I asked him about it, that changing Hungers is possible but extremely rare. I would personally conjecture that it wouldn't be a conscious choice on the part of the Beast.