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  • Chartered Kings of Nowhere (2E)

    "By treaty I am bound to the land, and by treaty the land is bound to me."

    From Romulus and Remous of Rome to the Founding Fathers of America myth and history has always revered the founders of kingdoms. Where myth treads the fae are sure to follow.

    The Chartered Kings of Nowhere model themselves upon those great men. In one hand they carry a sword, in the other it's a sextant. With a noble crown upon their brow they march upon wild untamed lands to found cities and write the codes of law that shall define a kingdom. If they are lucky perhaps someone will even live in the nations they found.

    But for the Chartered there is more than the joy of carving Hollows as artistic masterpieces. More than writing elaborate codes of laws and imagining the Marxist, or socialist, or libertarian, or elven utopia they will surely lead to. More than the joy of wearing a crown and telling that Fairest that, yes, you are a king. The Kings of Nowhere have seen the march of civilisation tame the wilderness, roads spread across the land making travel safe and convenient. These Kings and Queens intend to inflict the very same upon the Hedge itself.

    Not every Charted King believes in this vision, many seek out the Entitlement for temporal power instead, one can make a very good living selling Changelings a secure Hollow. The Entitlement itself doesn't care, in it's eyes every Hollow is a spear thrust through the body of the Hedge, every Trod another chain that binds it. If a Chartered Queen is making Hollows for money, the important thing is that she is making Hollows, and if she impresses people with the power and professionalism of the Entitlement, so much the better.

    Titles: Chartered King/Queen, Your Majesty, Clerks (for Trainees)
    Prerequisites: Wyrd 5, Either Academics or Politics at 4 and the other at 3.

    Joining: The Chartered Kings of Nowhere are not an exclusive order, the opposite in fact. The more members they have, and the more their members use the Entitlement's powers, the happier they are. However this doesn’t mean it's easy to get in. Power must be treated with respect and wielded competently, otherwise people could get hurt. The Chartered Kings and Queen's aren't so blinded by ambition that they forget that these are nations they are building, people do have to live there after all.

    Entering the Entitlement requires a comprehensive written exam, passing bestows the rank of Clerk. Clerks are invited to all social events, they are also permitted to accompany any Chartered King and watch them at work in exchange for providing general assistance.

    To advance a Clerk must pass two further tests which may be taken independently. The first is a test of lawmaking in which the Clerk must write a code of laws and an essay explaining why the laws were chosen. If the laws are well written and accomplish what the Clerk wishes them to accomplish he passes the test.

    The second is a test of magic. The Clerk must craft a working Charterstone and draw (or get someone else to draw) the Hollow it will create. The examiner compares the two, for correctly predicting the results of a Charterstone shows the skill needed to be a Chartered Queen. This is the only time a Clerk is permitted to craft a Charterstone, and the vows sworn to the Entitlement enforce the rule.


    Mien: A Chartered King seems bigger, not taller or wider but larger than life. They also wear large ornate, some would say ostentatious, crowns that are very much a part of their Mein. The real effect of joining the Entitlement is not upon the Mein, but upon the Hedge. Chartered Kings warp the Hedge around them as though their Wyrd was two dots higher, and wherever they travel the Thorns themselves seem to wither in their presence.


    Organization: As an Entitlement the Chartered Kings and Queens hover on the edge of social pariahs without ever quite crossing the line. No one remembers if the choice of title was a deliberate snub at the Courts or a decision by someone with far more honesty of intention than sense but calling themselves kings and queens gets the Entitlement no favours from the Courts.

    It is only the fact that the Entitlement's powers are so useful that lets them have any respect from the Courts at all. Any Changeling can build a Hollow, but it's still a lot of hard work and effort. Having someone who can create well built Hollows in a day and only needs to spend minutes clearing the Hedge is an enormous advantage. The other uses of Charterstones cannot be duplicated, a long trek through the Hedge is that much safer when you have a bag full of instant forts and there are so many advantages to creating Trods on demand.

    It also helps that the Entitlement is fabulously wealthy. Only a vanishing minority of Chartered Kings actually do rule successful hobgoblin (or even human) kingdoms within the Hedge; even one king has access to a ton of wealth and resources. Among the Lost, as in most places, the rich can get away with things the poor would be punished harshly for.

    If the founder who took the title of King would think of this as a betrayal of the Entitlement's mission, well he isn't around to speak his mind. These days Chartered Queens who are trying to tame the Hedge are content to let Charter Stones be "misused", it doesn't hurt them and in their eyes any use of Charterstones is far better than no use at all.

    Privilege: The Chartered Kings and Queens of Nowhere can shape the Hedge to their will with ease. They ignore penalties equal to half their Wyrd when Warping the Hedge, and double the dice bonuses from time spent in a given point. Should they find themselves in a Stable Trod, they may use half its dot rating as an equipment bonus in their rolls.

    The ability to craft and activate Charterstones is so important that the Chartered Kings and Queens named their Entitlement after it. Simply put, a Charterstone is a special pledge that can carve Trods and clear Hollows. Its effects are tied to a given favor, chosen by the character upon being invoked. This task affects everyone whose home is within the Hollow, and are along the lines of “must fund and maintain a police service to enforce the laws laid down by our founder”, or an annual festival that must be upheld. Charterstones simply cannot function with actions that only need to be performed once.

    A Charterstone can contain one of three Boons, the first is Hollow which can be rated minor, medial, or greater and gives 2, 4 or 6 dots that can be allocated to different enhancements in a Hollow. A Charterstone must have at least a minor Hollow or Trod Boon.

    The second Boon is Trod, which grants dots in Stable Trod based on its rating (one for minor, three for medial, and five for major).

    The third and greatest Boon is Lucidity, and is always a major blessing. A Hollow with an attached Boon of Lucidity lacks the peculiar effects of the Hedge. Mortal residents for example, are not afflicted by the Hedge's peculiar effects on Integrity nor will they change into Hobs inside the Hollow. Lucidity is powerful, but it's effects are mostly a storytelling consideration.

    The duration of a Charterstone depends on its Boons. By default, it lasts one day for a lesser benefit, one week for medial, and one month for major. If they perform the promised action, they may extend the pledge's duration by another interval.

    Reducing the duration of the benefit allows the changeling to increase the level of the favor without increasing the duration or of the promised action, to reduce the amount of time they must perform their promised action for, or to reduce the level of the sanction if they break the pledge. Increasing the amount of time the changeling must perform their promised action for allows the character to increase the duration of the benefit. The time steps are: one action, one scene, one day, one week, one month, and one season.

    A Charterstone costs a Willpower dot to make, and Glamour to activate while in the Hedge. The amount of Glamour spent is based on how many boons are invested (one per minor boon, two per medial, and three per major).
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    A 2E Conversion of an Entitlement done by The Kings Raven. It's still a work-in-progress, so any comments and critique is appreciated.

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      Approach: The Chartered Kings' Approach lies in their Charterstones and Hollows. Huntsmen who abide by it attempt to subvert their Hollows for their own uses, and discredit the Entitlement by using their Charterstones to lure other Lost.

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