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Anyone here played the Bluebeard's Bride demo?

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  • Anyone here played the Bluebeard's Bride demo?

    It sounds very Changeling-esque, and I'm wondering if that atmosphere remains throughout actual gameplay.

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    No, but I agree it sounds interesting, Blue Beard as a True Fae?


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      Originally posted by Omegaphallic View Post
      Blue Beard as a True Fae?
      Yeah, and his new wife would be a Mirrorskin. Lots of focus in her story about the importance of appearance and the different (competing?) facets that compose a personality. It's more introspective than most RPGs, so there's a lot of crossover potential between it and C;tL- I actually can't help but feel that C;tL influenced BB's premise.
      Of course, explaining how the protagonist entered Bluebeard's manor without immediately realizing it wasn't part of the real world would be more difficult in a C;tL game. Maybe True Fae can accelerate the Hedge's degradation of a person's logic?