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Question regarding Riddle-Kith

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  • Question regarding Riddle-Kith

    So, as the title states, I have some questions regarding the Riddle-Kith contract, particularly in how it would work in effect.

    For a start, I'm presuming that if a Changeling who used it already had the Dual-Kith merit, they'd just temporarily overwrite one of their existing Kiths, or potentially permanently overwrite it (if perhaps with consequences). I don't think that players are supposed to gain a third Kith this way (if with the logical progression of having this tertiary Kith have a -3 to their effective Wyrd for Kith effects).

    Second, how would the Fairest Seeming affinity work for emulating most of the Kiths? I know certain Kiths outright give the player a modified version of certain supernatural merits (Telekinesis for Weisse Frau, Pyrokinesis for Ifrit, Telementry for Waterborn, ect.), but many of the abilities don't really corrispond to existing merits, such as Sandharrowed. That said, I could just be blind to the effects that could be made by mixing and matching certain merits for this.

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    Actually, another question that just came to me: could you potentially use Riddle-Kith to suppress a kith on a Changeling if they had Dual Kith, making it seem they had just one, or at least a simpler one than Changelings with Dual Kith would otherwise have?