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  • yrtalien
    started a topic XP in 2e

    XP in 2e

    Ok, just making sure I've got this right since Friday marks the start of my new game...

    Xp wise for Changeling contracts

    Cloak of the Bears Massive Form is a level 4 contract so it costs 4xp right?

    Mask of Superiority gies from one to three... so to get all of it I need (1+2+3) 6xp.

    Am I getting that right?

    BTW thanks to everyone on behalf of myself and my group for making this a nice experience... I may have more questions as I go on... and Im thankful all of you have been so good about helping.
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  • Tessie
    2E doesn't have any cumulative XP costs. Mask of Superiority costs 1 XP per dot. The first dot costs 1 XP. Buying the second dot costs 1 additional XP. Buying the third dot ditto. The total cost for all three dots is 3 XP.

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