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  • [Idea] Genie in the Lamp

    Last few episodes of Once Upon a Time TV series have great idea to use in Changeling – one changeling-like character agreeing to become Genie of the Lamp to let others fulfill their Three Wishes. My question is how this could work in Changeling? Maybe as some Arabic Freehold Bulwark ritual, where until one member is shackled as Genie and fulfill wishes, Freehold is stable?

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    Could be nice for some easy plot threads. People trying to be the ones who get the three wishes if the current "genie" is rather powerful, and weak "genies" asking help from the players (or being one of the players) because some of the wishes were out of their league.

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      My knee-jerk response to this is "a powerful hobgoblin".

      Hmmm... I remember reading about a kith that was essentially a genie in a lamp - being made by the Gentry into a being that can grant wishes. Don't remember if that was homebrew or not.

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        The Bulwark could be more that Fae magic doesn't inherently require pain/suffering for mortals who stumble into it, that Fae can be genuinely benign towards humankind. In doing so, the leader of the freehold willingly binds themselves into a role where they fulfill wishes to mortals as best as possible; if they manage to perform a number of genuinely kind and hard-worked for wishes, or one that is sufficiently miracle-like, the bulwark is upheld for the year. Of course, this is also on top of hiding from the Gentry and holding off the Huntsmen.

        As 21C Hermit pondered on, you could also make a Kith or a powerful hobgoblin that would fulfill the role of a genie, or perhaps some other Fae creature that is close to Gentry in power but bound to the lamp.

        Another idea is a token that is effectively a portal to a specific Hollow, one that is lavish, safe and can spawn in what you desire, but the drawback is that the user is compelled to perform a desire of the first person they meet upon leaving. Failing this, the user is sucked back into the token and has to try to leave again later on. Perhaps the catch is that anyone who finds the token can release the person who previously used it, but only temporarily, hence making a "genie" who constantly has to perform their wishes. It'd have to be a potent token to do so, but an extremely dangerous one to the user for the abuse its Catch allows.


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          Originally posted by 21C Hermit View Post
          My knee-jerk response to this is "a powerful hobgoblin".

          Hmmm... I remember reading about a kith that was essentially a genie in a lamp - being made by the Gentry into a being that can grant wishes. Don't remember if that was homebrew or not.
          It was. You're thinking of the Wonderwell kith, I believe.

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            Originally posted by White Oak Dragon View Post

            It was. You're thinking of the Wonderwell kith, I believe.
            Oh, so there was one!

            Quite amusing in that many kith descriptions imply that many Gentry give their changelings enough power to rival them. It's probably one of the reasons some changelings go back to Faerie - "If I just had more power..."

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              There is a True Fae bound up in a bottle who was trapped there by a clever mortal who used a very elaborate Pledge from Grim Fears. Not what you have in mind, but you might want to check it out.

              As for a Changeling...I like the idea of the bulwark. Another possibility is a variant on the above idea, wherein a adept (perhaps a Hunter group who built Solomon's Temple alongside the Jinn Fae he enslaved?) seek to trick the Fae (including Changelings) into agreements and profit from them. Failure to grant the wish should have some appropriately terrible consequence. As for the granting about a "mundane" fulfillment? Folklore is full of clever mortals who thwart their evil stepmothers or other otherworldly enslavers by using their wits and calling in favors to achieve tasks the entity thought impossible. You could adapt that idea to a changeling genie.


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                I believe Scheherazade's Freehold has a magic lamp.


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                  I run my Chronicle so that characters can have minor templates (which in my setting is essentially a Potency 1 Horror, with 4 skill associated Aligned to the 5 Major Templates + Human and Legacies/Bloodlines/Lodges/Entitlements being template specific minor templates) and major templates.

                  'Goblin' is a Changeling which has a re-flavoring of the Miracle Dread Power called Bargain.


                  Originally posted by Pale_Crusader View Post
                  Minor Templates
                  Where Major Templates are things often bestowed upon a character by forces and/or beings beyond a person’s control Minor Templates are the sources of supernatural power that can be mastered with dedication, effort, and the correct secrets. Several Minor Templates are even available to a formerly non-template character. Going through with the rituals to unlock the becoming a Minor Template fundamentally alters a person’s soul to perform

                  Cruelly dealing with mankind to crush their hopes and dreams by offering them ill-begotten bargains is the quintessence of being a Goblin. Those that are Goblin opt into the role by binding themselves as actors in the tropes “Careful what you wish for”, “Deal with the Devil”, and “Want of a nail”. Many Goblins are Hobs, Lost and even True Fae, but the dubous honor is available to any character which hasn’t already taken a different Minor Template, as long as they can meet the requirements.
                  Becoming a Goblin:
                  Opting into the role of being a Goblin require crafting a black market deal so legendary that become a known as semi-mystical figure for "deals with the Devil" Goblin (which uses the equipment building rules page CoD 100, Resolve + Steetwise if the crafting is done under pressure) and then the Goblin-to-be must enact this deal in a location in the mundane world with a Contrivance Condition matches the deal and is Open or greater. Upon completing the deal to seal the bargain the Goblin-to-be spends a Willpower Dot. Crafting the story
                  The mechanical prerequisites to become a Goblin vary in the following ways
                  • If the person is a Lost, Hob, or True Fae they require Streetwise 1 and a Skill Specialization Illicit Deals This is because becoming a Goblin is innately intuitive for any of those that are already fae, and the little remaining is the mastery represent in that skill and specialty.
                  • If the person is not already fae, they require a Social Merit representing the relationship to the person who is already a Goblin which is instructing the character in how to become a Goblin (even if the Goblin is another Player Character or Support, though this is often done as a Mentor relationship, there is flexibility in which social merit is most appropriate), Streetwise 2 and a Skill Specialization Illicit Deals.
                  • Someone who isn’t already a fae and has no relationship to guide them may still stumble across the methods of becoming a Goblin but require Steetwise 4 and a Skill Specialization Illicit Deals.

                  Tags Gained: Fae
                  Glamorous Will: May spend Glamour instead of Willpower to use Dread Powers, and may spend Willpower instead of Glamour to use Contracts. This does not grant a Glamour Pool, which must be acquired from another source for this to be applicable for the character.
                  Potency: The character gains one dot of Potency as if he were a Horror, this affect Willpower Capacity, and Supernatural Tolerance. For those with a Major Template the Supernatural Tolerance does stack with that granted by the splat’s Power Stat.
                  Hungry to devour hopes and dreams: Every month a Goblin goes without fulfilling their feeding Aspiration the lose access to a Willpower Dot, but upon fulfillng the Goblin’s Feeding Aspiration he regains access to all the Willpower Dots they lost access to, in the state they were lost in(filled with Willpower Points or empty). Goblins also gain Willpower points by fulfilling their Feeding Aspiration. Unlike other types of Aspirations the Feeding Aspiration does not grant Beats.
                  Feeding Aspiration: To strictly abide by Bargains the purchaser deeply regrets.
                  Dread Powers:
                  Goblin Merchant's Eye
                  A Goblin can see into the depths of its victim’s soul. By spending 1 Willpower, it automatically learns the victim’s Aspirations, telling Personal Aspiration from other types with ease. Also it can keenly see if the subject has previous lost Aspiration through Bargain/Miracles or equivalent powers that trade Aspirations for an effect, knowing what the Aspiration lost was, and what was gained in its place. By spending an additional Willpower point, it learns which current Aspirations if they were lost would cause a breaking point. Subsequent Willpower points reveal the best things to offer for which Aspiration, and in the wording which would seem tempting to the target but could be twisted in intent to cause a breaking point. If the creature uses its knowledge against the victim, it earns an exceptional success on a roll of three successes or more. Accepting a Bargain is always a beat for the victim if it causes a breaking point as intended.(Reworking of Know Soul)
                  Goblin Bargain
                  A Goblin is capable of performing miraculous feats in the name of fulfilling a Goblin Bargain with a Non Template or an ensoulled Fae being with Personal Aspirations. Such feats include, but aren’t necessarily limited to:
                  • Removing (or applying) any Condition or Tilt (or
                  similar affliction not modeled by these mechanics).
                  • Granting any Merit, Skill, or Attribute at 5 dots.
                  • Causing someone to die.
                  • Fulfilling an Aspiration of the victim.

                  The Goblin cannot do any of these things unless explicitly part of deal with with a Non Template or an ensoulled Fae being who has Personal Aspirations to lose and accepts the Goblin's offer in whose terms include a price crouched in poetic terms symbolic of the Personal Aspiration they will lose in exchanged for a small physical representation of their fulfilled wish. Goblins can grant nearly anything but magic of this sort comes with a price. When the Goblin grants a victim’s wish, one of the victim’s Personal Aspirations is destroyed utterly. The character will never be able to fulfill it or replace it with another Aspiration. Use of this power is an Atrocity.
                  (Reworking of Miracle: The non-template must accept a deal to grant their request whose terms include a price crouched in poetic terms symbolic of the Personal Aspiration they will lose in exchanged for a small physical representation of their fulfilled wish.)
                  Goblin Market
                  A Goblin can turn a single room, cubical, stall, or tent into a space which is known as a Goblin Stall. It does this by spending 3 Willpower and touching an enterance to the location. The location remains a Goblin Stall for an hour and while it may be entered through the normal means to enter the area, it gains other methods as well. Anyone other than the Goblin who attempts to leave the Goblin Stall must succeed at a Wits + Composure check minus the Goblin’s Resolve each time they attempt to leave the area; if they fail they re-enter the same Goblin Stall, and if they succeed they enter another Goblin Stall within a Mile, the Hedge, or where the exit normally leads (defaulting in this priority if the leaver isn't actively choosing: another Goblin Stall, The Hedge) Additionally Goblin Stalls may be entered at the location corresponding Hedge location. If a Goblin leaves the area the effect ends immediately. The coordinated timing that causes interconnection of Goblin Stalls is how Goblin Markets form.(Reworking of Maze)
                  Powers which may be Purchased:
                  Any Goblin Contact for the normal costs
                  Splat Exclusive Merits which may be Purchased:
                  Goblin Pledges (Also allows ability to make Pledges strictly for this purpose if the character didn’t already have the ability to make Pledges)
                  Storytelling Hints: Goblins often set up a “Goblin Market” with the Maze Dread Power to restrict potential buyers from wandering off, all the while repeatedly offering them deals first persuasively but sometimes through intimidation and even using violence to scare the mortal into buying if the Goblin is desperate enough. Hob Goblins and some Lost Goblins within the Hedge also collectively use these Market as a way to deal with local Changelings to trade Hedge Fruits and make other types of deals, and share the burden of refreshing the Maze when they want to keep customers in.

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                    This Goblin Template looks interesting.