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    Topic for very inspiring or adequate movies for CtL games or chronicles. I think we finally got proper game line movie.

    See Hollow Child Trailer

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    I found Absentia to be a good depiction, if from a different angle.


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      Originally posted by nofather View Post
      I found Absentia to be a good depiction, if from a different angle.
      ​Seconded. 000

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        Hellboy and hellboy 2 for more lighthearted changeling games.

        Hellraiser, and wishmaster for more grimdark changeling games.

        Dark city for more bittersweet inspiration.

        Rosemary's baby for inspiration on loyalist changelings.
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          Labyrinth and Pan's Labyrinth. Lost Girl. Grimm.

          Star trek, yes I said Star Trek, Q makes for a great True Fae and in a way so do the Founders. Some others as well like, Apollo.

          Stranger Things.


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            Spirited Away.

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              Originally posted by GibberingEloquence View Post
              Fetched my DVD and watching now. Miyazaki does good stuff. Also thinking about My Neighbor Totoro for some of the wonderful side of the fae world.


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                One movie I'm surprised hasn't been mentioned is Changeling, while the 2nd half of the movie isn't exactly relevant to Changeling the Lost, the first half is very unsettling to look at if you watch it with it the game in mind. It's from the point of view of a mother who believes her child has been abducted and replaced by another.