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  • Court Goodwill: Winter

    So upon re-reading the supplements I've found myself at a bit of a loss.

    One gains Goodwill with Spring by being a bit of a party animal, with Summer by showing physical prowess, and with Autumn by sowing fear or perhaps through scholarly pursuit.

    How does one gain Goodwill with Winter? It's conspicuous by its absence in Lords of Summer, which is weirdly appropriate since they're so obsessed with maintaining secrecy. How do you manage to show off the fact that you're keeping a secret. Have I missed something?

    If not, suggestions would be welcome. I'm running a new game and it's suddenly struck me. I can always reward it for players who show an interest in maintaining the security of the Freehold and being a friend to Winter in particular, but it feels like there's an obvious route I may be missing.

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    Maybe they set you up with a, test mission to stealthily retrieve a secret for them.


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      Or a test of character where they trust you with a piece of secret that, while inconsequential for the court and the freehold in the long term even if leaked, you can opt to leak for a personal gain.

      Or they actively try to sniff out your secrets, preferably something related to or caused sorrow to you, and see if you have the skill to defend it.

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        Originally posted by Hyrune View Post
        How does one gain Goodwill with Winter? It's conspicuous by its absence in Lords of Summer, which is weirdly appropriate since they're so obsessed with maintaining secrecy. How do you manage to show off the fact that you're keeping a secret. Have I missed something?
        The Silent Arrow appreciates the finer points of good spycraft — you court the Coldest Court by offering your time and skills and resources, whether that's in the form of setting up caches around town or fast-talking the press away from their safehouses or volunteering to be the sober-faced fellow who blackmails the plucky young detective into giving up their best lead on a fetch's murderer.

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          How well can you keep a secret?

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            Become their lookouts or informants. Maybe let them hideout in your place.

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              Generally you earn Winter's good graces by keeping their secrets, which poses a bit of a catch 22 since they aren't going to share secrets until they trust you. Conspicuously avoiding opportunities to dig into their business or thwarting other people who do try to dig up info on them is usually a good option; one game I was in we gained a great deal of respect by handing over a blackmail file we found in the hollow of a rogue Autumn courtier we had defeated.
              It also stands to reason that the initiation test they use to judge new recruits could also extend to allies, where they share 'secrets' that either aren't true or aren't nearly as damaging as they seem and seeing what the prospective ally does with the info.


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                Winter is observant, even when they're not actively participating in events, so maybe, in-character, gaining their goodwill is a bit of a surprise. Maybe PCs don't even realize why they got it, at first (although that would make it difficult then for the ST to make helpful nudges).

                - After patiently refuting the Wroth General's proposal of a preemptive strike against Arcadia, the motley return to their Hollow and find an unmarked package of Hedgespun on its threshold.
                - The motley are attending a Spring party in an apartment block, and acquiesce to a human tenant's request that they get the music turned down. If a perception check succeeds, the motley will notice that their attempt to persuade the host prompted another partygoer- a stranger standing off to their side- to smile knowingly. Next time they ask a Winter courtier for something, s/he agrees inexplicably quickly, without the bartering usual between strange Changelings.
                - The motley take it upon themselves to double-check (or publicly admire) a Changeling base's security, because safety is just that important to them. It turns out the locksmith saw them, and he comes over, offering to talk shop with them sometime.

                Hooks like these won't give a lot of goodwill, but they'll get your players to the point where Winterfolk offering them quests with a higher risk/reward ratio makes sense. Or maybe the solution is to focus on Winter as a faction like any other, rather than helping them in ways that are specifically Winter-esque- giving gifts to its leaders, respecting its members' opinions (or right to an opinion) in debates, not indulging in behaviour they see as reckless or crude. One benefit of Winter's "anti-"presence is that it lets the ST handwave away their knowledge of unrelated events, like 'Oh, a Winter guy saw you doing Typical Hero Stuff last week and he was impressed by your selflessness'. Though I personally frown on 'free' goodwill such as that.
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                  I would run Goodwill of Winter as the Court itself - harsh, protective, doing what's necessary. Winter, as Court, is about doing what need to be done, doing tough choices - I remember reading in some sourcebook that Winter Courtiers are those that would sacrifice weakest of group on the Wild Hunt if it will ensure survival of rest of running group. Winter is harsh Season, you must do what's needed too survive in her time.

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