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CtL2e: Acuity at Clarity 10?

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  • CtL2e: Acuity at Clarity 10?

    In what is something of a weird edge case, my Changeling character in a playtest game is Clarity 10 at the moment and is reasonably likely to face their Clarity triggers again sometime in the future. My character can still get Acuity, yes? What happens if my character then resolves the condition? Clarity just remains at 10? That seems like the logical outcome, but would like confirmation.

    Assuming the Condition just goes away and the character remains at 10, I would not mind some minor boon for resolving Acuity while at Clarity 10. A beneficial Condition, a bit of Glamour? Maybe a die bonus to the next Clarity breaking point roll? A die bonus to the next Kenning roll? Anything in that vein.

    Would appreciate a comment from a developer, or even just everyone else's thoughts, before my ST cruelly and maliciously strips this Clarity from me.

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    Interesting idea, but you do get something for resolving acuity instead of letting it lapse at Clarity 10, a beat.