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Using CtL kith rules on CtD setting

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  • Using CtL kith rules on CtD setting

    Hi guys, today I want your personal opinion and insight.

    Some of my players and friends really love the CtD setting, and would love to play it again. I also enjoy the setting and I'm all up for gming the games and settings they want to play. We have played it before using the CtL rules. We used dreaming setting as is with nwod rules, including contracts and such. We just didn't use Lost kiths and adapted Dreaming kiths to lost rules. It all went really smooth.

    Now they want me to do it again. All fun and games, but one of the things that I never really liked on Dreaming were the limited kiths. I didn't like the 'races', specially because in that setting the fey were manifestations of mankind's dreams and such.

    So, my point is:

    I want to ST the Dreaming setting mostly as is, using CtL rules as last time. However, this time around I want to change the setting a little by using CtL kiths. I'll be doing 2e kith / seeming combination with everyone with dual kith so each fey is really unique. I got a pretty good grasp how it will work mechanically.

    That said I have some setting implications I want to muse about, and I would love your guys' imput.

    First things first, I know I'll have to change the roleplaying aspect of each seeming, removing the horror and escaping aspect and adapting it to the more hopeful nature of Dreaming. That's pretty easy.

    I think one of the things that can't be changed in the setting is the noble / commoner thing. Sidhe are essential to the setting after all. So I think I'll be using the fairest seeming as the Sidhe, the fairest of them all, born to rule etc etc.

    If I do the fairest as the Sidhe -born from dreams of nobility and with the right to rule- then i think the other seemings should be similarly archetypes born out of humanity's dreams. Ogres are the archetype born out of dreams of violence and glory? Elementals are dreams of amazing nature? Wizened are dreams of civilization and craft? What about darklings, should they be dark dreams? My biggest doubt are beasts. Dreams of our wild nature, dreams of our savage side and insticts?

    All in all I'm pretty confident this will work great, but I really would love any input you guys think I should look out for.

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    Beasts, Dreams of our Id.


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      I'd do it as:
      Fairest, dreams of Nobility.
      Beasts, dreams of Passion.
      Darklings, dreams of Mysteries.
      Elementals, dreams of the Wild.
      Ogres, dreams of Glory.
      Wizened, dreams of Civilization.

      The biggest conceptual drift are the Darklings and the Ogres. Darklings become the pursuers of mysteries who dive deep into the unseen corners of the world, where they used to be shambling remnants of their former selves broken by their own betrayals. Ogres become the famous "proud warrior" archetype, where they used to be abused-turned-abuser.

      Maybe instead of having the Sidhe be the Fairest, you could port the Gentry directly into the role of the Sidhe, if you plan on using the CtD setting as the base. Then the Fairest can become the dreams of Art or Beauty, which also drifts far from their original concept, but the name of the Seeming alone could justify for that change.

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