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Voluntary Failure for Contracts?

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  • Voluntary Failure for Contracts?

    This is something I've been thinking on for a bit now. Can a Changeling voluntarily evoke the failure or dramatic failure effects of a contract?

    For context, I have a Changeling character named Cardiac Mask, where his durance involved him basically becoming remade while in the role of a "hero" for a city defending people from the "monsters" within it, his memories as a human removed. This involved him being circulated out along with other "heroes", his experience transcribed, and then his appearance and default personality changed before being pushed out again with a fresh slate. When he escaped after realizing that he had been changed, and was only going to be changed after, he escaped with the Riddlekith contract. I feel it would be a great character moment if he were to evoke the Dramatic Failure effect of the contract, where the Changeling is stripped of their Kith temporarily and are kind of featureless, which he feels is a pretty good visual shorthand to show what his past is like. I also feel it'd be something he'd evoke while depressed.

    I appreciate that this is a weird question, given that most cases a dramatic failure outside of a Beat is something you want to avoid at all costs, but I wanted to see what you guys thought. Note that this isn't about turning a failure into a dramatic one, it's on outright aiming for a failure/dramatic failure instead of a success.
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    I can't see why not

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