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What would you do to make a Dullahan

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  • What would you do to make a Dullahan

    Exactly what the title says, folks! No seriously, I'm fairly interested in making a dullahan. Headless rider, maybe carries around their own head or lost it. Kind of curious what people would do to fill out a Dullahan as a concept - what kith and contracts might be suitable - or if they'd just make their own kith and continue on?

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    Step 1. Get permission from ST to have a character with a detachable head. Probably the most important step, since changelings are still living breathing people that generally need functional bodies. Maybe you'll need a custom kith for that, maybe not, but its going to need to be something you talk out with your ST.

    Step 2. Get ability to see in the dark. Darkling Seeming or Fang & Talon are the best options as far as I know.

    Step 3. Get hedgebeast companion in horse shape and hedgespun weapon.

    Step 3. Profit.

    Okay, more seriously, the dullahan is basically an undead knight with a detached head. Or, to use D&D terms, a Death Knight with a detached head. So, you'll want appropriate Style merits and basic combat Contracts.


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      Yeah the detached head is the hard part; It's easy to do if you do like they did in durararara where said head was lost but more difficult if you want to actually carry the thing around with you and call out a person's name to signal their death >.>

      ... One thought is that the head was removed when they were taken, and is, in fact, the main integral part of the fetch (to be used once said fetch is removed) *considers moar*


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        There is a Demonic Form Modification from pages 122-123 of Flowers Of Hell that lets you detach, remotely control and regrow limbs. The Dullahan Kith could have a version of this Modification that only affects the head. The Dullahan always knows in what direction and how far away her head is, even it it's blindfolded or otherwise deprived of its senses. Should the head be destroyed, the Dullahan would still live, but would suffer from the Disoriented (Demon: The Descent, page 211) and Mute Conditions.

        I just don't know what should be the cost for regrowing the head. I think the detached head should be able to levitate, move around, and shift in and out of the Twilight frequency for ghosts by spending 1 glamour. It's a lot less useful if it can only stay still. To those who see only the Mask, a Dullahan without her head appears to still have it, can communicate verbally and retains all senses. Those who can perceive the Mien will see that the head is missing.

        Also, since Dullahans are supposed to be psychopomps, consider picking Gravewight as a second Kith and buying the Contracts Of Shade And Spirit (Winter Masques, page 26). You'd have to update them to 2ED, though. As MCN said, don't forget your Fae Mount and Hedgespun spine-whip.

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          I like this.

          Admittedly I hadn't gone much on the mount until MCN brought it up (and then I started thinking about a Dark Rider Kith, which encompassed Dullahan, Ghost Riders, Nightmares, etc - basically gaining the ability to transform anything they ride into their 'mount' and drive it)

          But that does seem like a good start for this kind of creature *G*


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            An old post made by NeoTiamat hosts a character inspired by the legend of the Dullahan. While not headless, nor mounted, it should be a good motivation.

            EDIT: Well, "not mounted" meaning that it's not a part of the character's "natural" trait. It seems that the rider gets and maintains a horse normally.

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              Rules-wise, you make a perfectly normal Changeling. In their mien they have a flame or mist spout instead of the 'head' their mask shows. Then you buy a token to represent your head.


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                Alternatively, you could make a custom kith where the Changeling is able to throw their senses around as if they were actually there, be it through astral projecting, making a mask that would float off or...well, for Darklings, actually throwing your head around. Once the duration's up, said senses return to you, and in this case the head would regrow, or at least re-appear on their person. It wouldn't be carried about all the time, likely, but it'd still be Dullahan-esc.

                For some reason, Ghost Eye seems to be the name that comes to mind for this kith.
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                  Hm.... I like this too! Throw your senses, though your body naturally takes the blinded tilt/condition if your head is no where near your body. Or maybe it doesn't! Who knows.