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  • Refined my first character idea

    I was bored so I decided to do this.

    Changeling Name: Baʿal Qarnaim
    Mortal Name: Dominic Rouge
    seeming: Darkling
    Kith: Dearheart
    Court: Ivory
    Fetch: Dominic Rouge
    Merits: ••••• Mantle (free dot from oath), •• Hallow (size), • Dull Beacon, • Touch Stone: Priya, •• Potent Kith, • Goblin Vow (Greed? from mantle), ••• Retainer: Priya (Priestess/Hunter/escort from the Cult of Mitra gained from Mantle).

    Contracts: ••• Control Element Darkness, •• Emotion Greed (or other court contract).

    His Hollow looks like a twisted fantastical verison of Cathage, with his temple in the centre. It's always night out with stars and a full moon, and opulent looking buildings highlighted by moonlight and faery fire.

    No one inhabits this verison of Cathage, it's a town without people, but the sounds issue randomly from building as one passes, until investiaged, revealing them to be empty, yet well kept, giving the place a haunted feel.

    Thanks to his Control Element: darkness contract, the darkness of his hollow itself, of which there is plenty, answers to Ba'al Qarniam.

    Ba'al Qarnaim resembles a more infernal verison of the ancient God Ba'al Qarnaim of Carthage, with bull horns of polished ivory instead of ram horms, glowing red eyes, and a beard in the Carthian style. A disurbing occult symbol occupies his forehead. All currency and similar objects symboling wealth or faith, that gets to close Qarniam bare his likeness and all writing changes to Canaanite. $20 bills show his face instead of the Queens, credit cards bare the name Ba'al Qarniam instead of the owners, with the hologram showing his face, a expensive watch has a picture of his face over which the arms tell the time using Canaanite numbers, Ba'al Qarniam's head replaces Jesus' on Crusifixes that get close enough for his Mien to alter for example. This has lead him to become wildly unpopular with the Court of Brass many of whom view this as Blasphemy. He even managed to annoy the Lancea Sactum of Toronto when he dropped his mask at the wrong time, changing a picture of Longius into his own image.

    In his human guise of Dominic Rouge, he just pretends to be his fetch when anyone asks. His fetch doesn't complain, he's freaked out by Ba'al Qarniam so he just covers for him when needed, by otherwise avoids Ba'al Qarnium like the plague.

    He does not except child sacrifices and nearly killed the last mortal who reading up on the historical Ba'al Qarniam thought to offer one to him.

    In addition to the historic domain of the Canaanite God Ba'al Qarniam, Qarniam claims to be the God of Wishes.

    Qarniam likes to show off by summoning freezing cold elementals of darkness (which can fill an area with the blizzard and blindness tilts).

    Priya is Ensorcelled and carries around a Blush Berry in case of emergency. He also has a Bargain with her, he replenished her goblin fruit when she uses it up within a week in exchanges she worships him.

    Priya serves the Cult of Mitra by serving Ba'al Qarniam, but works as an escort for money, as well as spending her off time as a hunter, killing dangerous supernatural creatures like the ones who killed her father, although killing huntsmen like the one who killed her father, the Queen of Hearts, is top priority.

    Priya truely worships Ba'al Qarniam, although with a pragmatic bent, he supports her hunting efforts against evil in exchange for her unquestioning servitude and worship.

    Connected to Ba'al Qarniam by the power of his mantle, when Priya gets in range of his Mien, it's, actually alters her appears, a gold collar appears around her neck with his symbol, and her eyes glow red.

    Durance: Dominic found an occult book in the local library, where he found an invocation to a being call the Goddess of Heavenly Wishes. Dominic said the invocation wished for the ability get a girl he had a crush on and before he knew it, he was being whisked away the Gentry who called herself the Goddess of Heavenly Wishes.

    She turned him into a Dearheart and kidnapped his crush who she also made a Dearheart, together they kept the peace in a bright city that of eternal day light, that resembled Carthage, but far more magical.

    It was his job and his wife's to keep the people of the city willingly offering the strange, sometimes horrifying sacrifices demanded by the Goddess in exchange for wishes.

    In time Dominic grew sickened by the daily sacrifices aa did his wife. Eventually Dominic learned of his wife's plan to get free, use her powers to force him to attack the Goddess and flee in the chaos.

    Instead when the Goddess of Painful Wishes asked for his sacrifice, he offered his wife, who screamed his named as she was devoured by the hungery light.

    She granted his wish and he was released, but his betrayal transformed him.

    He formed his hollow as a dark imitation of the city of the goddess, drawing deeply on painful memories as he did so.

    He learned well from his Keeper about the power of greed and joined the Ivory Court to master it.

    He knows in some ways he is a more like his Keeper then he wants to admit, he tries to make up for it with random acts of kindness.
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    Ba'al Qarniam is an alternate name for Ba'al Hammon, Ba'al Qarniam means Lord of Two Horns.


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      I look forward to the corebook being released so I can find out what the Ivory Court contracts actually do.


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        That description's really creepy; I like it.


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          Thank you I was going for disturbing, I like all my CoD character ideas to be twisted in some way.


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            Idea for first major taboo when he gets powerful enough, he can't refuse a sacrifice in his name from a mortal and has to reward it to it's relative value as best he can.

            So if someone sacrifices a human in his name, it's hard for him to intervene and stop it even if it disgusts him, he has to accept the sacrifice or burn through will power.

            His Dearheart power works by triggering a combo of arousal and subspace in those he touches, which lowers their inhabitants and encourages obedience. He has a love hate relationship with the ability.
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