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Contracts with a Gentry

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  • Contracts with a Gentry

    So I pulled a Deus ex Machina with a player's Demon character to save his life from an Angel. After doing some research and debating I've decided that a Gentry saved him on more whimsy than anything. The fae is confused about what he's looking at. I'm thinking that the Gentry will be keeping the Demon until such time that the Demon agrees to become a huntsman of sorts for him.

    I pulled open my copy of CtL 1, and under the Pledges section it say

    Unlike the highly formalized Contracts of the fae, pledges are simple agreements between two or more parties
    So I'm thinking about the scenario, and I know about Demonic pacts, but since the demon is at a disadvantage here. How exactly are the contracts with the gentry formalized?

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    I suggest looking at the 2e Changeling playtest doc section on pledges, a Sealing or Bargain could work.


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      Of course, since this is the Gentry we're talking about, an unspecified favor-for-favor in an unspecified time in the future might work, where the Stranger suddenly comes knocking on the demon's door steps and drags him to whatever task it need done.

      It may be unfair to the poor demon, who lives on formalized agreements, but the Gentry aren't exactly known for their capacity in putting themselves in anothers' shoes.

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