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Supernatural merits and ensorcelled mortals, enchanted mortals, and fae-touched

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  • Supernatural merits and ensorcelled mortals, enchanted mortals, and fae-touched

    For the purpose of the supernatural merits that require you to be human, are ensorcelled mortals still human? How about enchanted and fae-touched humans as described on page 106 of Equinox Road? The book says they are treated "in all other ways as an ordinary human" besides the changes listed, so I'd think yes, but the description of supernatural merits says no supernatural creatures can take it and includes ghouls as an examples which seem like the vamp equivalent of fae-touched so I'm not sure.

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    Hard to say since we don't know how 2E will handle Ensorcelled and Enchanted mortals (or whether they'll still be there in the first place). Fae-Touched, at least in 2E, are definitely more than an ordinary human, so no to Supernatural Merits.

    I'm inclined to handle Ensorcelled and/or Enchanted as Conditions or Merits, and leave them open to Supernatural Merits. What were the mechanics on 1E Ensorcelled/Enchanted mortals, again?


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      Ensorcelled mortals just had the ability to see through the Mask. It didn't confer any other powers, so treating it like a condition or cheap supernatural merit sounds right


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        I'm talking solely about 1e.
        Enchanted mortals can be obtained by taking a merit as a human. It treats the human as permanently ensorcelled without needing a pledge.
        Fae-Touched isn't defined as a template or anything , it simplu happens to humans that eat enough goblin fruit or spend a bunch of time in the Hedge. "While still essentially mortal, these individuals gain one dot of Glamour, which they can only use to open doorways into the Hedge, where they can also gather and make use of goblin fruits and oddments. In ad- dition, some of Arcadia’s timeless nature has entered them, and so they also gain the in rmity bonus and increased lon- gevity (see Changeling: The Lost, pp. 174–175) possessed by changelings with one dot in Glamour. However, this in- dividual is still fundamentally a mortal, and so has Morality instead of Clarity. In addition, they cannot make pledges or enter the dreams of mortals and they cannot learn or use any Contracts. The only way they can replenish lost Glamour by eating goblin fruit or by making pledges with changelings. Fae-touched mortals can also never raise their Glamour above one. The fae-touched do not possess Wyrd."


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          Supernatural Merits are a 2e thing themselves, so trying to fit 1e concepts to it feels clunky.

          Nevertheless, using 2e vocabulary, I'd make Enchanted be a Merit that is the fae equivalent of the Sleepwalker Merit found in Mage 2e. The Merit may well count as Supernatural Merit, since it augments an otherwise mundane human. Then introduce a bunch of Enchanted-only Merits that require the Enchanted Merit as a prerequisite, which allows the mortal to replicate the abilities of 1e Fae-Touched.

          Keep in mind though, the Fae-Touched have been updated and upgraded in 2e, You can see the first draft version here. Also, the Bewitched Condition seems to replace Ensorcellment, which you can see here, in the core Changeling template rules. It largely serves the same function, but with a drawback. In fact, you might want to see what's up with Changeling 2E in general, through the links in this thread. The first post has most of the links, but the later posts have some of the more recent ones.


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            Haha oops, forgot that supernatural merits were a 2e thing. I guess that's why the combination is wonky.


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              I think Ensorcellment will be a condition as I don't think it's exclusive to mortals, I think vampires, werewolves ect..., can be ensorcelled, but I could be wrong.