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Iron Rebar and Phantom Glory

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  • Iron Rebar and Phantom Glory

    I've been thinking about Changeling security, specifically how to stop somebody from turning invisible and intangible and waltzing right through anything and everything put in place to keep out intruders, and I realized that without having some way to secure the twilight side of and area the only thing you can do is build an iron cage around whatever you're protecting.

    I assume changelings in twilight are still susceptible to iron the same way spirts are to their banes, but what I'm curious about is what happens if they run into iron that's inside another object, like the rebar cage inside a concrete wall. The fiction in Winter Masques implies that contact with iron can dispel a contract, which would presumably be disastrous.

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    Or they might just pop up on the side of the wall they tried to enter from. It's an interesting proposition, and a useful service for my Crafter Changeling to offer, so thank you for starting the thread.

    That said, would the bars inside concrete be iron or steel? Because depending on the amount of iron, it might not count.


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      Assuming it's made with the specific intention of keeping Changelings out the bars would definitely be iron enough to serve that purpose. Whether rebar in general is I'm not sure?


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        Well, rebar is generally made of steel, and we all have heard the iron v steel thing before. So, unless something was specifically designed with iron (and thus fae) in mind, it probably won't work. Now, a fae craftsman who's making an anti-fae building to hold someone in? That could very well work, and I would say that it would work on holding out anyone, be they Twilight or some other form.


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          It could make for a clever trap, because the concrete would hide the iron rebar or even cold iron rebar.


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            Though it might cause issues with the construction due to differing expansion rates.

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              Regular old rebar rusts pretty readily; I've seen it bleed through on pools where the shell was too thin, and that inclines me to think of it as iron.


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                Well, unfinished steel rusts as well; and steel is an alloy of iron, so it makes sense for it to rust. However, based on what I was able to find online, I have not seen any instance of rebar made from anything but steel. I'm sorry, but I'm not inclined to believe that rebar would count as Iron for purposes of CtL.