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  • Originally posted by Queer Snake View Post
    And one more questions i should try to create in my first game my own courts or just stick with the Seasonal ones(that are quite fleshed out and very interesting in this edition) ?
    Entirely up to you.

    Personally, if this is your first campaign, I'd say there's no shame in using the Seasonal Courts. They're ubiquitous enough to plug in, and all the big work is ready for you right out of the box. And it would give you a feel of a set of Courts already completed so you know what to do when making your own.

    However, if you're full to the brim on ideas for your own Courts and you feel you have a good grasp of your concepts and the systems of the game, go for it.


    • Inception questions:

      - If a changelling dreams and meditates, he is lucid inside his dreams. If someone else dreams while touching him, his friend also goes to the changeling dream through the ivory gate. Does that invited person has a bastion of his own that he/she can later visit?

      - If a changeling is dreaming inside the Hedge, can he get out of his own bastion and meet his real body on his Hollow?

      - If a changeling enters another person dream through the horn gate and starts to dream inside someoneĀ“s else bastion, will his dreamning self be transported to his own bastion?