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"Victorian" Changeling campaign set in Hong Kong 1860

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  • "Victorian" Changeling campaign set in Hong Kong 1860

    So, I'm in the process of reading the Victorian Lost from 2012 and I've decided to do a mid-19th-century Changeling 1e game, EXCEPT instead of the cliche London, I'm setting it in British Colonial Hong Kong. There will be other supernaturals used in the game: mages, vampires, werewolves, promethians... but the focus is mainly changeling.

    Any recommendations you guys might make for running such a game?

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    Really? No one?


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      I know nothing of the setting or what you are hoping to do with your story. I would imagine that that's the same reason nobody else has responded previously. Try asking something more specific about it, and see if that drives some discussion.

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        That sounds like a wonderful idea, Hong Kong has always been an enigmatic place and a Changeling story based around it would be very interesting. I'd suggest you do research on Colonial Hong Kong and get an idea of what life was like back then use historical figures to create archetypes for your NPCs and local legends or stories to get an idea for plotlines. I might be interested in trying this out if you get it off the ground though I can be a bit unreliable when playing online at times.