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Fae Touched and Court Contracts

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  • Fae Touched and Court Contracts

    It occurs to me that Fae Touched are better off going after Court Contracts then Goblin or most Universal Contracts.

    Some universal contracts have their effect entirely based on your wyrd. So not only does having a wyrd of zero penalized the activation roll, but if the effect is measured by x Wyrd even a success roll with have absolutely no effect.

    So some contracts are straight up traps for Fae Touched to take.

    But Fae Touched can join courts and as such qualify for Mantle Merit, so getting 5 dots in your Mantle and taking Court contracts as well as a few select Universal Contracts like Phantom Glory that Wyrd doesn't effect much beyond the activation roll, are your best choices.

    Activating a Court Contract is Skill + Attribute + Mantle and I doubt that any effects of the contract are expressed as x Wyrd so no trap options that don't work.

    So a Fae Touched with contract of emotion (Faith) with mantle 5 is likely equal to a changeling with mantle 5.

    So say they have equal attributes and skills too, say •• in the relevant ones.

    They both have 2 + 2 + 5 activation roll. That pretty good for a Fae Touched.

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    So the Fae-Touched have more incentive to join a court than go courtless. Makes sense.

    Do we have anything on Goblin Contracts, though? The Fae-Touched might not even be able to learn them in the first place.

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      Be pretty hard for them to earn Mantle 5 though

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        i think it would be hard to herd titles, but getting Mantle 5 is just a matter of learning the magic and becoming attuned to the court story.