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New Approachs for 1st Ed Entitlements

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  • New Approachs for 1st Ed Entitlements

    Hi, I'm going to start a new game of changeling soon and I wanted to begin with the 2nd Ed preview rules since my players are ok with this. We've begun to plan for the setting of the game and they want some of the old entitlements back. For now, I've kept the blessings almost the same and just added the approachs.

    So here is my takes of the approachs for the entitlements that are going to pop in this game:

    Adjudicators of the Wheel: The hunter must find one of the person whose fate you altered and unmake your judgment.

    Hedge Wardens: The hunter must lure you into the hedge.

    Magistrates of the Wax Mask: The hunter must properly undermine a party/festival/game you planned. Simply crashing it doesn't count. He must sabotage it in a way that will only involve you in case of a casual investigation.

    Order of the Oneirophysics: The hunter must trick you into "plunging" into a dream he marked. This dream must be poisoned, or must have a nightmare or the hunter himself waiting for the Dream Doc inside.

    Sacred Band of the Golden Standard: The hunter must best you in a physical challenge in front of a crowd.

    So, what do you think about them? Any advices? Thanks in advance.