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    New stuff revealed regarding "Oak, Ash, and Thorn" and "Kith and Kin" in the latest Pathcast in an interview with Meghan Fitzgerald

    "Oak, Ash, and Thorn" (9:30 - 16:15)
    • Entitlements: Aside from Build-an-Entitlement rules, it will include 3 example Entitlements. One of which is confirmed to be an old 1e Entitlement converted to 2e, the other two are brand new to CtL.
    • Freeholds: Conflicts between freeholds, potential story seeds, etc.
    • Courts & Mantles: They confirm that there...will NOT be any example Courts. The reason being that the wordcount assigned was not enough to do a full dive into Courts. It's going to explore plots of your characters establishing a Court IC. Also... 2e Courtless! Organizations, Mantles, Bargains, and their version of "court" Contracts are what's also explored in this chapter.
    • One word spoiler... "BriarNET".
    • Tokens: Baubles and Trinkets getting their 2e update.

    "Kith and Kin" (16:15-20:45)
    • Meghan reiterates that this book is NOT a "Book of Kiths" the sense that no, the book is not filled with nothing but more example kiths.That no, the book is more accurately a "Changeling 2e Player's Guide"
    • There is the one chapter devoted to Kiths...and reassures that there's "a lot". She does talk about how not every 1e Kith is going to be converted in the chapter...due to the design changes from 1e to 2e. Specifically, a lot of the 1e Kiths are now redundant due to the design aim of kiths being divorced from Seemings. Example given was that in 1e, all the Seemings had their own water kith. But in 2e, it makes no sense to bring all of them forward, so now there's only the one water kith that all of the Seemings have access to.
    • Oaths chapter: expanded and additional Oaths.
    • Regalia: New Contracts and more importantly..."Build-a-Regalia" rules.
    • First chapter is a "Changeling psychology" chapter. In exploring what it's like to roleplay a changeling. One example give was unusual cases of if a changeling emerged from the space. Or 100 years after they got taken. Or 100 years before you were born. The latter: oh hai Mummy tie-in potential!!!