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    Originally posted by Omegaphallic View Post

    Yeah I really hate Surprise Entrance, it defeats the purpose of having hunt, really ruins huntsmen.

    The only requirements for the merit templates is that you are mortal, no templates.

    Originally posted by MCN
    Not quite. The huntsman shows up on the scene... but it still needs to FIND the changeling in the scene. So, that's where all the other powers and perception rolls come into play.
    Also just being able to enter a the Changeling's scene is not the most advantageous position to capture and haul them off, especially it is merely the current scene and not a scene that meets their specification, also unless the Huntsman has gathered the appropriate intelligence on the Changeling he has no idea what that scene entails, it could be full of Changeling's most loyal defenders. Ambush and getting the changeling to enter a scene the Huntsman has set up is the best tactic for success, and that very much is a hunt.

    Surprise Entrance is good for flushing prey from cover, to get them on the move, to cause paranoia fuel which causes them to make a misstep. Most Changelings run in Motleys and that means a solo Huntsman or even a couple will not have the luxury to carry off quarry without being assailed feverishly unless some real betrayal ground work has been planted, tended and is ready for the huntsman to reap.

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